Jeans and zipper nails are a form of trendy nail art. If you are a fun loving girl or a little tomboyish then this type of nail art is definitely for you. It’s not that to create a jeans and zipper nails if you got the right kind of nail art deco materials. Usually jeans and zipper nails are created using special zipper design water decals for nails. So you can give a base coat of your choice or give it some marbling effect with the choice of colours that you have selected and then put on a water decal on it properly. Easy right?

Here are our top 9 choices of jeans and zipper nail arts for you to try out.

1. Glitter Zipper Nail Art:

The best colour for jeans is always the old blue. Every one of us has that one favorite blue jeans or likes to buy blue jeans which never go out of fashion. So if you have a glitter blue polish and some water decal zippers then you can easily try out this nail art. You will also need some white polish for it. Finish off with a transparent top coat.

2. Zipper Nail Art with Deco Materials and Water Decals:

You may get hold of some zipper head deco materials for nails too and combine it with water decal zipper design. Then you can easily get set to work on this nail art. For the base you can try out a jeans shaded foil. Will you give it a try?

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3. Dry Marbling and Zipper Decals:

Try out the above design using zipper decals and some dry marbling of blue on a white base paint. You can easily try this nail art design out but make sure that you have the rightly placed the zipper designs.

4. Flocking Powder Based Jeans and Zipper Nail Art:

The above design looks just like one of your slate or grey faded or washed out jeans don’t it? Would you like to give this a try? You will need some slate coloured flocking powder for the powdery and dry effect. Press them down properly so that they don’t seem too fluffy. Now add the water decal zipper designs carefully. You need to put on a top coat however. Press the top coat too a bit so that it is not too much glossy.

5. Set in Red – Zipper Nails:

An awesome looking nail art with just red base paint and those lovely looking zipper decals. Finish off with a nice transparent polish to preserve this design.

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6. Big Zipper Nails:

The above nails can be created using the right deco materials. This is not a water decal design. False nail zippers are used here. You can grab these deco materials from online stores. However these may not be available in India.

7. Dry Marbling and Zipper Nails:

Washed and faded jeans effect can be created using the dry marbling effect using a piece of plastic wrapper and your choice of colours. You can now use a zipper water decal on it properly to get this nail art. Finish off with transparent polish.

8. Duo Toned Jeans and Zipper Nail Art:

A duo toned jeans and zipper nails can be created using two colours of nail polishes like it’s used here green and black. You can use a striper for the demarcation so that you don’t go overboard with the colouring. Now add the water decal zippers and seal it off with a transparent polish. You’re done!

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9. Bling and Studded Zipper Design:

Got black jeans? Try out a black Bling zipper nail art. Use some Bling or stud materials like small metal beads and big stones in gold or metal sequins. Finish off by laying properly the zipper decals and cover with a transparent topcoat. Don’t you want to give this a try?

Which jeans and zipper nail art did you like the most? Will you give these a try?


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