Easter is a well known festival of the Christian Church. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ and is held between 21st March and 25 April on the Sunday that comes first immediately following the first full moon following the northern spring equinox. Some well known subjects of Easter have always been the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, and the like. You can try out Easter Nail Art Designs for summer time as these go best with any kind of bright clothing.

Top 9 Easter Themed Nail Designs 2023:

Here Are Our Top 9 Inspirations For Easter Nail Art Designs.

1. Polka Dots And Easter Bunny:

Easter bunny nail art can look really beautiful. Create two Easter bunny for two fingers on each hand. For the other finger nails do normal polka dots in white over a light pink or orange base. This can go with your summer pastel orange, yellow, white and other pastel coloured jumpsuits and shorts.

2. Polka Dots And Hatched Chicken From Easter Egg:

Egg hatched chicken is a much known symbol for the Easter. Try out a nail art like the one above. To add more glam and gloss, use some good quality glitter on to some nails.

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3. Easter Nails with French Tips:

French tips with Easter pattern can be something new for you. Start off with a normal French tip nail design. After you are finished doing the French tips, make a small bunny and a small chicken on to two fingernails. Do up the detailing with precision and your dotting tools. Finish off with a top coat for the shine and luster.

4. Aztec Pattern Easter Nails:

Easter egg nails are easy to do. You can try these out yourself without anyone’s help. Use some Aztec looking patterns on to the nails over a base paint of contrasting colour. Use different colours to make it more colourful.

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5. Free Hand Easter Nails:

Use some studs and some stones to create a beautiful Easter nail art pattern like the one above. Try out some freehand painting for the bunny, egg, flowers and the chicken.

6. Easy Easter Nails:

Easy Easter nails like this can be easy to create with some colourful dots. You can create a egg hatched chicken for one finger and keep the other fingers with simple polka dots. Wear this design with all your summer outfits. It’s bright and beautiful.

7. Free Hand And Fimo Easter Nails:

A simple bunny on a grass and some Easter eggs can be quite a nail art for the Easter time. It is not much complex to draw either. Try out some Fimo cane slices for the eggs to relieve you of drawing out eggs. Use some stripes to create grass.

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8. Floral Easter Nails with Bunny and Chicken:

You can try out floral patterns combined with Easter nail art. Use some freehand drawing tools. Create a fluffy looking bunny and a yellow chicken in a basket. Detailing will be time-consuming but it is worth a try. It can go with your daytime outfits because this is a bright nail art with splashes of yellow and bright blue. You can create floral designs like above using the techniques of water marbling nails.

9. Polka Dots Easter Nails with Bunny Head:

Try out an easy to do polka dots and bunny head Easter nail. This is easy to recreate. Use a dotting tool and a nail art brush to create the bunny head. For the polka dots, keep the base nail paint in different colors to match your outfit.

Easter Nail Art Design is very simple to decorate on your nails. Choose your best one and try out.


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