Farmhouses are no longer treated as just rustic, country-side homes with no aesthetic beauty. The urban dwellers consider it as a “second” home and a nature retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Naturally, it makes sense for people to invest in its structural aspects to make look more ‘homely’ and comfortable for a weekend family stay.

If you have a piece of land far away from the city and decided to convert that into a holiday home, then take a look at these 15 Latest Farmhouse Designs which give you some much-needed inspiration to kickstart your dream project!

15 Latest Farmhouse Designs 2023:

Read along to explore the top 15 farmhouse design ideas that are trending this year:

1. Simple Farmhouse Design:

This simple 2 BHK farmhouse design lends a cosy and warm feel right from the entrance. The elevated house model can be accessed by a few steps which lead to the porch. Depending on the number of bedrooms you plan for, you can go for a single or a double-story house. The wooden ledge, glass windows and the sloppy roof gives us typical country-side vibes which is just what you are looking for!

2. Modern Farmhouse Design:

Now, here is a 3BHK farmhouse design that looks modern and quite stylish as well! This plan is ideal for those who are looking for a retreat to house a large family for a few days. The two-story plan features a front porch and large rounded pillars. An extended room on the lower floor can serve as a side garage entry. Based on your needs, you can convert the additional space on the top floor into a study room, bedroom or even as a game zone.

3. Small Farmhouse Design:

Take a look at this 1 BHK farmhouse design that is ideal for a small family. The simple and traditional design covers all the essential elements of a farmhouse to make your stay comfortable. The front side porch acts as a sitting area. The large hall is divided into a drawing-room, and a kitchen to maximise the space utilization. Stairways lead to a bedroom in the upper story which can be designed as a multi-functional space.

4. Luxury Farmhouse Design:

Take a look at this impressive farmhouse design that can accommodate a large family and guests. With luxury elements in every corner, the farmhouse can be transformed into a perfect hangout place for party animals. The large house can function as a stay place, while the smaller one can take care of additional guests. Convert the empty space into a swimming pool to entertain the crowd and also to relax on a hot summer day!

5. Rustic Farmhouse Design:

Check out this beautiful farmhouse that has an old-world charm that transports to you a bygone era. The naturally stained wooden tiles and the classic curved rooftop add a rustic touch to the house. The entrance is designed with unpolished stones and rough-finish walls which add more to the drama. This two-storied farmhouse lends an old feel but doesn’t compromise one bit on functionality. To maintain the rustic theme, you can go for wooden interiors and fabric furniture which are not too modern.

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6. Village Farmhouse Design:

Here is a simple and conventional farmhouse design that we normally come across in villages. The worn-out tiles on the multi-level sloppy roof add a distinctive country-side feel to the home. The extra-wide front porch is kept on the ground level for easy access. It functions as a sit out and the main entry point to the house, leading to a hall, bedroom, kitchen and a stairway to access the upper story. This low-cost farmhouse exterior style offers better insultation to the home and makes it weather-proof.

7. Beach Farmhouse Design:

Take a look at this beach-side vacation home which features a minimalistic, yet highly functional design. The house can have two entrances, one facing the beachside and the other towards the road. Keeping the structure in all-white theme with black windows add an understated elegance to the home. The ground floor has a hall and a kitchen, while the upper story has a bedroom with a beautiful view of the beach.

8. Vintage Farmhouse Design:

Exterior colors can change the entire look of the house. The farmhouse achieves a vintage appeal by replacing the classic white or grey with this period colors like green and blue. The elevated farmhouse has a large porch that gives access to multiple rooms of the house, which is typical of the old-style construction. The window casings are done in blue and the roof in a muted grey that adds a “old” feel to the house. From a distance, the structure looks like a part of the greenery around it!

9. Wooden Farmhouse Design:

Agree to it or not! But no concrete structure can quite match the elegance and warmth of a wooden house. Wood lends a rustic and a “homely” feel, along with being economical. This small farmhouse is ideal for a weekend getaway to enjoy a BBQ night with your family and friends. The porch can be used as a sitout and the large windows ventilate the home well enough. The single room with a window sill on the top floor offers undisturbed views of the surroundings.

10. Contemporary Farmhouse Design:

This charming farmhouse exterior exudes contemporary vibes in its structural design and the choice of decorative elements. The structure combines the beauty of wood and the strength of concrete innovatively. With a grand entrance and a raised wall on the side, the farmhouse looks quite inviting and enthralling. Large glass windows offer uncompromising ventilation to the interiors and lend an airy feel to the entire building.

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11. Trendy Farmhouse Design:

This chic-looking farmhouse design has some sort of unspoken elegance and sophistication about it! The edgy, layered design creates a dramatic effect on the exterior aesthetics with a stunning curb appeal. Elements like stone, wood and tiles are combined in a creative way to transform this structure into a masterpiece. The dark trim and cedar accents and the welcoming porch makes you want to never leave this place!

12. Scandinavian Style Farmhouse Design:

Check out this farmhouse idea which is a true architectural marvel of the modern times. The simple, yet well-thought design combines the rustic image of a farmhouse with the chicness of a luxury, urban home. The structure features a boxy shape on one side and a sloping roof on the other as a perfect contrast. Minimalism is the key theme, which is evident from the “less walls, more space” inside. With clean lines and attention to detailling, the interiors are as stunning as the exterior aesthetics.

13. Japanese Farmhouse Design:

Traditional Japanese roofs are all about wooden elements, stone walls and angled roofs. This farmhouse design is no exception except for its use of contemporary detailing. The large stone-work porch can double as an entrance and a car parking space. Sloping roofs comprise most of the structure to handle extreme mountain weather and exude a warm rustic feeling. The open-style rooms are divided into separate spaces for family members to enjoy their privacy!

14. Spanish Farmhouse Design:

The central theme of a Spanish-style farmhouse is sophisticated minimalism. Here is one such design that stands as a perfect example of this concept. The artistic exterior design looks quite inviting and cosy. A large, arched window allows ample light and air into the living room. The old-style clay tiles cover the roof to bring in some traditional Spanish rural vibes. A large front yard with a small water fountain lets you enjoy a great outdoor time.

15. Italian Farmhouse Design:

Check out this gorgeous Tuscan-style farmhouse design that is sure to give you major inspiration. The impressive stone exteriors complement the adjoining green environment. A large entrance with brick accents welcome you to enjoy the grandeur of this house. Besides the doors and windows on the ground floor, a stairway on the side leads you to the upper deck to let you enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings.

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Those are some of the best farmhouse designs we thought you’d like! So, which style are you interested to go about? Italian, Modern or Rustic? Do let us know what you feel about these designs and how you plan to transform them into your own spaces!

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