Feather designs are a popular nail art trend these days. It looks very nice when done on nails. If you are thinking how to create those awesome looking feather nails without having the trouble to go through all the free hand painting hard work then we will tell you the solution. Feather designs can be created on the nails in two ways. Firstly you can either do free hand painting or stamping or even water decals of feather designs on to your nails. The other easy way is to use real feathers on to the nails cut out in shapes of your nails after placing them accordingly on to the nails. These specific bird feathers of different colours and designs are available in nail art stores easily. You can get hold of a few packets of nail art feathers and have a go with it.

Here are our top 9 feather nail art designs to inspire all of you girls out there.

1. Real Feather Nail Art Design:

This kind of a feather design can be created easily on to the nails using real feathers in various colours. This design looks very cool doesn’t it? Use feathers on to the nails after base coat and base paint application. You need to apply transparent polish on to the nails before applying the feathers on to the nails. This will help the feather stick on to the nails. Cut the feather according to the shape of the nails and apply another coat of transparent polish. There you go, it’s done!

2. Colour Combined Feather Nail Art Design:

Sometimes it’s a good choice to use different coloured polishes on to the nails for a glamorous look. Use some feathers for nail arts in various colours or apply them in various ways viz. diagonally, horizontally, etc. You will get a look like the one above.

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3. Pink and White Nail Art using Feathers:

You can get various coloured feathers for nail arts from stores. Try out something like the one above in pink with a white base paint. Looks very girly doesn’t it?

4. Black and White Feather Nail Art:

Like to keep it simple and classy? Try out a simple dotted feather in black and white on a white base paint. This can look good on short nails too.

5. Yellow and Black Dotted Feather Nail Art:

Try out an amazing colour combination of slate base coat and dotted black and yellow feathers on to the nails. Looks awesome and simple to do too.

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6. Free Hand Painted Peacock Feather Nail Art:

If you like the free hand painting way for your nail arts then try creating this sweet pattern of peacock feathers on to the nails. It will look really good.

7. Free Hand Abstract Nail Art Feather Design:

This type of an abstract feather design can be created using your nail art brushes and paints of various colours. It’s a continuing pattern done in horizontal formation. Try giving this one a shot. It’s very different from any other feather nail arts that you might have come across so far.

8. Black Easy to do Feather Nail Art:

This is an easy to do free hand black feather nail art set on half and half turquoise base paint. Try this one out.

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9. Peacock Feather Stamping Nail Art:

Try out a stamping nail art like the one above with your stamping tools and special polishes. If you are good with stamping then feather nail art like the one above should come very easy to you.

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