Celtic tattoo designs feature a number of complicated twists and turns fraught with knots and complicated curves. On the surface they appear to be stunning tattoo designs that never fail to capture your attention, however, their meaning goes a little deeper than their beautiful facade. Most Celtic tattoo designs symbolize various kinds of purposes.

Celtic Tattoos Meaning and Significance:

The symbols are mostly a mixture of German and Pagan cultures. It was initially tattooed on the Celtic warriors. Celtic knots also hold a religious significance where the knots represent the interconnection of humans with the rest of the universe. Celtic knots also indicate endlessness. Made of a single thread, they have no beginning or end. It indicates the never-ending circle of human life. The trinity of Celtic knots, made using three knots, indicates the union between three people. Although Celtic tattoos are originally done on men, they do not hold to gender bias.

Latest Designs of Celtic Tattoos:

Here we present the best Celtic Tattoo Designs and their meanings for men and women in the following paragraphs.

1. Celtic Bird Tattoo Designs On Girl Belly:

Celtic birds look extremely beautiful. They are more complicated than flowers or other curves and look stunning. They generally hold supernatural significance and are more familiar with the ladies. You can get one made anywhere on your body, arm, leg, shoulder, or waist! Birds symbolized a higher vibration of existence for the Celtics since they spent their time flying in superior skies. Thus bird tattoos often symbolize purity.

  • Best for: These Celtic-style tattoos are suitable for both men and women who love nature. Birds, which are also a part of nature, symbolize innocence, purity, and freedom. Just like the winged birds, the wearers also wish for endless space and connection with nature.
  • Preferable ink: The Celtic knot tattoo looks best in black-coloured ink.
  • Where: This tattoo looks great on the arms, shoulder, neck, and back.
  • Size: It is preferably done in small and medium sizes.
  • Skin tone: This tattoo is best suitable for those with Wheatish to fair skin.

2. Interwoven Celtic Cross Tattoos:

There are several Celtic tattoo designs that feature a cross in them. They can be interwoven within a Celtic circle or have curves. Most of the cross designs hold deeply religious and spiritual meanings. They are popular forms of protection too. Celtic crosses denote a passage between heaven and earth. Crosses with circles around them are used to denote infinity. They hold a number of religious meanings too and are popular in today’s world.

  • Best for: This interwoven Celtic knot design is a unisex pattern. It is preferable for those who are religious and spiritual. If you also seek divine protection, this is the best design.
  • Preferable ink: The complex design is best done in three main colours using black in the background.
  • Where: It is usually done on the arms and shoulders. You can also opt for the neck and back.
  • Size: Medium to large-sized designs look amazing, as the colour demarcation is visible.
  • Skin tone: This tattoo is best suitable for those with light and fair skin tones.

3. Celtic Trinity And Triquetra Symbol Tattoo On Neck:

The Triquetra is a Latin word meaning three-cornered. It refers to the three-sided triangular design and symbolizes various meanings like spirit, cosmos, nature, or one’s beingness. The trinity symbol, which is the triquetra along with a circle, is sometimes used to symbolize the different moon and sun phases. It represents the lunar goddess of the Celts and embodies beauty and the female spirit.

  • Best for: If you are a person who believes in the supreme power of God, this tattoo is just for you. It also indicates your acceptance of being one in the endless universe. Suitable for both men and women.
  • Preferable ink: This Celtic back tattoo is preferably done in black ink.
  • Where: The biceps are the best spots, but the upper back also looks elegant.
  • Size: You can opt for medium to large-sized designs based on where you want to get them inked
  • Skin tone: Suitable for dusky to light skin tone.

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4. Fish or Salmon Celtic Tattoo Designs On Arm:

The fish or the salmon is the zodiac animal for the time between August 5 to September 1. Fishes dive deep into the sea waters and leave us far behind upon our lands. Thus, fish symbols represent depth and a greater level of introspection. They also symbolize brilliance and excellence. They are common among those whose birthday falls within the given period.

  • Best for: Suitable for men and women who have an eye for details and can introspect before making any decisions.
  • Preferable ink: This tattoo is preferably done in black ink with hints of brown.
  • Where: There is no better choice than your shoulders to flaunt this gorgeous tattoo.
  • Size: A large-sized tattoo design works well considering the shoulder size.
  • Skin tone: Looks great on medium, light, and fair skin tones.

5. Small Butterfly Celtic Tattoo Designs:

The butterfly is the zodiac symbol for September 30 to October 27. Butterflies symbolize youthful happiness and a sense of wonder. The common idiom- “social butterfly” is apt to describe this tattoo’s significance. The butterfly design can be made beautiful by adding various kinds of curves. It’s commonly used as a zodiac sign for its beauty and simplicity.

  • Best for: For all those men and women who love to socialize and believe in human relationships, there can be no better way to do it than getting these Celtic Butterfly tattoos inked.
  • Preferable ink: Black is the best-suited ink for this tattoo.
  • Where: You can place them on the arms, shoulders, neck, and back.
  • Size: Small to medium-sized butterfly design works well.
  • Skin tone: Best suitable for medium, light, and fair skin tones.

6. Dara Celtic Knot Tattoo:

Celtic tattoos are the most famous of all Celtic forms of artwork. The Dara Celtic knots symbolize power, destiny, wisdom, strength, endurance, and leadership. They are complicated designs that look as formidable as tattoos. This knot is often associated with the oak and thus seeks to remind us of our roots.

  • Best for: This is another unisex tattoo, popular with people with a strong affinity for their roots. They are emotional and attached to their loved ones and places.
  • Preferable ink: Black ink highlights the tattoo well.
  • Where: Get them placed on your arms, back, and neck.
  • Size: This is one of the small Celtic tattoos which can adorn your body.
  • Skin tone: These tattoos are done in black, so the best-suited skin tone is dusky, light, and fair.

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7. Quaternary Celtic Knot Tattoos On Leg:

Quaternary Celtic leg tattoos have four corners representing the four directions, the four main seasons or the four elements earth, water, fire, and air. These knots are used in different designs to symbolize different meanings. Closed Celtic knots signify infinite, while the open ones symbolize journey. There are several different kinds of Quaternary Celtic knots. Their distinguishing mark is that they always have four different corners.

  • Best for: These Celtic tattoos on the ankle are pretty popular with women who identify as part of nature. The four knots indicate their harmony with the four elements of nature.
  • Preferable ink: You can get this design inked in black and brown colours.
  • Where: The best places are arms, ankles, and even wrists.
  • Size: As they are placed on smaller areas, small to medium-sized tattoos look well.
  • Skin tone: This design is suitable for dusky to fair skin tones.

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8. Triple Spiral Celtic Tattoo Designs:

The triple spiral symbol represents the feminine powers of the maiden, the mother, and the crone. It means the power that one gains through the transformation of growth. It holds a deep meaning. But often, people use it in their designs without truly understanding its implications. The tattoo also has a realistic 3D effect making it look unique and appealing.

  • Best for: This is one of the best Celtic tattoo designs for women who have proved their worth at every stage. These multi-talented women are equal to men in all respects and are an inspiration to fellow women like them.
  • Preferable ink: Use black ink for the base with brown shaded ink to give a 3D look.
  • Where: These are placed on the arms, shoulders, biceps, and upper back.
  • Size: Due to the complexity of the design, this tattoo is best done in medium to large sizes.
  • Skin tone: This design is apt for light and fair skin tones.

9. Celtic Tribal Tattoos On Half Side:

Tribal Celtic tattoos make use of all sorts of Celtic knots and symbols. They are beautiful and somewhat intimidating to look at. They also represent different elements of nature like the sun, moon, air, etc. It also indicates the pride they carry in the tribal culture and heritage. Tribal tattoos are often indications of strength, valour, and chieftain qualities.

  • Best for: This Celtic Chest tattoo is preferably done by men who believe in their power. They are deeply connected with the elements of nature from which they acquire all their energies.
  • Preferable ink: Black or dark brown ink works amazing for this tattoo design.
  • Where: Tribal tattoos hold different meanings based on the placement area. If you want to indicate power and strength, you can choose a spot on the upper part of your body.
  • Size: A large-sized tattoo alone can capture all the details of tribal art.
  • Skin tone: Mainly intended for medium to light skin tones.

10. Cool Celtic Tree Tattoos:

By Celtic tattoos, we mainly talk about the tribal ones, which are made up of tribal patterns along with Celtic lines and knots. However, the truth is that there are a number of other varieties of Celtic tattoo designs for men because you can get a lot of different designs which can be broadened with the help of Celtic lines and designs. This tree design indicates the deep connection with their roots which are hard to uproot.

  • Best for: This tattoo is one of the best designs for all the men who are proud of their roots and are quite emotionally attached to them.
  • Preferable ink: Black works well for this tattoo design.
  • Where: Celtic trees are usually done on the back, shoulders, and even biceps.
  • Size: A medium-sized to large-sized tattoo design can do justice.
  • Skin tone: Suitable for medium to light skin tones.

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11. Celtic Owl Tattoo Design:

It is a trend nowadays to get Celtic tattoos done, but we often fail to understand the Celtic tattoo meaning of most of them. Here we can see this owl and moon design where we find the scene of a night where the owl can be seen in the light of the moon. The owl’s body is completely done with the help of Celtic lines, which indicates psychic awareness and knowledge about other worlds.

  • Best for: This is for both men and women full of wisdom and intellect. They are people with secret knowledge about the other worlds and think beyond the normal.
  • Preferable ink: This Celtic Sleeve tattoo is usually done in black-coloured ink.
  • Where: These tattoos are inked on sleeves, back, neck and shoulders.
  • Size: A medium-sized to large-sized tattoo design can capture the details of the owl well,
  • Skin tone: Suitable for medium to light skin tones.

12. Bold Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs:

Earlier, we spoke about a Celtic cross in green, which looked very bright and colourful. This one is also a Celtic cross but very different from the previous one because it is much bolder and has no colour in it. Also, this is one of the best ideas for Celtic tattoo designs for men with the grunge and Gothic look and the rich design. The detailing of the cross is done with the Triquetra Celtic knots and looks beautiful. The Celtic knots make each part look very broad.

  • Best for: This tattoo is the best if you love the Gothic. It is suitable for men, but women who are fascinated by the elements of the medieval era can also try this.
  • Preferable ink: Use black, white, brown, and red-coloured ink.
  • Where: This tattoo is exceptionally large, so the area on the back and check is apt.
  • Size: Go for a medium to the large-sized tattoo to capture all the details.
  • Skin tone: This looks great on medium to fair-skinned people.

13. Celtic Heart Tattoo With A Cross:

This is one of the best Celtic cross tattoo designs with a deep meaning. The meaning of this pattern is the combination of a heart and a cross where. It is shown how you can purify the heart with a cross. There is a divine relation between across and the human heart, and a person’s hands are shown holding the heart. This is a very thoughtful tattoo and is mainly chosen by spiritual-minded people. This tattoo is a manly one. However, a woman can modify it slightly to get it inked since the design is so beautiful.

  • Best for: This Celtic arm tattoo is specially created for spiritual men and women who have an emotional and psychological connection with the divine.
  • Preferable ink: Best done in black, red, and brown coloured inks.
  • Where: This tattoo is preferably done on the arms and biceps.
  • Size: Opt for a medium to large-sized tattoo to cover the arm well.
  • Skin tone: Perfect for medium to fair-skinned people.

14. Compass And Shield Sleeve Celtic Tattoo Designs:

It is impressive to see how simple Celtic lines and knots can become the basis of gorgeous tattoo designs, and this is yet another example of the most beautiful Celtic tattoos for men, which can best ornate the well-puffed arms and muscles of the hunk. Here the design is of a shield on which we can even see a compass. There must be some signs of both; together, they make an awesome combination. The richness of the design is another plus point; it is not a very long one also that it would cover the whole arm.

  • Best for: This is the best design for all the men and women who love to travel and witness the endless beauty of the world. It also highlights their sense of direction and ability to make the right decisions.
  • Preferable ink: Usually done in black-coloured ink.
  • Where: This design is just for you if you have well-toned biceps.
  • Size: A medium to large-sized design is ideal for those beautifully built biceps.
  • Skin tone: Best suited for medium to fair-skinned people.

15. Celtic Warrior Tattoo Designs:

This tattoo is specially made for people who believe in the power of the true warrior spirit. Celtic warriors are symbols of power, strength, and masculinity. They also represent status, action, and heroism. Many people, especially men, get these tattoos done to symbolize that they are warriors in their family who can bring in light even in utmost darkness. These tattoos also mean that the person is dependable.

  • Best for: Ideal for men, but even women who believe they are fighters can get this tattoo done. Celtic warrior tattoos represent loyalty, strength, and reliability.
  • Preferable ink: These tattoos are usually done in black, brown, and red colours.
  • Where: Celtic warrior tattoos are done on the biceps and shoulders.
  • Size: They are best done in large sizes to capture the fine details of the warrior and the background scenes.
  • Skin Tone: Medium to fair-skinned people can carry it off well.

16. Celtic Dragon Tattoo Design:

A Dragon is one of the significant motifs in Celtic mythology. They are considered to be symbols of the highest power and strength. Celtic dragons also represent wisdom and status. They are known to be the family’s guardians and leaders of their clan. Celtic dragons are also seen as symbols of immortality. However, another way to look at Celtic dragons is to equal them to confusion, chaos, and death, with the head and tail twisted into a knot.

  • Best for: Celtic dragons are best suitable for both men and women who are the bosses of their business. They are true leaders and strongly believe in themselves.
  • Preferable ink: These tattoos are usually done in jet-black ink.
  • Where: Celtic dragon tattoos are usually placed on the arms, biceps, and even the back of the neck.
  • Size: Medium to large-sized designs offer better visibility.
  • Skin tone: Best suits all skin tones, especially light to fair skin tones.

17. Celtic Flower Tattoo Designs:

This beautiful Celtic flower tattoo symbolises love, affection, and relationship. It also indicates motherhood. Just like a mother and child are connected by the umbilical cord, the two flowers are interconnected using the Celtic knot. The complex part of this design is that the tattoo indicates role reversal after a few days, wherein in the older days, the child becomes a guardian of her mother.

  • Best for: This is one of the best Celtic wrist tattoos for females who have experienced the beauty and joy of motherhood. They use these tattoos to connect themselves with their children and their parents.
  • Preferable ink: Best done in black colours.
  • Where: They are done on arms and wrists to offer better visibility.
  • Size: You can get them in medium to large-sized designs for capturing even fine details.
  • Skin Tone: Medium to fair-skinned people is ideal for this design.

Tips To Return The Elegance Of Celtic Tattoos:

Check out these tips to make your Celtic knot tattoo look perfect:

  • Celtic tattoo designs are extremely complex, and it takes years of practice to achieve the design using freehand.
  • Using a stencil to etch the outline perfectly and fill the colours is better.
  • Celtic knots have a specific purpose and should be done only when you fully understand their meaning and importance.
  • Smaller-sized Celtic tattoo designs may look like a patch after a few years. Medium and larger-sized designs work well.


We hope this article gave you some major tattoo goals this season! Celtic knots are trending thanks to the complexity and intricacy with which the designs are made. Most people who have a love for the past, mainly the Gothic and medieval eras, are sold on these designs. They have a deeper symbolic meaning which needs to be thoroughly understood before zeroing in on a particular design. So folks, if you want to add a touch of religion and spirituality to your tattoo, Celtic tattoos are your best bet!

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