Religious imagery can be an excellent tattoo choice for people who are devoted to their faith and want to honour their relationship with God. Jesus Christ is considered the symbol of unconditional love and sacrifice and is one of the popular choices. Each Jesus tattoo designs presented in this article have a different interpretation based on the wearer. These tattoos can be a point of hope and comfort for many. Go through these designs and choose the one that suits your style. Read on!

15 Best Jesus Tattoo Designs With Images:

We have curated the list of some of the Jesus tattoo designs that look exceptional. Or you can add additional elements to make them more personalized.

1. Beautiful Jesus Shoulder Tattoo:

This Jesus crown of thorns tattoo perfectly represents the time he was crucified. Many people tend to include the crown of thorns when getting Jesus because of the deep symbolism. The tattoo is very detailed and covers the entire arm symbolizing sadness, pain, sin and suffering. This tattoo is crucial for checking how we express ourselves while reflecting on our thoughts.

2. Simple Jesus Cross Tattoo:

Jesus name tattoo is a simple yet elegant solution for people who want a religious tattoo but don’t want an extensive pattern. You can share your faith with the world with the help of this stamen piece tattoo—the words Jesus are engraved on the ankle of the wearer in cursive font. But you can always opt for a font of your choice. The best places to get these types of tattoos are the wrist, ankle, finger or neck.

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3. Cool Jesus Tattoo on Back:

There are several reasons why the arm is a perfect place to get body art, including visibility and the location’s versatility. This meaningful Jesus tattoo can be an exceptional addition to the arm. Still, you can also get it done in more visible areas when you want to express your faith openly. In addition, the use of colours and black and grey shades make the tattoo realistic and beautiful.

4. Jesus Cross Tattoo On The Sleeve:

The cross of Jesus Christ with a crown is a symbolic representation of the lord. Many choose a simple yet effective cross to commemorate the lord’s sacrifices for humankind. It can also remind you to focus on being kind and good while living your life. Or it can also represent the value you place on your faith and your relationship with God beautifully. Of course, you can always customize the tattoo per your preference.

5. Cute Jesus Hand Tattoo:

This is a crucifix tattoo, an ideal tattoo pattern for people who like to represent their faith without having to for extensive patterns. The wearer has gotten the tattoo near the wrist, but you can still customize them as needed. The use of bold black lines highlights Jesus Christ’s body, giving it a 3D effect. This tattoo looks beautiful near the wrist and neck.

6. Realistic Jesus Face Tattoo:

The portrait of Jesus Christ is one of the most recognizable and meaningful tattoo designs chosen by people. This is because a portrait tattoo is a highly-skilled, detailed and realistic choice. Therefore, if you wish to get a tattoo similar to the one the wearer has, reach out to an artist specializing in portrait tattoos. This design looks exceptional when engraved on the arm, thigh or back somewhere large enough for the detailing.

7. Religious Jesus Thorn Crown Tattoos:

Irrespective of gender, many people consider the shoulder one of the perfect places to get tattoos; hence, they are pretty popular. The shoulder also provides you with enough space to get a decent-sized pattern and, therefore, is very appealing. For example, this thorn crown worn by Jesus is an excellent tattoo to get on the shoulder and has a profound meaning for the wearer. The detailing used in the crown with the drops of blood makes the tattoo look very realistic.

8. Robust Jesus Tattoo On The Arm:

This Jesus Christ cross tattoo is a perfect solution if you are looking for a robust tattoo for your body art. Unlike the clear line we usually see in tattoos, this design has lines drawn authentically, making it more raw and genuine. Of course, you can always customize the tattoo by adding phrases from the Bible, which can make the design more personal.

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9. Bold Jesus Cross Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a meaningful tattoo that doesn’t take up too much space on your body. In that case, this Jesus tattoo design can be an attractive option. This tattoo might look like two intersecting lines, but the wearer knows its meaning. You can get this tattoo in whatever size you want, as per your preference. This design doesn’t cost much, and the lack of detail makes them faster to complete.

10. Jesus Tattoo Design Arm With Words:

This Jesus cross tattoo is tactically added into the word Strength instead of the letter T. In addition, the word strength is written in a cursive font, leaving out the letter t, making it stand out from all other letters. Also, the cross is done in brown, unlike the other letters in black ink. The best places to get this tattoo are the arm, shoulder, neck or back.

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11. Small Jesus Face Tattoo Carrying The Cross:

The imagery of the cross and Jesus Christ is used in many ways for a tattoo. For example, the lord carrying a cross is an alternative to Jesus on a crucified cross. Although it all depends on the wearer’s interpretation, it usually means the wearer’s faith in God. The tattoo can also mean that you are responsible for being good and strong when facing difficulties. You can choose the size of the tattoo as per your preference, from medium to small to large.

12. 3D Jesus Tattoo On The Arm:

Hand tattoos are gaining popularity because they help you express love for your faith and show it to the world unapologetically. The wearer has gotten a crucifix with rosary beads. And the design is surrounded by a pattern which looks like a bright sun. Although the tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, you can use colours in some parts of the design to add a unique touch. But make sure of the location because the hand design can hurt because of the lack of muscle and thin skin.

13. Sleek Jesus Face Tattoo On The Arm:

It is believed that Jesus and John the Baptist were relatives. And it is said that he was an itinerant preacher active in the early 1st century AD in the area of the Jordan river. The tattoo is pretty simple, with the words engraved in cursive letters. The arm, neck, and shoulders are the perfect places to get this tattoo. You can decide on the size of the tattoo depending on your preference.

14. Jesus Cross Tattoo With Rosary:

The cross and rosary are popular objects that celebrate one’s faith beautifully. This tattoo is an excellent option for people inspired by the rosary and scriptures who want to follow their teachings in their daily life religiously. This tattoo also reminds the wearer to remain on the right path and how important it is. You can customize the tattoo by adding a quote giving it more context.

15. Jesus Floral Tattoo On The Ankle:

It is believed that a rosary helps steer people away from temptation and also wards off demons and evil spirits. Therefore, many people, irrespective of gender, get a rosary tattooed to be protected by Mary and Jesus. It also makes people feel safe. This tattoo looks exceptional on the feet while the cross is hanging. The addition of a beautiful red rose adds to the beauty of the entire design significantly.


The Jesus tattoo designs mentioned in this article give you a glimpse into the religious patterns you can add to your body art. It is always essential to ensure we don’t have regrets when getting a tattoo because they remain on our bodies permanently. Therefore it is best to choose a meaningful design, though a tattoo can be about anything. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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