All of us are engulfed in busy schedules, deadlines, work stress, and a fast pace around. There is always so much catching up to do, and most often, we fall slack without energy. Here is where healthy energy drinks come in handy to all of us. Energy drinks are nonalcoholic beverages containing good caffeine levels, Vitamin B, Taurine, Ginseng, and other ingredients that boost our mind and soul to energy mode. They help to increase performance and endurance to a great extent.

No wonder, given these properties, several energy drink brands are well in demand among the adult population these days. Today, we are going to look into all about these energy drinks in India.

10 India’s Best Energy Drinks for Gamers Workout:

Let us now go ahead and explore the latest rich energy nutritious power drink that is perfect for aiding your activities in day-to-day life. You can explore the list and pick the right one according to your choice.

1. Red Bull:

One can never miss the Red Bull energy drink. Most of us already have heard or come across this super popular brand of energy drinks. Red Bull is a pioneer both in India and the world for its manufacturing of energy drinks. Their drinks are almost translated to having a cup of coffee, with high levels of caffeine. This ingredient, caffeine, is helpful to gain energy as it triggers the release of adrenaline, the fight hormone in the body. It has around eight variants such as red edition, no sugar, original, cola, silver edition, blue edition, etc.

2. Monster Energy:

Most of us also have heard of Monster. The brand promises to get back an instant dose of energy with significantly higher levels of caffeine, in fact even higher than red bull, with around 33.81mg/100ml. The other ingredients include glucose, carbonated water, benzoic acid and citric acid. Glucose and caffeine boost to help the energy levels in the body, by pushing adrenaline in the system, and also travel glucose through bloodstream to move it to the cells. The Monster energy drinks have over 34 flavors, making them among the widest range options a person can choose.

3. Cloud 9:

From caffeine to natural extracts of apple juice, Vitamin B and C, and other energy contents such as Taurine and Caffeine, the Cloud 9 is popular to have a perfect combination of ingredients to boost one’s energy and reinstate the active life ahead. Primarily, the taurine helps in protein synthesis, and helps in muscle mass, and inflow of energy to the body. The original flavor of this drink is mixed fruit. However, they have several variants and flavors such as raspberry, blackberry, black current, strawberry, etc.

4. Gatorade:

Gatorade is an upcoming energy drink brand most of us would have noticed. The sports personalities are heavily endorsing the brand, right from our badminton superstar, PV Sindhu. Gatorade promises its energy drink booster with scientific and medically proven formulation, such as the presence of and carbohydrates. The crucial ingredients include electrolytes like sodium and potassium, besides sodium citrate and sucrose. The electrolytes primarily aid the body to produce the energy and helps in stimulating the activeness and functions. One can instantly get back the energy after having this fresh drink, and it is perfect for an active lifestyle. This is perfect energy drink for gym purposes.

5. Mountain Dew:

Mountain Dew is among other very common and famous energy drinks in the market. Most of us have been noticing the brand around us right from our childhood. The original Mountain Dew flavor is similar to that of transparent soft drinks and comes in a similar taste. However, we also have over 30 other flavors within the brand. If you are someone who is looking for good taste and energy drink similar to that of soft drink, this is an ideal choice to prefer. This drink contains high level of caffeine, fructose, white grape juice concentrate and citric acid with carbonated water. While caffeine helps to push adraneline in the body to give energy, fructose too on the other hand helps to convert to energy in around liver.

6. Crunk:

Crunk is an energy drink brand in India that is established back in 2004. The Crunk energy drink comes in mango, peach, and pomegranate flavors, with vitamin B and corn syrup, ashwagandha, ginseng, and epimedium within it. The natural ingredients such as Ashwagandha and ginseng are popular from ages to increase and boost energy levels and rise concentrations. It boosts and stimulates hormones for active lifestyle. Although it is a relatively lesser-known brand, those who prefer to have some natural extracts in their drinks and liquids can choose this one.

7. Tzinga:

Tzinga is among the most affordable and cheap energy drinks brand in India right now. It is an Indian company in origin, manufacturing a range of flavors in the energy drinks section. You can even find the newest and unique innovative flavors in the brand compared to others. These include tropical fruit, mango strawberry, atomic apple, lemon mint, and others. However, a disadvantage is the availability of the energy drink, as it is not commonly available everywhere. It is among the best energy drink to try out for focus, energy and workouts.

8. B’lue:

We bet most of you haven’t heard of this brand. As we discussed that the most energy drinks are high and heavy on sugars and caffeine, B’lue in that way is a unique one. It does not have any caffeine nor carbonated water in it. So, to begin with, if you are looking for something not with caffeine, this is a perfect choice. The B’lue energy drink instead focuses on flavored water with vitamins (B3, B6, B9), minerals (K, Mg, Na), and electrolytes. The charged minerals within electrolytes help in producing energy to the muscles.

9. Burn:

The energy drink Burn is a subsidy and is manufactured by the Coco Cola company. The tagline of the brand is “Burn – Fuel your Fire.”Burn is not carbonated energy drink water but is based on caffeine, taurine, Vitamin B3, B6, B12, Arginine, etc. It has over 32mg/100ml caffeine content within it. The energy drink comes in over seven flavors, which include berry fruits to coffee variants taste.

10. Xtra Power:

The Xtra power is a lesser-known energy drink found in India that is produced by the UAE-based business and food company. The Xtra power is launched in India in 2012 and is famous for its intense energy ingredients such as amino acids, sugar extracts, minerals, vitamins such as B6 and B12, caffeine, and taurine. The drink does not contain any artificial sweeteners.

Are you too looking to try on energy drinks? We hope this list of energy drinks in India would help you choose and pick the right one. Depending on your preferences, choose the right flavor and list of ingredients present to pick the right choice. Let us know which you are thinking of trying out; we love to hear from you!

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