Electric vehicles and e-transport have been the hot trending topic lately. The e-vehicles are lauded for their ability to move towards creating a sustainable and clean environment. India, too, as a country, is putting in efforts to move towards ecologically friendly policies. Electric buses are one of the significant developments in this regard. These e-buses have been introduced in the public transportation system in several major cities, aiming to reduce pollution and deteriorating air quality. The first electric bus in India was introduced way back in 2014 in the city of Bangalore and later was extended to other cosmopolitan regions such as Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune. Today, electric buses are running not only in the cities but also in other small towns and semi-urban regions.

With the growth and demand for electric buses, several players also started to enter the industry. Electric vehicles stimulated the interest of both large-scale manufacturers and smaller producers. As a result, we have prominent companies such as Tata, JBM Motors, Olectra Greentech, Ashok Leyland producing e buses for state transport corporations, alongside foreign players like BYD and Solaris. Fascinated more? Read along to explore all about the most famous electric bus models, and producers present in the country today.

Why is the Electric Bus the new ‘Buzz’ in India?

Right from our school age, we have often studied the concerns about climate, global warming, and pollution. The move towards sustainability can help us all for a good and better lifestyle in generations to come. On the other hand, India is a country that has the world’s highest population. Congestion and traffic are among the common concerns in Indian road transport, and it is challenging to have public transportation that is inclusive to all. Electric vehicles and buses, in particular, are observed and lauded to be the best solution in this area of concern by several researchers and analysts. The National E-Mobility Mission further emphasized electric mobility to wave a path towards environmentally friendly, affordable, reliable, and efficient.

In this context, we now observe and witness electric powered and battery buses in India, otherwise known as e-buses, especially in many cities and towns.

10 List of Electric Bus Manufacturers in India 2023:

You might be wondering – how many electric bus brand manufacturers are there in the country? Well, now let us take a look and learn the best available and manufacturing electric bus present and made in India. They are among the most sought green /environmentally-friendly and battery-powered Indian electric bus models in India right now.

1. OlectraK9 Electric Bus by Olectra Greentech:

Olectra Greentech limited manufacturing company is another pioneer in the Indian electric bus transport system. The brand has been working to improve India’s transport system by raising its infrastructure and the strength of the transmission. The electric buses company in India has produced a wide variety of electric buses to date and is among the most famous agencies. Among its several buses, the K series buses are the latest and most popular ones running in the country. The bus has a 39+ seating capacity, with a li-ion phosphate battery.

Besides this electric bus, the Olectra C9 bus runs with a specialty of seats with a USB charging facility. This bus has over 45 seat capacity and a 250km battery range.

2. BYD K9 by BYD Company Limited:

If you haven’t heard of this name, BYD, also known as “Build Your Dreams”, is among Shenzhen’s leading electric vehicle manufacturers. It has been headquartered in Chennai and New Delhi and now also introduces electric mobility public transport in India. The BYD electric buses have already been operating in many cities such as Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and Kerala. The BYD company aims to reduce carbon emissions and aim at environmentally friendly services.

It now has an electric vehicle in partnership with Olectra. The BYD K9 is a popular bus with a 31+ seat capacity and can go up to a speed of 96kmph. The bus has a li-ion phosphate battery, charging up to 4 or 5 hours.

3. Tata Ultra 9/9 Electric AC Bus by Tata Motors:

Tata motors are world-renowned automobile manufacturing company. The company has over $35 billion market capitalization and manufactures several cars, trucks, military vehicles, buses and SUVs. Tata, now, is also one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturing brands in India. In addition, it has developed an environmentally friendly bus that aims towards environmental sustainability. Its recent launch bus has revolutionized the electric transport system and aims to reduce pollution and work efficiently towards serving facilities, safety, and comfort to the passengers. Currently, Tata is among the famous electric bus manufacturing companies in India.

It has 31+ seats on the bus and can go up to the maximum speed of 75 kmph. It has a GVW of 10200 +/- 300 kg.

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4. Ashok Leyland Versa EV Electric Bus:

Check out this Ashok Leyland’s green bus. Ashok Leyland has been among India’s own leading manufacturing companies since 1948. It first started up as Ashok Motors and later changed its name to Ashok Leyland in 1955. The company produces famous trucks and busses, heavy transport vehicles prominently, and has a brand value for the same. Ashok Leyland introduced its first electric powered vehicle bus in 2016, and there is no turning back from then! They indeed are among the top company electric bus running in India.

The bus has 44+ seats with Magtec P144′ Zero emission’ Electric engine. The max output of the bus is 200HP @ 500 rpm. It even includes the battery fast-swapping technology, which is lightweight and more efficient than its peers.

5. JBM Ecolife Electric Bus by JBM Motors:

The next up company we have in the battery and electric operated buses in India is JBM motors. The leading company is one of the significant manufacturers of electrically powered buses. Their eco life buses’ main motto and objective are to offer a convenient, safe, and quality transport experience in the country. It further aims to reduce pollution and increase environmental friendliness. It does so by blending fuel technology with utility and performance to reduce pollution and move towards green technology.

The JBM bus electric model specifications in India have over 42+ seats and an Advance Chemistry Lithium-ion Liquid-cooled battery system. It has a 250km battery range and smart features such as a real-time passenger information system (PIS), automated bus vehicle location system, CCTV cameras, stop request button, a panic button for emergencies, etc.

6. SkyPark Electric Bus by Deccan Auto Limited:

Did you hear about these electric bus manufacturers and suppliers in India? The first Telangana-based automotive company famous recently is Deccan Auto Limited. The brand focuses on manufacturing trucks, buses and commercial electric vehicles. Their factory is located on the outskirts of Hyderabad, and is aiming to utilize facilities to produce over 3000 units in a year. The chairman, Mr MSRV Prasad, seeks to develop the company into making efficient and environmentally friendly electric vehicles that add to the country’s transport infrastructure.

The bus has over 36+ seating capacity with a GVW of 16200 kgs. It has a length of 12 meters.

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7. Eichers Skyline Pro by Eichers Motor Limited:

We all know the flagship famous company in India, Eicher group. The Eicher motor is a leading manufacturer of Indian vehicles and automobiles. Most of us know or heard of the brand from its Royal Enfield two-wheelers. However, the company recently has even got started in the e-vehicle segment too. Their debut in the electric bus segment is named ‘Skyline Pro’ and is one of the successful running buses. They are among the famous electric bus dealers in India too.

The seating capacity of the bus varies from 30-60 and has max power of 90 Bph @ 2600 rpm. It has zero emissions and has an intelligent transport system among the best in the class.

8. Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric Bus by Solaris Bus & Coach SA:

If you haven’t heard of this manufacturing company, Solaris, it is among the leading producers based in Poland. Solaris Bus & Coach S.A manufactures buses and trolleys. Few of their bus models have even won European Bus of the Year awards a few times! They have even begun manufacturing in India and have over 20000 vehicles running currently. Their quality and innovations, with technological advances, are unmatched.

They have recently come up with Urbino buses, with 65+ seat capacity, 15 meters in length and 470 kWh battery.

9. Zhongtong Electric Bus LCK6122EVG by Zhongtong Bus and Holding Company Limited:

This is another foreign brand operating in India. The Zhongtong Bus and Holding Company Limited is based in China and has also introduced its electric bus manufacturing in the country. They have teamed up with the Hyderabad-based Deccan Auto for local sales. The bus is considered nothing less than luxury, given its premium looks and features.

It has 11.99 meters in length and 18000 kgs GVW, with a max speed of 69 kmph. The seating capacity is 32+ and is based on a lithium-ion battery 400 AH capacity battery.

10. PMI – Photon Regio and Urban Electric Buses:

The Haryana-based company PMI Electro Mobility Solutions has teamed up with the China-based Photon Motor for electric bus manufacturing. The collaboration with foreign companies aims to open up a factory in Pune and extend electric bus manufacturing in India. Now, it has been supplying buses to the Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh governments, aiming to create a positive impact on the environment and reduce emissions.

The buses carry a 25-minute fast charging technology, with onboard tracking, a real-time vehicle monitoring system and WiFi connectivity.

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So, we hope you gained a good knowledge of India’s electric bus manufacturers. Electric bus segments are definitely a good move towards being environmentally friendly and an efficient ecosystem. How did you enjoy reading this article? Let us know your thoughts!


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