We sure love our Indian traditional food, and rotis are part of the Indian diet regime. The hot, soft and fluffy rotis with tasty curry or sabzi are our favourites. But most of us feel challenged in making smooth and delicious round rotis for our everyday consumption. That’s where the electric roti maker machine enters! These best roti makers can give us the perfect looking and tasting rotis in a few minutes. Does it look like a dream? Well, it’s not!

If you are looking to try out the best roti makers, let us take you through the best-selling and most durable roti maker kitchen appliance for you today!

Wooden Roti Makers vs Electric Roti Makers:

Before checking out the best electric roti makers present in India, let us first explore the types of roti makers we have in the market. Before the introduction of electric roti makers in the market, wooden makers were quite common in Indian households. They were manual in nature, and one had to make the raw roti and cooked roti separately in two different processes. However, the all-new electric roti makers have an automatic feature to quicken the task. As we can guess, the latter works via electricity and can work to give you instant soft roti easily.

Latest and Best Roti Makers In India 2023:

We have compiled the best electric roti makers useful for regular household purposes. They are quick, easy to use, long-lasting and can give you the perfect soft, fluffy hot piping rotis. So, let’s check them out!

1. Bajaj Vacco Go-Ezzee Chapati/Roti Makers:


Bajaj Vacco roti maker stands first in India’s best-selling roti makers list. The electric roti maker is perfect for everyday household use, is durable, easy to use, and gives you soft and fluffy round roti in just a few seconds. The same electric roti and chapati maker can also make khakra and paranthas; it minimizes the effort and is perfect for busy days. It comes with an automatic switch-off feature that serves roti hot and evenly cooked, is energy efficient and non-sticky. The product has one year warranty and works on 900 watts.


  • Automatic switch-off option and quick cook.
  • 32.2 x 22.2 x 22 cm; 2.6 Kilograms.

2. Prestige Roti and Chapati Maker:


Prestige is a well-known brand in the Indian kitchen appliances market, and we have their electric 900 watts, roti maker. The roti and khakra maker is perfect for those who want a quick result and big-sized rotis in just a few minutes. You can make different types of rotis in this making machine, right from the regular atta roti to jowar and sel roti. The adjustable temperature knob is an additional feature in the Prestige roti maker that works wonders to maintain the required temperature for cooking rotis, yet without burning. This feature allows convenience seamlessly. It comes in a compact size, with a stainless steel body that stays durable yet non-sticky. The roti maker offers one year warranty on the product.


  • Stainless steel body; temperature knob to control.
  • 31.8 x 24 x 22.4 cm; 2.18 Kilograms.

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3. Boss Crisp Roti Makers:


The Boss crisp roti maker with 900 watts is another decent option in Indian roti maker machines. The roti maker has a red colour light that indicates power on, besides the auto cut-off feature when the roti machine reaches the required temperature. It has a stainless steel body with a non-stick plate that avoids the dough from sticking to the Tawa. This ensures soft and quick, fluffy, delicious rotis instantly. The handle is heat resistant, which lets you operate the Tawa seamlessly. It is durable and perfect for household use.


  • Red light indicator and automatic cut-off.
  • 20 x 20 x 20 cm; 2.1 Kilograms.

4. Jaipan 1000 Watt Jumbo Roti Maker:


The 1000-watt Jaipan roti maker sure enters our list as among India’s best-selling electric roti machines. The roti maker is perfect for someone who is looking for long-lasting, efficient performance. The model has several good reviews, such as having a non-sticking cooking base coated with Greblon Gamma’s specialized German technology. It also has features such as a cool touch handle that allows pressing the dough evenly during cooking, a large 10-inch diameter for rotis and a red light indicator showing the efficiency of cooking roti. The only con is the roti maker takes quite some time to get heated up.


  • Red on light indicator; cool-touch handle.
  • 29 x 21 x 23 cm; 2.67 Kilograms.

5. Ibell Roti Makers:

The iBell Electric non-stick roti and chapati maker is yet another good budget-friendly option in India. The chapati maker has similar features to other models, such as a non-stick Tawa and stainless steel body. However, it has a larger diameter that enhances the size of the rotis. In addition, the roti machine also comes with a temperature control knob that lets you control the required heat during the process of preparing the roti. It works on 1500 watts and has one year warranty.


  • Temperature control knob and larger diameter.
  • 32 x 27 x 6 cm; 2.54 Kilograms.

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6. Xodi 4500 Watts Shockproof Non-Stick Roti Maker:


Xodi is another quality and durable roti maker choice in the Indian kitchen appliance market. Their roti maker is quite affordable. It has similar features such as a non-sticky base for making roti, shockproof and heat-resistant handles, and an automatic turn-off feature. It comes with an LED light indicator to show the cooking status too.


  • Automatic turn-off.
  • 10 x 10 x 10 cm; 436 Grams.

7. Rampshar Non-stick 900W Chapati/Roti Makers:


Another non-stick roti maker in the market is here. The Rampshar Non-stick roti maker is among the best-selling high rating machine available online. The electric roti maker makes perfect chapatis/rotis and even khakra. It gives you soft and delicious instant hot piping rotis easily. It has a larger diameter to aid your big rotis. The roti maker also similarly has an auto-cut-off feature that lets you stay in peace without worrying about the constant high-temperature issues that can burn the rotis.


  • Large diameter roti maker.
  • 26 x 18 x 24 cm; 2 Kilograms.

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These are the latest and best electric roti makers are among the best in the Indian market and are perfect for making your job easier by speeding up your everyday cooking process. They are safe to use, durable, efficient and will give you hot piping soft rotis easily. So, check them out, and you will appreciate them later!


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