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15 Unique and Latest Couple Tattoo Designs with Meanings

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Couple tattoos are the upcoming new style in the tattoo world. Like all other kinds, there are hundreds of possible tattoo designs available. But couple tattoos require serious commitment and is thus not opted for by many. But for those who do have the courage, this is one of the best possible ways to show the one you love, how much they mean to you.

couple tattoo designs

Matching Tattoos for Couples with Meanings and Pictures:

You can choose common tattoo designs or something specific signifying some private moment. To help make your decision easier, here is a compilation of the 15 small and cool couple tattoos along with images and meanings.

1. The Small Ring Tattoo For Couples:

ring tattoo for couples

Looking for tattoos for the couple? Here is a wonderful couple tattoo idea, where the ring finger of the boy and the girl has been tattooed beautifully. Any couple would love to carry this beautiful tattoos in their ring fingers. The small and cute tattoo on the finger will remind them of one another no matter how far they are from each other. It is small but the details of the inked motif are very well visible. It is suitable for teenagers, married couples, etc. By looking at the beauty and allure of this tattoo, it can be said that this is the work of a true tattoo artists.

2. Heart Lock And Key Couples Tattoo:

Lock and key couple tattoos

Another commonly chosen couple tattoo is that of lock and key. You get a lock on one person and the key to that lock on the other person. You can introduce variations in this by choosing other such perfect combinations. Again you can choose to make your tattoo colourful or keep it a simple black outline. You can make your lock and key archaic or modern. The details are all up to you!

3. The Demon And Angel Tattoo For Couples:

Demon and Angel tattoo for couples

This one is a bit abstract than the previous couple tattoo designs. The angel tattoo can be worn by the man to remind his of his women. On the other hand, the demon tattoo is to be worn by the girl to remind her of man. The tattoos have been very beautifully done and the art and all over pattern of the tattoo shows that it the work of a professional tattoo artist. The tattoos can be made more alluring by applying colors according to your preference. But, the classic black color seems to be the best ink for this design.

4. True Love Couple Tattoo Design:

Love lettering couple tattoo

The one thing that is shared by all the couples over the entire world is love. So what better couple tattoo than the one that reads love? You can embellish the simple word with hearts and floral patterns or keep it simple. You can use calligraphy letter or plain old English texts. There are a hundred variations which you can make with the love lettering couple tattoo.

5. Mickey and Minnie Couple Tattoo on Shoulders:

A cute Mickey Miney couple tattoo

Mickey and Minnie is the cutest of all cartoon couples, trumped only by maybe Donald duck and daisy! You can make this tattoo coloured and cute by choosing the specific position you want your Mickey or Minnie to be in. This tattoo looks good separately and even better when you put it together. Besides Mickey and Minnie there are other cartoon couples you can use too!

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6. Couples Tattoos Sun and Moon on Fingers:

Sun and moon couple tattoo

If you are looking for a simple and not flamboyant tattoo design you can choose the classic couple symbols. The sun generally represents the male energy, while the moon represents its female counterpart. So you can choose and particular sun and moon design and then get that as your tattoo!

7. Couple Tattoos Together Forever:

together forever tattoo

This together forever tattoo is probably one of the best love tattoos for couples. This particular couple tattoo design shows that couple will be together forever even in the after life. The tattoo simply means you and your partner will stay together no matter what happens. Even the mighty death cannot separate you from your loved one.

8. Love Birds Couple Tattoos:

bird tattoo

Are you in search for tattoos designs for couples? Then this one might be perfect for you and your girl. Here, we can see that two birds are done who are expressing their love and admiration for each other. The tattoo is pretty simple can be done without the application of different colors. The attractive inks simply make this design look like the best couple tattoo design for teenagers. Men can do it on their arms and women can do this tattoo on their back.

9. Cute Heart and Arrow Couples Tattoo on Wrist:

Cute arrow and heart couple tattoo

Another cute design for a couple tattoos is an arrow and a heart. You get the arrow tattooed on one person and the heart on another. When put together it will look like the arrow is about to strike the heart like the cupid.

10. Cute Matching Couple Tattoos on Arms:

Cute couple tattoos

There are several cute tattoo designs available for love couples which you can cut into half in such a manner that you can get the halves tattooed on different arms. This way when the couple brings their arms together the picture is complete. The concept is kind of like the half and half lockets that couples generally present to one another.

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11. Couple Tattoos Quotes on Wrist:

Word couple tattoos

Many people choose to get phrases tattooed. What couples do is they break up these phrases and get it tattooed in half and half upon their wrists or arms or fingers. This way when they intertwine their limbs, the phrase which seemed to be incomplete before, becomes complete now. Though a common concept and idea, it never fails to look amazing and make you feel cherished.

12. Couples Cartoon Tattoos on Thumb:

thumb cartoon finger tattoo

Here, we can see that two Disney characters have been tattooed on the thumb fingers. This is one of the best tattoo designs for couple and almost all couples will fall in love with this awesome tattoo design once they see it.

13. Boy and Girl Couple Tattoos on Upper Arm:

boy girl tattoo

This is one of the simple tattoo ideas for couples, which has been beautified by implementing designs and intricate patterns into the signs. Here, the cartoon figure on the left represents the female who may be a wife or girlfriend. To the right, the arrow-like sign represents the men r boys who are husbands or boyfriends.

14. Matching Couples Jigsaw Tattoo Design:

Jigsaw tattoo design

You can choose jigsaw puzzle pieces as your tattoo design too! It symbolizes the fact that you two fit together as perfectly as two puzzle pieces! You can make it small and simple or even colourful and vibrant. This is one of the best and perfect tattoo designs for couples.

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15. Single Ring Tattoos for Couples:

Ring tattoos for couples

Many couples choose to get rings tattooed. Its more permanent than the exchange of rings and better in the sense that you don’t have to spend as much as a real ring and you can’t lose it either!

Above were some of the best couple tattoo designs for couples which through which you can express your love and commendation for your girl and vice versa. The tattoos are pretty simple and can be easily done by almost all tattoo artists. Keep your love for your girl alive by impressing them with any one of these beautiful tattoos.

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    Nice couples, they are so cute some are well matched these are best for couple or lovers to show there love to each other like they say love is forever

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    Amazing designs, we will try it………….