Why can’t girls have all the fun?! We often hear this phrase amongst our peers nowadays, and obviously, we don’t deny it. Riding motorcycles is an exclusive experience for both genders, especially for women. The sense of liberating feeling we get can’t be expressed in words. That’s where we are coming for you, helmets for women! Wearing helmets is quintessential. Given the parameters of safety, security that can’t be compromised at any cost, it matters the most.

But worry not, the ladies helmet may not be as dull as you may assume or think. These days, we often see the stylish and sleek comfortable helmets experience for women gender, that are on par with contemporary tastes and preferences. Thinking of getting one for yourself, check this guide out!

10 Light Weight Scooty Helmet Designs for Ladies in India 2023:

Here we go; we have worked to compile the best helmet colors and models for women around us. These are perfect marked ones in all the realms – right from looks and price to safety, sleek feel, and comfort. Let’s check them out together.

1. Steelbird Open Face Helmet With Peak Cap For Women:

Let us begin our list of favorite helmets with this Steelbird variant in ladies helmets. This ISI-certified helmet is perfectly toned in all the parameters, right from sleek and edgy feminine looks to comfort, style, and protection. The helmet comes in medium size with an overall dashing appearance. This one also has a neck protector for extra comfort, an open-faced look for breathability, and better ventilation. So, check this model if you prefer a nice branded helmet for women.

2. Red Unisex Scooty Helmets For Women And Kids:

If you prefer a multipurpose usage helmet, then how about trying a unisex variety? This can be wonderful in quite a lot of aspects. This bright, striking red color unisex scooter helmet is perfect to choose from for a variety of reasons. It is budget-friendly, comes with an adjustable strap for female, is padded for neck and head comfort, and has a solid outer shell for safety. Check this women’s motorcycle helmets range too!

3. Vega’s Open Face Bike Helmet For Women:

Vega indeed is among the leading brand for helmet manufacturing in India. Both men and women often prefer this brand for its value, name, and trust. Their red ladies helmet in the new range is perfect for those who are looking for this range. It comes in open-face style and padded comfortable look for protection and support. The ladies bike helmet also is scratch-resistant and has more significant space of eye-port for good visibility.

4. Sage Square Glossy Scooter Helmet:

We have another budget-friendly pick just for you. The sage’s beautiful pink helmet unisex is perfect with the right sizing and fit. It comes with a soft and comfortable interior cushioned look, a clear shield, head protection, and a strong resistance shell. The look is also absolutely perfect, with the calmer color statement and sleek appearance. What do you think?

5. Vega Lightweight Pink Ladies Helmet:

we have a lightweight variant in Vega’s women’s helmet range. This open-face helmet is an ISI-approved product that fits in a variety of sizes and preferences. The strong chin strap, breathable and comfortable cushion, and overall dashing looks indeed make it a better choice. The adjustable head size is what makes the helmet special too. We love this pink helmet for ladies!

6. Black Mini Women’s Helmet:

This durable foam helmet for women is perfect for those who prefer a shorter one in the products. This is very easy to wear and remove, perfect for small distances and gives good space to breathe. This women’s black road helmet is also an ideal choice for pillion riders.

7. Studs Riding Full Face Helmet For Women In Black:

The Studs is another brand popular in their range of helmet products for men and women. These black open face women’s scooter helmets from Studs are ideal for unisex women. It comes with scratch-resistant technology that also doesn’t fade over time. The outer shell brings heavy protection yet is lightweight and comfortable for ladies to wear daily. What do you think of this Studds ladies’ helmet?

8. Sage Glossy Half Helmet For Scooters:

The glossy half helmet is here to stay for women and girls, inbuilt with style, looks, and contemporary perfect sleek appearance. This one is ideal for scooty driving and protects the top shell with cushions and soft interiors with comfort. Try this lady’s helmet for scooty for a minimalistic feel and the best experience with comfort.

9. Steelbird Girls And Women’s White Full Tough Helmet:

In case you are searching for a very sturdy helmet, then this particular Steelbird’s white fairy women’s full helmet is ideal. It brings on cent percent protection, guarantees safety, and is very tough. But, despite the full feel, it brings comfort and breathable space too. This ladies full helmet is also ideal for long rides and highway drives.

10. Half Top Helmet For Women And Ladies:

Be it a pillion rider or main rider, these half-top mini helmets are quite getting in trend. While the guarantee for cent percent safety isn’t given, it is stylish and ideal for shorter distances. In addition, this helmet comes with a very edgy and chic feel with feminine looks, ideal to suit women and girl’s preferences. So check it out. It is the best ladies helmet if you are searching for a simple one!

We hope you found the perfect fit for yourself in this guide of helmets for women. These ladies helmets indeed are fascinating, stylish, and good in safety; it is indeed always ideal for wearing the right one for every drive. Let us know which one you loved the most; we love to hear from you!


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