How to magically transform the look of your home without much effort? Simple! Spread a beautiful carpet on the floor and see how dramatically the beauty of your room changes. Interestingly, carpets were originally used for making ground seating more comfortable. Later, this humble rug evolved into a decorative element, woven in myriad patterns to suit every budget and taste.

Apart from adding color and character to the room, Carpets also offer numerous benefits. They prevent accidents due to slipping on the floor, partitioning open spaces and even absorbing noises. So, it makes perfect sense to invest in these pieces for your home!

In this article, we have collected the pictures of 12 Best Floor Carpet Designs, along with some basic details about the material and benefits. Go ahead and pick your favorite piece to watch the magic unfurl in your room.

12 Best Floor Carpet Designs with Pictures 2021:

Scroll down to explore some of the latest carpet designs:

1. Geometric Pattern Carpet Design:

Get inspired by this edgy carpet design which features a contemporary geometric pattern. The unique arrangement of colors like blue, brown, white is sure to transform the look of your room from ordinary to chic! The rectangular-shaped carpet rug is ideal for covering the floor of your living room, bedroom and drawing-room. Along with enhancing the beauty of your home, this carpet also offers a plush feeling beneath your feet.

2. Luxury Kashmiri Carpet Design:

This royal carpet design is made with the finest quality Kashmiri silk in a regal blue color to add a stately look to your room. The carpet is hand-knotted to perfection to create exquisite floral patterns. The melange of rich jewel tones and motifs against the deep blue hue turns this carpet rug into a masterpiece that is worth flaunting in your living room. Tassels and anti-slip layer are added features.

3. 3D Carpet Design:

Check out this 3D optical illusion rug that is sure to make you go dizzy for a while. The unusual pattern of black and white checks trick your eyes and create a “sink hole” in the center. This quirky carpet is a great décor piece to tease your friends and family for a while, along with capturing some extraordinary photographs for your home to make people go “Wow”.

4. Corridor Carpet Design:

Check out this decorative carpet design suitable for home, hotel and office corridors. The grey printed carpet has hints of yellow for a minimalistic look. Unlike the interior carpets, corridor rugs are usually made in nylon wool for durability and easy maintenance. The anti-slip carpet is available as large bundles which can be cut into custom-sizes based on the floor measurements.

5. Vinyl Carpet Design:

Vinyl carpets are slowly replacing traditional woollen carpets for a good number of reasons. Vinyl is an affordable and durable material, making it ideal for home and commercial spaces. Seen here is a vinyl room carpet design that adds an understated elegance to the place. Earthy tones like brown and beige add a warm and inviting feel. An added layer of foam makes it easy for us to walk or stand on the rug for a while.

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6. Modern Carpet Design for Bedroom:

Here is a minimalistic carpet design that exudes modern charm in your bedroom. The grey and white geometrical pattern on the carpet rug create a perfect ‘neutral’ look to your space. It even coordinates well with the rest of the elements in your bedroom. You can push it under the bed to wake up to a soft and warm feeling every morning. With an anti-slip layer on the bottom, your feet are always placed firm on the ground.

7. Designer Carpet Design for Drawing Room:

Check out this boho-chic carpet design that adds an eclectic look to your room. The symmetrical patterns woven in earthy grey, maroon, and beige tones can transform even a simple room into a lively space. Apart from adding a colorful twist to your room, this carpet also functions as a room partitioner. Adding a plain floor rug beneath the carpet adds a boho spin to the room.

8. Grey Office Carpet Design:

While choosing a carpet for an office room, you must keep in mind certain aspects like underfoot comfort, colors, durability and resistance. Here is an office room carpet design that combines all the desirable features into one. The black floor carpet tiles feature a symmetrical arrangement of lines for a professional look. The simple and low-profile design makes it ideal for the work environment.

9. Floral Carpet Design for Living Room:

Here is a luxury vintage floral carpet design that functions as a décor element in your room. The bespoke carpet features a black background dominated by large and colorful floral motifs. The unique round shape of this carpet mat makes it convenient to move around places. So, you can use it at the entrance, as a sofa carpet or near the walkway. It also functions well as a lounge mat to relax on the floor.

10. Multi-Color Carpet Designs for Kids Room:

Here is a funky carpet design that leaves a psychedelic play of colors. The multi-colored, statement carpet is a perfect addition to your simple and plain-looking room. Spread it in front of the sofa or the sitting point to add a splash of colors. The soft weave of the rug leaves a comfortable feel underneath your feet. Along with the living room, this carpet goes very well in your kid’s playroom!

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11. Scandinavian Carpet Design:

If you are a fan of minimalistic, neutral tones, then Scandinavian floor carpets are the perfect choice. Soft colors like ivor, beige, grey are given a preference in these designs. Here is one such piece featuring a Chevron pattern. The aesthetically woven carpet ties all the elements in the room together and brings in completeness. Go for these carpets if you want a floor covering that doesn’t dominate the rest of the décor.

12. Shaggy Carpet Design:

Don’t you simply want to dive into this fluffy carpet? Shaggy carpets are quite popular for their incredible softness and long ‘hairy’ material. They work great as a living room and bedroom floor rugs to create a sensory effect on your feet. Step on to this pink carpet and you will never want to step out! These carpets also add a feeling of warmth and cosiness to your home.

Those are some of the best carpet designs to watch out for! The present-day carpets are manufactured in a wide variety of eye-catchy colors and designs to please everyone. Depending on the interior color scheme, theme and construction of the room, you can pick one from of these categories to beauty your space.

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