We all go through testing times in our lives where even smiling a little becomes tough. But as a famous filmmaker Mel Brooks said, “Humor is just another defence against the universe.”Humour constantly improves our lives, especially during testing, which is why staying vivacious is necessary. A funny tattoo is one of the unique and permanent ways to remind yourself to focus on the things that make you smile and have a good laugh.

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So if you are looking for a funny tattoo that inspires you and provokes a positive reaction from the onlooker, then a funny tattoo is an excellent option. We have various tattoo options, regardless of your preferences, ranging from meme-inspired tattoos to those that depict dark humour. Read on!

20 Best Funny Tattoo Designs:

There are several tattoos available on the internet that have sentimental value and symbolize something special. But the use of humour, which comes out as funny tattoos, is increasing significantly among youth, representing their take on life. So let us go through this article for some inspiration.

1. Most Creative, Funny Tattoos:

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People around us always love to criticize and troll, irrespective of what we do. But what do you do to deal with such toxic people? Ignore! Yes! This funny tattoo has a cute little rabbit munching on a carrot. The carrot symbolizes the haters, and the rabbit munching is the wearer. This means the wearer will ignore the haters like the rabbit munching the carrot and stay happy. This tattoo looks the best when engraved in medium size.

2. Funny Arm Tattoos:

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The phrase LOWLIFE HIGH DREAMS is from a song by PhilVo, which is popular among many youths. The tattoo might also mean people who don’t belong to the right background according to society have higher dreams. The tattoo might mean in a sarcastic way or completely normal. This tattoo is suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender.

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3. Unique Funny Hand Tattoos:

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Most people start their day with a hot cup of coffee. This beverage gives you the much-needed headstart to an otherwise hectic or tedious day. Though coffee might be helpful, overdrinking the drink might cause some side effects too. This tattoo represents these elements by adding sharp teeth and scary eyes. In addition, the coffee beans on the side let us know that they are actually coffee. The tattoo uses shades of multiple colours with a black outline creating visual beauty.

4. Small Silly Tattoos:

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This funny tattoo involves a tweety bird but not with a smiling face. Instead, it has two big eyes and an awkward posture. The use of yellow colour brings out the authentic look of the bird. There are a few waves below the bird representing the water and two feathers on either side of the bird. The final addition to the tattoo is the words’ PAN PAN.’ These words are used during non-life-threatening instances such as being lost in a fog, out of gas, etc.

5. Funny Small Tattoos For Guys:

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We all are scared to show our tattoos to our moms, small or extensive ones. So this tattoo is a tribute to all moms who worry about what kids do. The wearer has gotten the phrase ‘Relax, mom, it’s just a tattoo,’ The tattoo’s meaning is further elevated with the addition of a bear carrying a surfboard. Your mom might not like it initially, but the fun element of the design will make her laugh it off.

6. Koala Funny Tattoo:

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Koala tattoos symbolize motherhood, protection and kindness. People get a koala tattoo mainly because of their sensitive, calm and kind nature. The funny element of this tattoo comes when the koala is sitting on a tricycle and pedalling. The tattoo uses multiple colours, bringing a unique touch to the design. The wearer has used blue, red and yellow for the cycle and grey for the koala’s body. The tattoo’s outline is done in bold lines.

7. Hilarious Skull Tattoos:

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From the festivities of Dia de Los Muertos to an iconic Disney segment, dancing skeletons have been a mainstay of art and ritual. This skeleton tattoo reminds you and the onlooker that life is precious and short. This is why we should keep a smile to get the best possible outcome while facing life’s adversities. Adding a black top hat to the skeleton creates an added comic element.

8. Humorous Tattoo On The Arm:

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A rooster usually symbolizes machismo in Mexican culture. But since this is a funny tattoo, the look of the rooster is rather lazy and comic. The whole tattoo is engraved in shades of black and grey. But you can always bring the tattoo to life by adding colours instead of grey and black. Though this tattoo looks exceptional when done on the arm, you can always choose the place based on your personal preference.

9. Funny Cat Tattoos:

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Cats symbolize resilience, which is why many believe they have nine lives. So many people, irrespective of gender, choose to get a cat tattoo, and this one has a funny edge to it. The cat is chubby, yawning very cutely, and has heart patterns all over its body. The cat’s outline is in bold black ink, and the hearts inside the cat’s body have light shades of grey complimenting each other.

10. Funny Tattoo Pictures:

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This cat tattoo looks funny because the animal wears fancy clothes you don’t usually see on cats. Another unique and comic feature of this tattoo is that the animal is standing like a male protagonist of a movie with both hands in its pockets. The tattoo artist has taken care to bring realistic features into the tattoo. One look at the tattoo is enough for anyone to cough up a laugh.

11. Funny Little Tattoos:

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Have you ever seen a cat on skates? That’s funny. Yes, that is funny anywhere in the world. This cute little cat is not only using a skateboard but doing it with style by wearing glasses. In addition, the cat has small black spots, which also makes the cat look like a dalmatian. People of all genders prefer these types of tattoos.

12. Funny Frog Tattoos:

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Suppose you are looking for a tattoo representing a celebratory occasion in your life and the transformation it creates. In that case, this funny tattoo serves the cause. A champagne glass signifies a celebration, whether it is an anniversary or a birthday. Whereas the cute little frog patterns beautifully blend with the glass. The funny part of the tattoo is that it looks like the frog is looking through the glass and standing on a wall. The use of thin lines for the tattoo makes the tattoo more special.

13. Cool Funny Tattoos:

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This is one of the funniest tattoos ever that involves a cute little cat wearing a cap made with a mushroom. There is a tiny hedgehog on the side holding another umbrella made with a mushroom. Unlike the previous designs, this tattoo uses different colours, which makes it all the more special. Women usually prefer these types of tattoos.

14. Cute, Funny Thumb Tattoos:

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If you are a fan of simple designs for body art, then this funny finger tattoo can be your best bet. The pattern doesn’t involve too many elements, and since the thumb has more surface area than other fingers, this tattoo works best on that finger. To make the tattoo more personalized, you can add tiny elements based on your preference.

15. Small Funny Tattoos For Guys:

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There are many types of people in the world. For example, some people are extroverts and enjoy company. In contrast, others like to keep more to themselves with little to no company. This funny yet informative tattoo can be an ideal choice for people who want to keep people away from them. Similar to the spikes on a cactus, the wearer has their shields up. The phrase doesn’t touch me ensures the message reaches the onlooker.

16. Funny Fish Tattoo:

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Have you ever seen a fish driving a cycle? Unfortunately, it is not something we see every day, making the tattoo design all the funnier. The entire tattoo is engraved using multiple colours with a bold black outline highlighting the pattern beautifully. Adding a hat and a whip gives the fish a cowboy feel, making the design all the more funny and unique.

17. Crazy Funny Balloon Tattoos:

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This tattoo is one of the best and most unique ways to express your love for different emotions. These emotions are engraved on balloons which are tied to a rock. These balloons are flying out in the sky; each balloon has various expressions, making the tattoo look beautiful and lively. Though the tattoo seems the best when done in black ink, you can use colours to make the tattoo more personalized.

18. Staying Weird Funniest Tattoos:

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We all have a side to our personalities that many around us find weird. But that weirdness is what makes us stand out from others. This funny tattoo can be a beautiful way to remind ourselves to keep the bizarre side alive. The words STAY WEIRD engraved get the point across to the wearer and the onlooker. You can change the font of the letters if you wish to make the tattoo more special.

19. Simple Silly Tattoos:

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This is another funny tattoo that might not be entirely meaningful but has a fun element. A tiny chick and a mushroom opposite each other mean different things depending on each person’s perspective. The tattoo is pretty and petite and, therefore, can be done anywhere on the body. But be sure you know what the tattoo means from your point of view.

20. Ballerina Fun Tattoo Ideas:

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The ballerina tattoo holds a special meaning to the wearer, whether they are a ballet artist or know a particular person who is an artist. The design is done using sleek lines, which involve several curves. The girl is standing in a pose, and the words love me are written on the girl’s leg, giving it a personal touch. This tattoo can work exceptionally well for anyone, irrespective of gender.


When it comes to self-expression, there is no limit, whether it is rebellious, sentimental or funny. But the use of cringe-worthy tattoos has been added to the popular culture of tattoos. Therefore without further ado, go through this article for some comic tattoos that might push you towards getting one. Also, don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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