The fashion and entertainment industry are strong going in India, and besides the female celebrities, men too give equal importance and weightage on their looks and presentation. But do you know who works hard for the perfect looks of our actors? These men’s hairstylists are among the most preferred and loved ones for celebrities in several industries.

Let us know all about the men’s hairstylists, boys’ hairstylist for cutting and dressing hair, and more! Here we go.

7 Best Celebrity Men’s Hair Stylists in India:

We have composed a list of the most preferred and best hairstylist for men celebrities worldwide in India today. Let’s check them out.

1. Aalim Hakim:

Not just the film and entertainment industry stars, but Aalim Hakim are most loved after and sought after hairdresser and stylist for both Bollywood and sports stars. He is the most trusted face and is known well in India and abroad. His skills are entirely natural, and he loves to experiment with different styles effortlessly and seamlessly. The celebrities who love his work are,

  • Dhoni
  • Tendulkar
  • Saif Ali Khan
  • Prabhas
  • Ranbir Kapoor
  • Shahid Kapoo
  • Zaheer Khan
  • Virat Kohli
  • And More..

2. Vikas Marwah:

Among the new entries and youngest hairstylists who have grown to name and fame in India, one should not forget Vikas Marwah. His innovative technology in hair cut and hair styling indeed makes him stand out from others. This gents hair stylist also runs a training academy besides his own saloon in Mumbai, which our favorite celebrities love. The stars who like his work include

  • Aamir Khan
  • Saif Ali Khan
  • Ranveer Singh

3. Raaj Gupta:

Raaj Gupta is Bollywood’s ace and new celebrity hairstylist. Do you know who the frequent customer of him is? None other than King Khan! Effortless and unique cuts are what distinguishes Raaj from others. His eyes on precision, detail, and quality surely awes and inspires us. He can make anyone appear youthful, and understanding his client’s choices and turning them into reality is one of his great skills. He is among the upcoming and famous male hair stylists. The celebrities who regularly go to Raaj Gupta are

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Shahid Kapoor

4. Adhuna Bhabani:

Adhuna Bhabani, the founder of BBlunt is among the most wanted international hair stylist in the B-town stars and celebrity world. Her unisex saloon is among the hot visiting place in Mumbai, and she is known to work on contemporary styles efficiently. She even works as a hairstylist for several movies, and her approach towards creating a creative and innovative look apt for every face shape makes her stand out. The most visited stars to her saloon and services include,

  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Farhan Akhtar
  • Anil Kapoor

5. Sapna Bhavnani:

Sapna Bhavnani is a favorite hairstylist to the female stars and actresses, and a few of the loved ones after male actors. Her saloons in Mumbai are among the most visited ones in the city. She is here in the business for over a decade and has learned the art of several hairstyles and dressing techniques quickly. The most visited actors to her hairstyling services include,

  • Siddharth Mallya
  • Virat Kohli
  • Aamir Khan
  • MS Dhoni

6. Savio John Pereira:

Savio is among the most known and trending hairdressers and stylists, especially for the latest and modern-day edgy and bold styles. He is popular among the Bollywood circles, given his specialty in styling wild looks and edgy statements. He also worked on several Bollywood movies and red carpetevent looks and is an acclaimed stylist even abroad. The actors who love Savio’s hairstyling techniques include,

  • Ajay Devgan
  • Aamir Khan

7. Jawed Habib:

Jawed Habib is commercially well known by now in India and several other countries, given his range of saloon services established worldwide. He is the most famous hair stylist and is popular for styling during celebrity and other fashion events. Despite being in the industry for years, Jawed is known for coming up with new and unique looks every time, and his challenges towards growing in this career are well appreciated. He is well known to create looks for

We hope you have enjoyed getting a glimpse of our celebrity star’s favorite Men’s hairstylists. Their unique works and fabulous edgy looks are appreciated well. Who is your favorite actor’s hairstylist, and whose looks do you admire the most? Let us know your thoughts too; we love to hear from you!


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