15 Traditional Eagle Tattoo Designs and Meanings

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Eagles are symbols of power, authority and strength. They are the mightiest of all birds, soaring the high skies while preying on the lower ones. Like the bird, its tattoo symbolizes power too. These tattoos are opted for by both men and women alike. The ferocity and regal nature of the bird is evident in its eyes and various stances. All cultures accept the eagle as the best of the bird species. Having established this supremacy among its own kind, the eagle also represents more authority than the lion.

Eagle Tattoo Designs

Thus eagle tattoo designs are a great choice if you wish to proclaim yourself as the alpha. The eagle tattoo has different meanings. This eagle tattoo is getting trendy these days among the youth specially the collegians. With various shades and colors, the eagle tattoos gives a lively look.

Different Types of Eagle Tattoos for Men & Women with Images:

Here is a collection of beautiful eagle tattoo designs with pictures and meanings for women and men for you.

1. Fighting Eagle Sleeve Tattoo Design:


This eagle tattoo meaning is power, strength, pride and victory. The eagle made in this tattoo here stands for victory in wars. This tattoo is highly carried out by the militants, army men, and warriors etc who fight on the front line. This kind of tattoo is highly carried out in countries like Persia, France, United States, Germany, Russia etc. These countries have symbolized eagle as superior authority. The tattoo also carries the words war fighter in attractive fonts.

2. Skull with Eagle Tattoo on Back:


This eagle tattoo design for men looks quite interesting as it is a combination of skull, eagle and the sun. It is a master piece expressing strength. All the symbols used in the tattoo symbolize strength, power and victory. The colorful tattoo gives a marvelous look and a strong message. It also symbolizes victory on evil. The sun behind the eagle also means rise of a new day after evil ends. This tattoo best suits on the back and on the chest.

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3. Eagle Fighting Snake Tattoo for Men:


This eagle tattoo on chest shows a snake and an eagle. The snake and the eagle are found to be the enemies of each other. This tattoo signifies the war between wisdom and passion as well as vengeance and morality. This tattoo is highly carried out by people who have more enemies, wrestlers and boxers. The colors used in the tattoo make it livelier. This tattoo is highly carried on the back or the chest as it requires broad area to make it effective. It is one of the trendy tattoos carried out worldwide.

4. American Flag Eagle Tattoo Design on Arm:

Eagle as America

For patriotic Americans, an eagle with American flag is an excellent design for tattooing. As is known by all the eagle is the American chosen symbol for their parliament. Thus an eagle with American flag shows their supremacy as a country. The wearers of this kind of tattoo are mostly the militants and army men of that country. But this tattoo is also becoming viral among the young generation of America to show respect towards their nation.

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5. An Egyptian Eagle Tattoos:

An Egyptian eagle tattoo

Egyptians saw the eagle not just as a figure of authority but also as a symbol of protection. They attributed the fatherly connotations of authority and guardianship to it. Thus several protective amulets made by the Egyptians sport symbols of the eagle. The Egyptian eagle tattoo is thus an excellent choice as a protective tattoo. This is one of the world famous eagle tattoos for both men and women.

6. Eagle Head Tattoo Design:

Eagle head tattoo

Just the eagle head is enough to get your message of authority and control across to people. You can choose to make the head detailed and coloured or keep it simple with a tribal look. Making it less flamboyant is always the better option as it doesn’t attract unnecessary attention and yet holds its own under scrutinizing eyes.

7. Eagle Tattoo on Chest with Text:

Eagle tattoo with words

You can add words to your design of an eagle tattoo. It helps makes the meaning you are going for more obvious. The eagle represents a host of concepts which ultimately all circle around power and authority. Adding words to your tattoo helps clear any confusion that may arise regarding its particular symbolism.

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8. Eagle Feather Tattoo Design on Shoulder:

Eagle feather tattoo

Another excellent idea is to use just an eagle feather in your design rather than the entire bird. The eagle’s power and authority stems from its ability to fly higher than other birds. Thus an eagle feather is an apt symbol of the power of its flight. It helps represent supremacy, authority and all other typical eagle representations in a similar manner.

9. Small Eagle Dreamcatcher Tattoo:

An eagle with a dreamcatcher

As has been mentioned earlier, eagles are considered to be great protectors in many cultures. An eagle with a dream catcher harps on this aspect of the eagle’s being. The gray shades given to the eagle makes it more attractive, along with the dark feathers. This tattoo is widely carried out on the back, lower back and chest by the men. The woman ink it on their back and waist. If you tattooed this type of brave eagle tattoos on your back that can symbolize that you are the best protector.

10. Men’s Flying Eagle Tattoo on Side Body:

An eagle in mid flight

An eagle in mid flight with its wings spread looks daunting. By making its eyes fierce and its beaks open, as if yelling at some unseen object, you can give the design a look that says you are not one to be messed with. You can add colour and other details to make the tattoo more attractive. This is outstanding flying eagle tattoo for men with intricate designs on total body.

11. A Full Length Eagle on A Branch Tattoo on Hand:

A full length eagle perched on a branch

A side faced eagle, with its massive wings in plain view, perched on a branch provides a formidable view, which manages to look regal too. Many cultures consider the eagle as solar animals. Their symbolism includes health, provision and energy. Getting it as a tattoo is an excellent choice!

12. A Tribal Eagle Spread Wings Tattoo:

A tribal eagle with spread wings

The most marvelous aspect of an eagle’s body, after its eyes, are its wings. They are massive, bigger than any other bird’s wings. The reason is simple. The eagle flies higher than the average bird. Thus, an eagle with spread wings makes your message of authority and supremacy all the more obvious.

13. Eagle Face Tattoo on Arm:


This eagle head tattoo on the arms is an eye-catchy piece getting popularity. The eagle in this type of tattoo signifies fearlessness and will power. The people who are fearless and are ready to face any situation bravely carry this tattoo highly. This tattoo is widely carried out on the shoulders with the use of various colors. The dark black inked eagle also gives a unique and attractive look.

14. Tribal Flaming Eagle Tattoo Designs:


This tribal eagle tattoo is highly popular among the Americans. It is a Native American tattoo used by the tribal caste people residing there. They have a spiritual importance and signify strong connection of the tribal people with the nature. The eagle in this tattoo strongly signifies power and strength. The dark black color with red flames makes it more attractive. It is highly carried on the shoulders and the back.

15. Eagle Eye Tattoo and Meaning:


This small eagle tattoo is highly popular among youngsters. The eagle even when flying high in the sky is able to find his prey on the ground. Thus this eagle tattoo signifies bravery, clarity, focus and vision. In the presence of any danger, eagle is the only bird to fly freely across the sunlight. This tattoo is hence carried out by people who have a clear vision. This tattoo is highly inked by the people who are related to military, shooting games etc. The main focus in this tattoo is the eyes of the eagle. The people who have faced great adversity in life get this kind of tattoo inked on their shoulder or back.

The eagle tattoo designs are thus very eye-catchy. The eagles according to some philosophers are the symbol of purity, power and beauty. Hence the people who get this tattoo inked are having clear focus, clarity, proper choice and willpower. They are also known as the solar animal which signifies health, energy vitality and provision.


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