Nail arts are a much known trend now. There are various materials with which you can create new and different types of nail arts. Today we will show you some designs created easily with egg shells.

You can use egg shells for your nails by colouring them with food colour either by boiling them with the colour or by soaking them with vinegar for long hours. Dry them and crush them to get your egg shells for nail art usage.

Here are is a collection of top 9 egg shell easy to do nail art designs. Have a look!

1. Simple Egg Shell Leopard Design Nail Art:

This nail art can be easily created by firstly soaking egg shells with yellow food colour, drying them and crushing them into tiny bits. Give a base coat to your nails to avoid stains from the food colours. Now put two nice layers of a shimmer pink or skin colour nail polish. You can use white too. Let the nail polish dry. Now take a transparent polish and give one or coat on to it. Now place the egg shells properly. Don’t place them too close to each other. Let this dry completely. Now take a brown nail polish or acrylic paint and a nail art brush. Draw up semi-circles and some dots around the egg shells. Cover the whole nail art with transparent polish. Will you try this easy nail art?

2. Pink and Yellow Duo Coloured Egg Shell Leopard Nail Art:

You can also try out an easy duo coloured nail art. For the above design you will need food colours yellow and pink or red. Soak, dry and crush the egg shells with the food colours. Now paint your nails with base coat. Apply two nice layers of white nail polish on it. After this is dry, take a transparent polish. Apply 1 layer on to the nails. Place the egg shells properly leaving gaps in between. Let it dry. Now take a black striper and make some random dots and encircle the egg shells. You don’t have to be perfect with the circling. Now put another layer of transparent polish to seal your design. You can wear it to a party too and match it with your outfit.

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3. Abstract Caviar And Egg Shell Nail Art:

You can create a nice nail art with egg shells like this one by using egg shells of two colours viz. Orange and violet. You will need a base coat followed by a shimmer or metallic base paint in pink. Apply a top coat followed by placement of nail art chains or caviar beads in golden in one line with the help of a toothpick. Apply top coat on to the top half of the nails and place the egg shells properly. Now cover the whole design with another layer of transparent top coat. You can wear this design with any ethnic outfit like a silk Saree on occasions like Diwali too.

4. Dinosaur Jaws Nail Art With Egg Shells:

You can create an abstract dinosaur jaws nail art with the help of egg shells in yellow. Base coat is a must to prevent nails from staining. Now use 2 thick layers of white polish. Let it dry. Paint up the jaws in red. Use a transparent polish and stick the egg shells properly. Follow it with bordering the jaws with a black striper. Now use a transparent polish to seal the design. Ready to scare your friends with this nail art?

5. Pink Abstract Net Nail Art With Egg Shells:

You can create this nail art by using yellow egg shells and some net design stamped out from a proper image plate. Additionally use metal beads with the help of transparent polish. Do not forget to use a base coat before a white base paint because base coat will prevent food colours from staining your nails.

6. Eggshells Easy French Tip Nail Art:

This kind of an easy and very beautiful French tip nail art can be created with duo coloured egg shells and some metal chains. Do not forget to use a top coat and also a base coat. You can wear this classy looking French tip design to any of your parties.

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7. Egg Shells Green Nail Art:

A nail art depicting the trees and leaves can be done with green coloured egg shells. Draw up some free hand branches with a brown polish or acrylic colour and some grass at the roots with light green colour. Now turn the empty branches full of green leaves with the help of transparent polish and green egg shell bits. Looks nice doesn’t it?

8. Stained Glass Nails With Egg Shells:

Stained glass nail art is very easy to create. You will need a black striper and some egg shell bits of different colours. Stick these on to the spaces created by striper with the help of transparent polish. Use a top coat for the design to last. Very funky!

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9. Mosaic Ombre Nails With Egg Shells:

An easy light to dark or dark to light Mosaic Ombre nail art can be easily done on a light base colour like white or light blue as above. You must have 3 to 4 different colours of egg shells in intensity of the shades. Use a top coat for lasting power. Will you try this easy and cute nail art Designs?

Did you like this post on Egg Shells Nail Art designs? Options of creating nail arts with egg shells are unlimited. Do leave your suggestions and feedback!


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