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Tattoos are an excellent way for self-expression. Many men and women are embracing this self-expression to differentiate themselves. Though tattoos once were considered counter-culture deviating from the traditions, they quickly gained popularity among people of all ages. But when it comes to Full body tattoos, you need to be more committed as you cannot alter them so quickly.

It is best to do your research to get a full-body tattoo to avoid future regrets. However, it is a massive commitment with you forever! This article presents you with a list of attractive full-body tattoos that might look exceptional on your body! Read on!

Top 11 Full Body Tattoos:

If you are looking for a full-body tattoo for yourself, you have come to the right place. We have presented the list of full-body tattoos that give you an insight into how it looks and if you are sure about it.

1. Colorful Full Front Body Tattoos For Men:

Colorful Full Front Body Tattoos For Men Save

Suppose you are looking for a colorful full-body tattoo with intricate design patterns. In that case, this pattern can be an excellent option. The tattoo design looks similar to a full-sleeve shirt that surrounds the collar beautifully. The use of multiple colors as part of the pattern brings out the striking look realistically. In addition, different designs such as snakes, flowers, pebbles are incorporated into the procedure significantly.

2. Scary Fully Tattooed Body:

Scary Fully Tattooed Body Save

If you are into scary patterns to be incorporated in tattoos, this one is the perfect option. The wearer has gotten a frightening clown’s face across the stomach with hair blowing and a man’s face that looks something out of a horror movie. In addition, there are several details incorporated into the tattoo that add to the horror look of the full-body tattoo. You can take what you need and get them engraved. But make sure you are sure of the tattoo because they are permanent.

3. Trendy Full Upper Body Tattoo For Women:

Trendy Full Upper Body Tattoo For Women Save

If you are looking for a trendy full-body design suitable for women, this one can be an ideal choice. The patterns are pretty artistic and covered all over the wearer’s upper body, covering it beautifully. In addition, the majority of the tattoos use black and grey shades. In contrast, some tattoos are done in colors that highlight the designs beautifully. Unlike the men’s tattoo, this women’s tattoo leaves some spaces open, creating a unique look.

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4. Extensive Full-Body Tattoo Men:

Extensive Full Body Tattoo Men Save

If you are bold enough to experiment with full-body tattoo designs, we would like to suggest this option. The wearer is donned with various colorful tattoos starting from the neck to the ankle. The use of multiple colors brings out a realistic look to the tattoos. Men usually prefer these designs, but who are we to restrict women from experimenting. But make sure you are sure about the tattoos because they are permanent.

5. Black Full-Body Tattoo Design:

Black Full Body Tattoo Design Save

Who said it is necessary to use multiple colors to create a striking tattoo. This wearer has gotten numerous tattoos on the back, which looks more like Justin Bieber’s back if you catch my drift. If you observe closely, most of the tattoos have some biblical meaning. The use of dark and black ink creates a striking appearance against the wearer’s skin. Tattoos are a long-term commitment and therefore think twice before getting full-body tattoos.

6. Bold Full Body Tattoos For Females:

Bold Full Body Tattoos For Females Save

This is a perfect example of full-body tattoos suitable for women who are bold enough to show off their body and their love for body art beautifully. One side of the arm is done in entire black, and the other hand has multiple tattoos contrasting. The backside area of the wearer has a skull standing out against the cute tiny dots all over. There is no hard and fast rule about what designs are for men or women. It all depends on the personal taste and choice of the individual.

7. Tricky Full-Body Tattoo Women:

Tricky Full Body Tattoo Women Save

Most people think that women prefer floral patterns for their tattoos, but these full-body tattoos are a unique and stand-out option. The torso area of the wearer has a tiny skeleton with a skull beautifully engraved, and you can also find some heads near the collar bone if you look closely. Both the hands of the wearer also have multiple tattoo options depending on their personal preference.

8. Total Body Tattoo With A Skeleton:

Total Body Tattoo With A Skeleton Save

This design incorporates a complete skeleton on a woman’s torso bending in completely. If you look closely, unlike the other body tattoos, this one has covered only portions of the wearer’s body. If you are into the stuff shown in the picture, go for it, and you can even add elements of your own, giving it a personal touch. But be sure to choose wisely as it is a long-term commitment.

9. Traditional Full-Body Tattoo:

Traditional Full Body Tattoo Save

Every culture’s tradition is different, and you can represent the difference beautifully in the form of tattoos. Of course, these full-body tattoos might look unrelated and straightforward. Still, you can see the interlink between every design with a close look. For example, some patterns are engraved in simple black ink, whereas others are in colorful designs.

10. Bold Full-Body Tribal Tattoo:

Bold Full Body Tribal Tattoo Save

The meaning of tribal tattoos changes meanings with different cultures. However, many people respect their culture with tribal tattoos on their bodies. The wearer’s sleeves are wholly covered with tribal tattoos. At the same time, the legs have a unique set of skull tattoos that have intrinsic details, creating a realistic look. Therefore, these are very prominent emotions and should be chosen with care as they are a permanent commitment.

11. Sensuous Full-Body Snake Tattoo:

Sensuous Full Body Snake Tattoo Save

Suppose you are looking for a sensual-looking full-body tattoo design that matches women’s body curves. In that case, this one can be an excellent choice. But, unfortunately, the entire body of this wearer is filled with tattoos that are pretty interlinked with each other, and some are pretty random. The unique thing about this full-body tattoo design is the multiple colors that make it stand out beautifully.

This list of full-body tattoos presented in this article can be beneficial when looking for inspiration for tattoos. This holds when you want a full-body tattoo because they are permanent. Therefore it is better to err with caution and choose a reputable tattoo artist. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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