Forest camping is a thrilling experience whether you’re with your family or even alone. There is something about sitting around a campfire in the wild, going driftwood picking for starting a fire and waking up to bird calls that satiate your hunger for adventure. There are several national forest campgrounds situated all over the U.S. All national parks have areas separated for avid campers and nature lovers. Be close to nature, watch stars and clear skies and enjoy the forest life the way it should be! Here is a list of nine excellent forest camping grounds that you can avail.

Forest Camping Grounds With Pictures:

1. Wallowa Whitman National Forest, Idaho and Oregon:

This forest features many different campgrounds. The Moss Springs forest campground lies around the forest Rt. 6200 and has a large number of feeding stalls. The Spool cart campground is a wooded area with a large number of wild roses. The Birdtrack Springs campground has a quiet pool and is located near the Lostine Guard station. This forest gives you Spectacular locations with different types of flowers. You can enjoy nature at its best.

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2. Uwharrie National Forest, North Carolina:

The best campground here is the arrowhead campground. It is open all year round and has space to accommodate both tents and RVs. The campground has modern toilets and shower facilities available and is slightly more convenient than a regular jungle camping ground. It is relatively cheap considering the fantastic experience that it offers. It comprises a single spur and two loops. The larger of the two circuits is for the RVs as well as the tents while the smaller is a forested region which can accommodate only tents. If you want to plan a trip with your family, then this is the place. This forest is comfortable to stay in and also well developed by the national forest services of the U.S.

3. Uncompaghre National Forest, Colorado:

The campgrounds present here are the Sunshine campground, the Divide Fork campground, the Silver Jack campground and the Beaver Lake campground. All of these campgrounds are heavily wooded with trees like aspen, spruce and an understory of wildflowers and other tall trees so are very close to the forest campground experience. The views in each site are spectacular, and the essential amenities provided are up to the mark. Uncompahgre National Forest in the U.S. covers around 955229, acres in the Delta countries of Western Colorado. Scenic diving, and sky ways are the best recreational programs you can enjoy.

4. Tuskegee National Forest, Alabama:

This forest has no designated forest service campgrounds, but there are several camping sites available. It gives you an authentic taste of the wild. The Forest Service manages the wildlife and recreation in this region. The Bartram trail present here is a National Recreational Trail. There are two ponds present here that allow the campers to fish. It is the smallest national forest in the U.S. Many outdoor activities are supported by this forest, unlike other forest camping grounds

5. Trinity National Forest, California:

The region sports many forest campgrounds one of which, the Deerlick Springs campground provides you with several suitable camping sites. The ground stretches on between two creeks and sports several overhanging Douglas fir trees. It has some fantastic views of the mountains around it. This National Forest was introduced in 1907. If you want to enjoy water sports then this is the place to opt for.

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6. Tongass National Forest, Alaska:

This forest covers a vast expanse of land and thus has many favourable sites for camping and has been well developed for that purpose. The last chance campground has the Ward Lake trail and many creek side views. The campground is one large loop with old-growth hemlock, alder and Sitka spruce trees around it. Tongass is named for the Tongass group of the Tlingit people, who inhabited the southernmost areas of South East Alaska. Tongass forest gives the best experience of a natural jungle camping ground stay.

7. Tombigbee National Forest, Mississippi:

The Davis Lake campground here features picturesque views of hardwood and pine trees spreading across Davis Lake. The wildlife spotting makes your stay more enjoyable too. Tombigbee National Forest’s name originated from the river Tombigbee. Owl Creek Mounds spreads all over the forest.

8. Tonto National Forest, Arizona:

The Windy Hill campground here has many places worth visiting in and around it. It serves as an excellent camping site and accommodates both RVs and tents. It even has playgrounds for children. There are five different passes are available for entry. Daily passes and annual passes are also available to enjoy this forest campground.

9. the White Mountains in Maine and New Hampshire:

There are several campsites located in the forests of this region. All of these sites offer breathtaking views and a heavy dose of nature. One of such forest service campgrounds is a basin. It is located near the city of Gorham. The campground lies to the east of St. Rt. 113. The ground is a tear-shaped loop enclosing hardwood trees and the basin pond. The campground though open in most seasons is not open all year round. The mountain ranges of the White Mountains cover the quarter state of New Hampshire.

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Staring the stars and moon with your loved ones beside you in the wild is one of the most exceptional experiences. You can completely escape from the digital world to a remote place which gives a spectacular location to discover. Experience an outdoor vacation different from luxurious hotels: it is a thrilling experience. Use this comprehensive knowledge of national forest campgrounds and enjoy nature as it is. Hope you have liked this article and let us know your feedback in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Question and Answers:

1. Will it be safe to visit wildlife? Can I visit the forests for camping any time?

Ans: Yes. All the forest camping sites are taken care of by the National Forest Service. National forest campgrounds are equipped with safety features and patrolling is carried out regularly to ensure the safety of campers. But no, all the forest camping programs may not run all around the year. There are specific timings for specific forests according to the climate.

2. Can I go forest camping along with the family? What are the facilities to expect?

Ans: Why not? You must experience camping along with your family or even going alone is a great experience to cherish. There are some places where you can opt for where the national forest campgrounds have facilities like toilets, playground for children etc. some have dedicated spaces for tents and RV’s separately. Some have solar energy options too.

3. What type of passes will be there for entry?

Ans: There are many types of passes like daily and annual passes. While daily passes are the best value for money, regular campers benefit more from annual or multi-day passes which include one region or a specific forest. There are interagency passes if you want to visit many forest campsites across the land and if you qualify, the senior citizen interagency passes are excellent value as well. There is a special pass for kids too.

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