Have you decided to kickstart your musical journey with a Guitar? Looking for some of the best guitar brands in India? Well, you are at the right place! First of all, let us tell you that you have made a great decision by choosing to play the guitar, as it is quite rewarding in many aspects. Apart from giving you a sense of personal achievement, playing this instrument also offers solace from everyday busy life.

While we know your excitement to hold a guitar and feel its strings, buying the right piece can be quite a challenge. Depending on whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level, there are many brands that offer a variety of acoustic, classical and electric guitars in different price ranges.

Here are the Top 15 Guitar Brands available in India which are worth an investment!

15 Best Guitar Brands Available In India:

Read on to know about some of the best guitar brands available in our country:

1. Yamaha:

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Yamaha is undoubtedly one of the best guitar companies which offer premium quality instruments to suit every budget. The Japan-based brand is a hot favorite of many musicians including beginners, as it has basic versions to advanced professional quality guitars. Since its launch in 1966, Yamaha has introduced different types of guitars which are backed with extensive R&D and built quality.

Why Do We Love Yahama?

  • Wide range of choice available to suit the player level and budget.
  • Best brand for acoustic guitar under 10000 INR.
  • Light-weight instruments which are easy to handle.
  • Sound quality and response of Yahama Guitars are great.
  • One can choose a guitar model based on their sound preferences and music genre.

2. Fender:

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Fender is an American brand which manufactures different types of guitars and accessories. It is also one of the largest manufacturers of stringed musical instruments and is particularly famous for its electric and bass guitars. The reason why many people prefer Fender is primarily for its affordability and then the loud and clear sound produced by the instruments, especially the bass effect.

Why Do We Love Fender?

  • Budget-friendly guitar brand for beginners.
  • Sound quality as good as high-end guitar brands.
  • Simple and Easy-to-Handle designs.
  • Versatile instruments that be used to create a wide range of tones.

3. Gibson:

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Gibson is an American musical instrument manufacturing company that is renowned for its famous Gibson Les Paul Guitar. The brand is highly preferred by professional musicians for its exceptional quality instruments. Although priced slightly higher than the other brands, Gibson is the undisputed king of Acoustic guitars. However, they are not very beginner-friendly and suitable for players who have crossed their basic levels of training.

Why Do We Love Gibson?

  • Exotic and appealing design loved by many rock-brand players.
  • Uncompromised quality of built and craftmanship.
  • Premium vintage wood used for making instruments.
  • Sound quality is exceptional and lasts long.
  • Easy to play instruments.

4. Epiphone:

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Epiphone is a low-priced guitar brand of Gibson that uses identical names as its parent brand. In fact, it has a separate category called “inspired by Gibson” which are budgeted versions of expensive Gibson models like the Les Paul, Firebird, Flying V etc. The low-price could be attributed to the fact that Epiphones are manufactured in China and are mass-produced, unlike Gibsons, which are Made in USA.

Why Do We Love Epiphone?

  • Less Expensive versions of high-end guitar models.
  • Entry-level models suitable for beginners.
  • The exclusive Epiphone line offers more features and colors than Gibson.
  • Good Playability and sound effects.
  • Easy to Maintain and long-lasting instruments.
  • Best Guitar brand under 15000 INR in India.

5. Ibanez:

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Ibanez is a Japenese Guitar manufacturer that has captured a fair share of the American and European market, despite high competition. The brand mass-produces instruments in Asian countries like Japan, Indonesia, China and have a wide array of models to suit every skill level. Although it originally made “copies” of American guitars, Ibanez has created a unique brand identity.

Why Do We Love Ibanez?

  • Innovative and Modern designs.
  • Renowned for Power and flexibility.
  • Best guitar brand for playing heavy metal music.
  • Bass sounds are more clear and precise in Ibanez.
  • Value for money instruments.

6. Donner:

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Donner is one of the newcomers to the guitar manufacturing industry, which was established in 2012. Although not as famous as other big players like Fender and Yamaha, Donner is preferred by many musicians for its affordable and innovative instruments. Apart from making high-quality acoustic guitars and electric guitars, Donner also offers guitar accessories, mixers and amplifiers.

Why Do We Love Donner?

  • Light-weight instruments.
  • A glossy body that wins in the looks department.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Best acoustic guitar brand for beginners.

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7. Kadence:

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Kadence is an Indian musical instrument manufacturer which is renowned for acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars. This company’s main selling point is its offering of high-quality instruments at very low pricing that is within reach of the masses. The bold sound clarity, precision and durability make it one of the best Indian guitar brands to try out.

Why Do We Love Kadence?

  • Best acoustic guitar brand within 5000 INR.
  • Ideal for beginners and students.
  • Decorative look with a wide range of color choices.
  • High durability and ease of use.
  • Value-for-money combo kits for all skill levels.

8. Cort:

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Cort is a South Korean Guitar manufacturing company that produces different types of guitars like electric, classical, acoustic etc. It was founded in 1960 and has a separate line of high-end guitars under the brand name “Parkwood”. Cort is renowned for producing high-quality guitars at low cost, due to mass production. It is also quite popular in India as an “Under 10000” guitar brand.

Why Do We Love Cort?

  • Sturdy built that lasts long.
  • Good Sound quality.
  • A wide range of models is available for all budgets.
  • The instruments have a nice finish that lends an expensive look.

9. Martin:

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Martin is an American brand that manufactures different models of electric, classical and acoustic guitars. It is also one of the oldest surviving guitar manufacturing company in the world which produces an average of 270 instruments per day. Many musicians consider Martin as a “holy grail” of acoustic guitars for their unparalleled sound quality and sharp looks.

Why Do We Love Martin?

  • High-end guitar brand in India that is worth the price (and hype).
  • Top-notch quality instruments with a perfect finish.
  • Most guitars are handmade even today.
  • Responsible sourcing of wood.
  • Thinner gloss finish that doesn’t affect tone in the longer run.

10. Taylor:

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Taylor is one of the leading manufacturers of Guitars, based out of the United States of America. The brand specialises in acoustic and semi-hollow guitars that are priced on a lower side compared to other popular brands like Martin. The company also offers custom guitar services for customers through which they can build the features they desire!

Why Do We Love Taylor?

  • High-end instruments at low pricing.
  • Hybrid versions are available, which allow conversion from acoustic to electric.
  • Models like T3 can be used for playing a wide variety of sounds.
  • Clear and bold sound quality.
  • Suitable for stage performances.

11. Jackson:

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Jackson is an American Guitar manufacturing company which is famous for its electric and bass guitars. The unique aspect of Jackson’s guitars is the sleek and slender design that is admired by many rock band musicians. By inventing the “shark fin”, Jackson has inspired many other leading guitar brands like Ibanez to take their path.

Why Do We Love Jackson?

  • Professional quality instruments.
  • Exceptional looks and performance.
  • A great range of colors and shapes available.
  • Unparalleled playability.
  • Many series designed for different skill levels and budgets.

12. ESP:

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The ESP Guitar company is based out of Japan and is one of the largest manufacturers of Guitars in the world. The brand primarily manufactures electric and bass guitars, along with custom guitars. While the high-end models of this brand are made in Tokyo and L.A, the lower-end ones come from China and Indonesia. ESP is a pricey brand which is worth the price if you do not want to compromise on quality.

Why Do We Love ESP?

  • Premium quality parts which last long.
  • Great looks and highly preferred by metal guitarists.
  • ESP is known for thin necks on guitars called Shredders.
  • A high level of detailing goes into every design.
  • Very good playability and comfort.

13. Givson:

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Givson is often regarded as a low-priced Indian version of the international brand, Gibson. The start price is as low as 4,000 INR, making it ideal for beginners who do not want to spend much. The manufacturing unit of this company is in Kolkata. Givson may not be a great guitar brand compared to other international players, but you will get a decent piece for the price!

Why Do We Love Givson?

  • Very low price that suits tight budgets.
  • Good volume and sound clarity.
  • Ideal for beginners.
  • Best guitar brand under 5000 INR.

14. Swan7:

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Swan7 is an American musical instrument manufacturing company which is known for producing best quality acoustic guitars in budget pricing. The use of premium Mahogany wood adds a great look to the aesthetics of these guitars. Swan7 is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level players who are looking for a best acoustic guitar under 7000 INR.

Why Do We Love Swan7?

  • Great looks and high durability.
  • Sturdy instruments.
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Superior quality products at low pricing.

15. Vault:

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Vault is a guitar manufacturing line of the Indian musical entertainment company- Bajaoo. The brand is known for producing great-looking guitars are low prices. Apart from stylish looks, Vault guitars are equipped with advanced features to let players try different music genres. They are ideal for stage performances due to their premium glossy body and features.

Why Do We Love Vault?

  • Stellar Looks.
  • High-end finish.
  • Good Sound quality and performance.
  • Value for money.

Those are some of the best guitar brands available in India that cater to different skills, budgets and music genres. So, how many of these brands are you aware of? Have you tried your hands on any of these instruments? If yes, what do they feel like?

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Which guitar is best for beginners in India?

Ans: There are many beginner-friendly guitars in India which offer ease-of-use, better pricing and also last long. Depending on whether you want an acoustic or a classical guitar, you can explore brands like Kadence, Swan7, Hertz, Fender etc. Some of the best-rated guitars from these brands include –

  • Yahama F310, 6-String Acoustic Guitar
  • Ibanez AEG10NII Classical Guitar
  • Kadence Fronteir Series Acoustic Guitar

Q2. Which is the easiest guitar to play?

Ans: Generally, electric guitars are considered easy to play because they have thin strings which produce great output without straining your fingers. They are also lightweight and have thin necks for better handling. Even acoustic guitars are good for beginners as they do not need any additional equipment and the metal wires create an amplifying effect.

Q3. Is Guitar hard to learn?

Ans: As with any new skill, playing the guitar can be quite challenging in the beginning. But if you practise it regularly and get trained by a good teacher, then you can easily overcome the hardships and play well. You just need to focus more during the initial days and get your basics right.

Q4. How quickly can you learn a guitar?

Ans: Depending on your memory, practice and commitment, you can cross the beginner level in about 6-8 months. That again totally depends on the individual and the amount of time invested in practice every day. If you aspire to become a professional guitarist, then you may need anywhere between 3-4 hours of daily practice.

Q5. Can I learn guitar online?

Ans: Yes! During the ongoing pandemic, many students have successfully learnt the basic skills of a guitar through online training. You can approach a mentor who can give you a structured course and training for better absorption of knowledge. Youtube, however, may not be the right forum to learn guitar.


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