Rangolis are colorful designs and patterns made on festivals and occasions. It is a form of folk art which includes different patterns, among which shapes of flowers, leaves, and different designs are made. Elephant rangolis are specifically those rangolis which have shapes of elephants drawn on them.

1. Elephant Rangoli With Lotus:

We have an elephant rangoli design in the picture above. There are four lotuses drawn in pink and green in four directions and they are surrounded by four elephants just above them. The rangoli looks colorful because it has shades of brown for the body of elephant, blue a cloth on the elephant, and a small design on the back of all the elephants which are for people to ride on have been colored in green, orange and red.

2. Simple Elephant Rangoli Design:

We have a similar design of elephant rangoli to what we saw in the previous one. This too has four elephants drawn on four directions and they have been colored in contrasts of purple and yellow. There is a flower pattern in the middle which have been done in pink and green.

3. Two Cute Elephants with Diya:

Two cute elephants blowing their trumpets have been outlined thickly with white rangoli and then have been colored in two different shades of blue. There are two umbrellas drawn on the back of the elephants and they also have a cloth over them. There is a ‘diya’ on top in yellow and vermilion and there is a lotus which is drawn above which has half of the sun drawn over it.

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4. Elephant and Floral Pattern Rangoli:

We have a very attractive and beautiful rangoli design in the picture above. It has been done with a lot of care and a neat work has been presented. There are four elephants which have been drawn surrounding the floral pattern in the middle. They elephants have been further surrounded with peacocks and utensil which seems to be full of sweets. In an overall basis we can make out that the design is very colorful and the peacocks are what add to the life of the design.

5. Rangoli Surrounded With Elephants:

Finally this design shows gets the elephant back their real colors and even if grey is dull; it still doesn’t make the rangoli lifeless. There is a flower pattern drawn surrounding another flower in the middle. They have been further surrounded with elephant rangolis who have a velvety cloth on their backs and a lotus held by their trumpets.

6. Decorated Elephant Rangoli:

The elephant has been outlined in white in the big rangoli above, and then filled with grey or light shade of black rangoli. The elephant has been decorated well as the cloth which is over the back of the elephant is prettily painted. The heads and the legs have been decorated too with a garland held on the trumpet.

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7. Little Elephant Rangoli:

The grey little elephant has been drawn with colors of orange and green for the cloth and hold s golden material designed on the back. The head of the animal has been colored pink as a cloth and the eye makes it look really cute.

8. Complicated White Rangoli:

A complicated design on the inside with white rangoli, has been surrounded with elephants on six sides. It is in shape of a hexagon and there are swirls drawn on the inside surrounding a floral pattern.

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9. Glimpse of a Big Rangoli:

We have a glimpse of a big rangoli which was clicked when the work was still ongoing. The elephant has been drawn in dark blue color and has been decorated well in pink, red, orange, etc. It has been given a contrast blend of a bright yellow color on the outside which makes the rangoli look bright.


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