Tattoos symbolise different things to different people and are more than just images. Some people attach personal meaning to tattoos, while others appreciate permanent inkwork. Guitar tattoo designs are tricky because of the intricate and delicate details for music lovers. We have curated a list of some of the best Guitar tattoos that range from detail-oriented to non-traditional ones.

Therefore, go through all the guitar tattoos and choose the one represents your taste and style. Read on!

15 Guitar Tattoo Designs with Pictures:

We have presented you with a list of favourite Guitar tattoo designs suitable for anyone. You can also personalize these tattoos by adding some aspects of your choice.

1. Simple Guitar Tattoo Design:

Unlike full-fledge tattoos, this guitar tattoo design doesn’t involve an entire pattern but just something of a resemblance. The design looks beautiful with only the body, bridge and strings in the way. In addition, using light and thin strokes for the design, with a splash of purple in the background, makes the tattoo look more beautiful and lively.

2. Small Guitar Tattoo:

This small guitar tattoo is an excellent option if you want a small addition to your body art. This tattoo is perfect in places you can show off, like the ankle, neck or wrist. Using bold lines across the tattoo makes it stand out wherever you are. But you can also use colourful options if you don’t want to use black ink.

3. Geometric Guitar Tattoo On The Arm:

This geometric guitar tattoo on hand creates a sense of symmetry, and balance adds a mystery to the design. The engravement of the guitar in geometric patterns makes the simple tattoo look cool. This tattoo looks exceptional on the forearm, visible irrespective of gender and age. Even though the design has great beauty, the tattoo seems pretty straightforward.

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4. Cool Guitar Tattoo On The Leg:

This guitar tattoo is a photo which incorporates nature into it beautifully. The body and handle resemble a guitar, while the strings resemble a tree with roots. The roots and the entire tattoo are in black, while the tree’s leaves are in a combination of colours, making it look realistic. This tattoo looks exceptional on the neck, calf, arm, and back.

5. Bold Guitar Tattoos For Men:

This one is a perfect option if you want a traditional guitar tattoo. This guitar tattoo is a complete one with all the elements of the instrument present. The addition of the Latin version of the Greek proverb “ars longa, vita Brevis”, meaning “Art is long, life is short.” In simple words, this tattoo signifies that music lives longer than humanity. The bold lines stand out, and the arm or calf is the best place to get this tattoo done.

6. Easy Guitar Music Tattoo:

This easy guitar tattoo is one of the options you can opt for if you want something simple and easy to enter into the body art realm. The tattoo patterns are done in light and delicate lines and are suitable for people of any age, irrespective of gender. You can also get the tattoo in other colours if you don’t want it in black.

7. Stylish Guitar Forearm Tattoo:

If the style is what you want in a tattoo, this guitar tattoo design should be on top of the list. Unlike the typical techniques, this one is done upside down, which means the wearer can see the guitar. In addition, the lower side of the guitar is twisted into a knot making the pattern unique and stand out.

8. Distinctive Skull Guitar Tattoo:

This guitar tattoo might not even look like a guitar unless you look at the handle and the strings. This tattoo is a perfect option for people looking for quirky tattoo options. These types of patterns are usually preferred by young adults irrespective of gender. You can add colour to the tattoo or go for black ink. The perfect places to engrave this tattoo are the shoulders, arms or calf.

9. Enticing Guitar Music Note Tattoo:

This guitar tattoo design perfectly represents the instrument from start to end beautifully. The guitar elements are engraved spectacularly, from the body and handle to the strings. The addition of musical notes adds to the beauty of the design. The bicep or forearm is the perfect place to get these types of tattoos because you can show them

10. Colourful Guitar Tattoo Designs On Hand:

If you are fed up with using black ink for your tattoos and want to use colours, this guitar tattoo design can be an excellent choice. The outlines of the guitar are done on bold black lines, but the filling is done in a combination of pink and blue giving it a bright and realistic look. Adding musical notes and the words love across the tattoo makes it personal.

11. Traditional Guitar Tattoo With A Quote:

This is yet another colourful guitar tattoo that men usually prefer. Still, there is no restriction that women shouldn’t get it. The guitar is engraved in its original colour, brownish red, with a stash around it with “I PICK YOU ALWAYS 7 FOREVER.” This phrase might mean that the memory or person the wearer associates with the tattoo will have them forever.

12. Meaningful Guitar Tattoo:

This guitar tattoo design is quite the opposite of the traditional patterns because it doesn’t ultimately have the body and is done in bold black ink. The addition of the words “tangled up in blue” is from the song of the same name by Bob Dylan. Combining the words with the instrument represents the wearer’s frustration and sorrow of losing their love.

13. Artistic Guitar Tattoo Designs:

We all have seen heros playing the guitar in movies, which is one of the many reasons young girls and boys have learned this instrument. However, unlike a single guitar, this tattoo has a person playing the guitar with music coming out. The representation is realistic and looks beautiful on the biceps, irrespective of gender.

14. Guitar Tattoo Filled With Nature:

If you enjoy representing nature in your tattoos, this guitar tattoo design will blow your mind. The outline of this design is in the form of a guitar, but the filling has trees on one side with their shadows on the opposite side. The use of grey and black shades brings life to the tattoo. If you want, you can go for natural colours to make it more realistic.

15. Captivating Guitar Tattoos For Ladies:

This is yet another guitar tattoo that goes against the norm. This is because it engraves the opposite side, visible to the wearer, and the design leaves out parts of the line, making it look ultra-modern. This tattoo seems exceptional when engraved on the forearm, shoulder and calf, irrespective of gender.


Whether it is a complete, accurate guitar or a stylish one, this article gives you many Guitar tattoo design options. We hope the list of the tattoos we have presented in this article will help you decide which tattoo will suit your taste the best. Don’t forget to let us know if you found them helpful!

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