Japan is famous for providing the world with their different kits for nail art deco kits. If you Google the internet, you will come across various forms of Japanese nail art designs. They are quite popular with the Japanese people. The famous word “kawaii” meaning lovely or cute is also a Japanese word mostly used for nails decorated very sweetly with cute nail deco materials.

If you ever visit Japan, then do not forget to pick up lots of deco materials for nails. However if going to Japan is not an option for you, like for many of us, you can buy cute deco materials online too and make get some inspiration from their nail arts before putting them on to the nails.

Nail Arts in Japanese Style:

Here is a list of 9 easy and advanced nail art Japanese designs which you can try out!

1. Air Brushed Nails With Rhine Stones:

Air brush equipment’s are a form of nail art equipment’s which uses stencil to create various patterns on the nails. You can get this type of a professional design from a nail art parlor. If you can however grab hold of an air brush machine then you can do it at home too. Finish off with rhinestones.

2. Light Ombre Bow Glitter Nails:

Can you get some deco bows? If you can then this nail art is not at all a problem for you all. Give the base in two very near to each other shades of pink for that Ombre French tip effect. Keep it lighter at the tip and darker at the rear. Set the bows with nail art glue, use some sequins in a line on some nails and draw up a line with golden glitter. Finish off with a top coat.

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3. Hello Kitty Japanese Kawaii Nails:

Hello kitty nail art Decos are a very famous form of Japanese deco material. You can get hold of these Decos and other ice cream or bow deco material from online stores. Use some stars and flowers too. Do these on a base of nail foil of different colours and your nails will look really “kawaii” meaning cute! Try it!

4. Striping Tapes Japanese Nail Art:

Proper placement of striping tapes can make your nails look totally awesome. Try out this nail art using properly, striping tapes, colours of your choice, small Rhinestones, golden glitter strippers and of course, some top coat!

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5. Water Marbled Nail Design:

You can try out easy water marble nails like the ones above and add some Rhine stones too.

6. Japanese Font Nails Art With Ombre and Glitters:

This can be quite an awesome looking nail art using glitters on two fingers, some ombre effect on the other two and on the middle finger some nice star shapes. Additionally use a stripper or nail art brush to create some Japanese fonts. Make sure they have some meaning.

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7. Glittery Bling Nails:

A Bling nail can be created using lots of glitters, rhinestones, pearls and metal beads. Try this one out.

8. Pikachu Kawaii Japanese Nails:

Pikachu character is a very famous cartoon character which is very cute looking. Pikachu Decos are also a famous form of nail deco materials. You can create a nail art using lots of water decals, Pikachu Decos, Rhine stones, etc. Will you try it?

9. French Tip Japanese Bling Nails:

Another form of extensively sparkling Bling nails for French tips can be created in this way. You need glitters and proper deco stones for this one. Will you try it?

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Hope you loved this article just as much as we did. Which ones will you try?


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