All of us have grown up watching Disney cartoons and films. Even now, when the name Disney comes to our mind, the pictures of Minnie and Mickey Mouse flash by. Some of us just like to rewatch those cartoons where uncle Donald pats the head of Huey, Dewey, and Louie while they play their pranks on him. Ever thought of sporting the characters or the symbols of Disney on your nails?

So today, we will put forward our top 9 favourite Disney nail art designs, which will take you back to your childhood.

1. Donald Duck and Characters Disney Nails:

You can paint out your favourite Disney Characters on your nails and create nail art like the one above. You can also get special edition Disney water decals for your nails. Wear these fun nails on several occasions. If you are going out with your girlfriends shopping or if you are going for a school re union, then these nails can be worth a try.

2. Minnie Mouse Disney Nails:

Minnie mouse reminds us of polka dots and bows. You can try out nails like the ones above with the help of your dotting tools and a nail art bow. Nail art deco bows are available in nail art stores. Additionally, create a Disney Pixar castle logo for the thumb with some horizontal lines.

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3. Disney Peter Pan Nails:

Peter Pan is a very well-known Disney character. You can grab hold of Peter Pan water decals or create the characters with free-hand painting. Create clouds with your nail art tools and have fun with this nail art.

4. Disney Little Mermaid Nails and Finding Nemo Nails:

This is a combination of nail art done considering two movies released by Disney. Finding Nemo and Little Mermaid characters are perfectly depicted on the nails with the help of water decal stickers. You can also draw these characters, but that would be a headache. So try getting some pleasant water decals for the above nail art.

5. Snow White Nails:

The evil queen and the poison apple are perfectly depicted in the above nail art. You can draw up the characters with your nail art kit and paint them precisely for a design like the above.

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6. Easy Disney French Tips:

This is a common type of Disney nail art that you can even try. You don’t need anything extra special to create these beautiful French tips. You will need your striper and dotting tools to make the French tips.

7. Disney Logo Nails:

The Disney logo of a castle stays at the back of our minds, but we don’t think about it much. It can become a nice and easy nail art logo. Try out the castle with just some horizontal stripes with blue nail paint. Use some glitter and cover with finishing nail polish.

8. Winnie The Pooh Nails:

This is easy to create nails. You will require a bit of precision and a nail art brush. Use black and yellow nail polish to create the nail art.

9. Little Mermaid Nails:

A glitzy, glamorous nail art design with the characters of little mermaids can be quite fun. With gentle hands, create the face of Ariel and her shell clothes on two fingers. Use some sequins for the rest of the fingers. Use a proper base coat for all the nails using fabric colours. Will you try this out?

10. Colorful Disney Nail Art Design:


Finally, Disney nail art designs offer a fun way to showcase your love for Disney through creative and colorful designs. With endless options available, there is something for every Disney fan, from classic characters to newer favourites. Try some of these designs for yourself and add some magic to your next manicure!


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