Cycling as an adventure sport is quite exhilarating and liberating to say the least. It provides individuals the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the mountainous terrain that one encounters. However, in order to ensure that your cycling expedition is comfortable, you should opt for cycling shoes that are both stylish and user-friendly. In fact, you should choose shoes that are compatible with the set-up of your bike. The perfect cycling shoes will also give you control over the pedals and will keep you safe and stable. This will help save your energy so that you can prolong your cycling expedition. Here are some great cycling shoes that are stylish as well as functional.

Croc Leather Cycling Shoes:

Nothing looks more stylish on a rider than a pair of croc leather shoes that are functional as well. The unusual mix of colors – yellow, brown and black, gives it a cool look. Cyclists can also be assured of ventilation as there are tiny pores on the shoes to allow for air to pass.

Roma Bicycle Shoes:

This attractive pair of cycling shoes is the latest in the company’s series of cycling shoes. The judicious use of color and the shiny texture give it a very neat and sleek look that is a hit among the youth of today that appreciate style and functionality. These shoes also have pores which allow for ventilation.

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Grand Tour Shoes:

The classic black and white pair of cycling shoes is the perfect example of style and functionality. The sleek lines and straps ensure that cyclists’ feet are firm so that they do not lose their grip. The pores in the shoes have been strategically placed to allow ventilation. Pressure grips placed on the bottom also allows for a firm grip.

Fizik Shoes:

Red is the color of adventure and every cyclist can be assured of a pleasurable cycling experience with these shoes. The pop of red and a mix of black add a touch of class to the shoes. The straps have a criss-cross red and white pattern. Pores are also placed at the top of the shoes to ensure the passage of air.

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Vintage Cycling Shoes:

Nothing looks better than a pair of vintage cycling shoes. In fact this pair is a great testament to the sturdy looks and features of the cycling shoes of the past. The classic blue, white and black make it very popular among the youth. The hit of red that pops through the black is a great add-on too.

Urban Cycling Shoes:

These brown statement cycling shoes closely resemble formal shoes but are equipped with all the necessary features to make it suitable for cycling. In fact, the subtle details make it a classic pair of cycling shoes. The presence of both laces and a buckle is quite unique, making it a very unconventional pair of cycling shoes.

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Extreme Tech Cycling Shoe:

This funky cycling shoe is a hit among young cyclists that are not afraid of standing out from the crowd. The bold mix of color (neon orange and yellow with black) makes this shoe really unique. It also possesses all the necessary features to make it comfortable and suitable for cycling at the same time.

Designer Cycling Shoes:

Even famous shoe designers from around the world line up to design a stunning pair of cycling shoes. This pair utilizes an entire range of colors and will be accepted by a section of cyclists who appreciate such a bold mix of colors and patterns.

Graffiti Cycling Shoes:

This pair of cycling shoes is a graphic representation of some of the world’s famous cyclists from years gone by. The use of a montage of shots looks great on this simple silhouette.

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