When we come across the term “Fimo” we immediately start to visualise some amazing nail arts. This term is very popularly used in the world of nail arts these days. Fimo is actually the name of a brand of polymer clay. Fimo canes are baked polymer clay sticks of various shapes viz. Teddy faces, hello kitty, flowers, bows, fruits, etc. These sticks of Fimo are cut down into very thin slices and either sold as stickers or if you can get hold of the Fimo sticks, then you can cut them carefully at home. These slices of Fimo are then used not o the nails with either nail art glue or transparent polish.

Fimo are available in various shapes and sizes and therefore give you the opportunity to use these to decorate the nails very easily and absolutely stunningly without much hard work. Today we will provide you with the top 9 best Fimo nail art designs. You may want to try out a few or maybe all of them!

1. Simple Fimo Floral Nail Art:

This is the beginner’s type of Fimo nail art. Just a simple base paint, some small rhinestones at the border and some Fimo floral slices is all that you will need for this one. Additionally, you can use some blue striping tape at the tips of the nails for a better look. Will you give this one a try?

2. Fruity Fimo French Tips Nail Design:

French tip nails are quite popular. You can give your normal French tip nails a twist with this kind of a fruity decoration. Use some rhinestones too for an additional beautiful look.

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3. Cute Fimo Nails:

An easy to do and fun to sport nail art design like this one can be created using Fimo smiley’s, butterflies, bunny rabbits, and floral designs on to a clear blue base paint. Easy and fast to create design. Perfect for a summer day out.

4. Green and Lemon Fimo Nail Design:

A green nail art like this one can be created with some free hand painting, some glitter green polish and Fimo green lemon slices.

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5. Fruity Fimo Nail Design:

A summer time fruity and fun nails can be created with Fimo strawberry, banana, apple, watermelon and lemon slices. Additionally you can draw some more designs on to the nails before sticking these on.

6. Teddy Bear Fimo Nails:

An easy and cute teddy bear design can be created on to the nails by using 3 shades of brown and some Fimo teddy bear faces. Easy and cute right? Give it a try if you can grab that cute teddy Fimo slices.

7. Lemon Fimo Striping Tape French Tips:

Like sporting French tips? Give them a twist with striping tapes and some glitters for the tips. Finish off your design by setting lemon Fimo slices on to the nails.

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8. Glittery Floral Fimo Caviar Nails:

A glitter silver base paint set with caviar beads and Fimo flowers is all needed to create this lovely design on your nails. The longer your nails the more beautiful this design will look on it. Try this out. It’s very easy to recreate.

9. Beautiful Roses Leaves and Flowers Fimo Nail Design:

Set in beautiful pink and white gradient base paint, a beautiful design of roses, flowers and leaves can be easily created using Fimo canes of the respective shapes. This is very easy to create with Fimo rather than with acrylic materials or free-hand designs. You will absolutely love to sport this design. Try this design out!

Did you like the above designs just as much as we did? Leave your feedback!


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