Glitter mehndi designs are becoming very popular these days. Adding sparkle colours to the intricate brown mehndi designs makes the hand look more attractive. The glitter catches one’s eye more easily than the plain brown hue of henna.

Glitter mehendi designs are generally elaborate. They demand attention and not in a subtle elegant way. Designs are almost the same as the usual mehndi and tattoo patterns. It’s the addition of glitter that brands the tattoo’s image in the mind.

Fabulous Glitter Mehndi Designs:

Here are the nine best glitter henna designs with pictures for you.

1. Green Glitter Mehandi Designs:

Sparkle green flowers and leaves adorning the forearm and palm. Henna with Glitter designs is more elegant by making the flowers less in number and increasing the space between successive patterns. It allows more of the skin to be exposed than the design. The glitter serves as a supplementary element.

2. Elaborate Bridal Henna Glitter Mehendi Designs:

Brides choose to wear excessively elaborate and ornamental mehndi that stretches across their forearm and covers a large part of their upper arm too! These designs include excessive use of the colour red along with the Glitter sparkles gives charm for the hand. The mehndi design itself is intricate with many bangles like patterns.

3. Blue Glitter Mehendi Designs for Feet:

Glitter mehndi designs can be a single color or several colors. Blue coloured mehndi designs that featuring sparkles will give an angel look. The blue glitter mehndi can be with any floral pattern, geometric shape or abstract images. Once it is laced with blue glitter it attracts and focuses everyone eye.

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4. Beautiful Peacock Mehndi with Glitter Design:

Peacocks are the most commonly used designs in mehndi. The peacock colour green and blue glitter combination can be used for this design to add a charm for the hands. The back of the hands is completely covered with peacock feathers and with a floral pattern which is giving an appealing look.

5. White Glitter Mehendi Design:

Generally, Mehndi will in black or in reddish-brown. White glitter mehndi gives an extraordinary look for the hand. It glows like neon or fluorescent colors. This pattern can be more floral or artistic it gives an elegant look for the hand. Intricacies and detailing make it elaborate and marvellous.

6. Butterfly Glitter Mehndi Design:

A beautiful butterfly with glittery stones set in its wings presents a pretty picture. It is a common design used in glitter mehndi flowers and other patterns can be used around the butterfly to make the design more comprehensive or to give a gorgeous and simple look can leave the design with a single butterfly.

7. Pretty Glitter Mehandi Design:

Tiny flowers and rings around the fingers with a combination of blue, pink and gold glittery colors filled within the black borders looks elegant. The glitter catches the attention of everyone and the flowers bring forth their appreciation. The entire mehndi design has a doodle appearance.

8. Elaborate Full Leg Glitter Mehndi Design:

An elaborate glitter mehndi design for leg gives a great look. A large number of flowers make the design complicated and the glitter makes it more ornamental and catchy. Based on the interest the flowers and shapes can be coloured with different combinations. Artistic shading helps to enhance the beauty of the design.

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9. Simple Colourful Glitter Mehndi Design:

A simple abstract shape filled with glitters of different colors looks quite pretty. The colours make the design more feminine. Fingers have given a simple design highlighting with gold and white color glitter. The sparkling design serves adequate adornments for the hands. This will be perfect for people who prefer to be simple.

These are evergreen trending mehndi glitter designs, which can be applied for all the parties basically based on the choice. Combination of glitter colors can be chosen based on the outfits. Design can be with flowers, peacock or any other patterns by being more creative.

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