Ready to add a splash of mischief to your body? Why not try something unique? Explore these fantastic Joker tattoos! With a lineup of 25+ awesome designs, we have covered the many faces of the Joker. If you love the classic card Joker, Heath Ledger’s famous movie look, or the wild Suicide Squad style,we have got them all in unique styles!So, scroll down and see which Joker catches your eye.From these ‘fun’tastic designs, find the perfect one for you!

Significance of Joker Tattoos:

Why do people love Joker tattoos? It is simple.The Joker is not just a character but a symbol of wildness and unpredictability. People get these tattoos to show they are a bit rebellious and fearless, just like the Joker. They are about mixing fun with a bit of danger, showing that life can be chaotic sometimes. It is not just about looking cool.It is a way to connect with a complex, a bit scary, but always fascinating character. Whether from comic books, movies, or the classic Joker card, a Joker tattoo is like carrying a piece of this thrilling world with you.

25+ Unique Joker Tattoo Designs:

The joker tattoo designs have always been eye-catchy for the people around them. The various types of tattoos help express the feelings or attitudes one carries in his lifestyle. Here are the most delicate joker tattoo designs for men and women and their meanings and images.

1. Playful Joker Card Forearm Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This vibrant forearm joker tattoo brings a whimsical touch to the classic villain with a stylized chibi joker with a card tattoo design. Featuring a playful caricature of the Joker tossing a playing card Joker tattoo design, it’s a medium-sized piece that adds a dash of mischief. The lively colours and dynamic slogan ‘Why so serious?’ make it an eye-catching choice for anyone seeking a joker tattoo design that’s both lighthearted and iconic. Suitable for both men and women, it’s a fun way to pay homage to the chaos of the Joker.

2. Dynamic Batman and Joker Tattoo Contrast:

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Capturing the eternal conflict between hero and villain, this tattoo showcases a half-Batman half-joker tattoo with a mirrored dark Joker tattoo face. The striking use of colour highlights the duality between Batman’s vigilance and Joker’s madness, set against a backdrop that includes the iconic ‘HAHA’ laughter. This bold, medium-sized tattoo adorns the calf, making a statement piece ideal for fans drawn to the legendary rivalry. It is a powerful choice for anyone, whether men or women, looking to reflect the deep narrative of Gotham’s most famous adversaries.

3. Abstract Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This artistic tattoo merges an abstract Heath Ledger Joker tattoo with soft watercolour accents, embodying the chaotic grace of the character. Sketch-like lines and vibrant splashes of colour frame the Joker’s contemplative expression, with ‘HAHA’ echoing his haunting laughter. Placed boldly on the leg, it is a medium to large piece that offers a nuanced take on the Joker tattoo designs, appealing to those who prefer depth and a touch of the surreal in their ink. It is a gender-neutral piece, making a profound statement for any fan of the deeper Joker narrative.

4. Heath Ledger’s Joker in a Monochrome Masterpiece:

Image Source: Instagram

Immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of this Heath Ledger Joker tattoo. The design captures the Joker’s enigmatic smile and a cascade of playing cards, underlined by the phrase “Why so serious?” It is a full-arm tattoo, rich in detail, showcasing a monochrome palette that brings out the intensity of the character’s expression. Ideal for those who appreciate realistic Joker tattoos, it is a tribute that is both deep and personal. This piece fits anyone, male or female, looking to carry a piece of cinematic history.

5. Classic Joker with a Winning Hand:

Image Source: Instagram

This finely detailed black and white joker tattoo captures the essence of the iconic villain with a contemplative gaze, holding a card with a mysterious ’19’. The classic black ink reveals the intricate details of Joker’s face and the card, making it a timeless piece. Placed on the forearm is a versatile joker card tattoo that suits both men and women, especially those who admire the subtlety of simple joker tattoo designs. It is a winning choice for fans of the legendary character’s more reflective moments.

6. Intricate Heath Ledger Joker with Ace Card Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

Step closer and admire this detailed Heath Ledger joker tattoo holding a striking Ace card, a nod to the character’s unpredictability. The black and grey tones give this Joker card tattoo a timeless feel, while the expression captures the Joker’s mischievous essence. It is sized to fit comfortably on the forearm, making it a versatile choice for both men and women. This tattoo is a beautiful way to pay homage to an iconic performance with a touch of personal flair.

7. Surreal Joker Dance Moment Tattoo:

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In Gotham’s world, this realistic Joker tattoo captures the Joker’s dance moment. The detailed black and white shading brings this Joker movie scene to life, etched into skin with precision. Placed on the leg, it is a dynamic piece that suits both Joker fans and those who appreciate intricate artistry. This tattoo is a true conversation starter, perfect for men or women wanting to carry a piece of movie magic.

8. Abstract Joker Carrying His Mask Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This piece is a unique take on the Joker tattoo, depicting a surreal figure carrying a Joker mask. The monochromatic tones and the abstract design give it a mysterious vibe, perfect for a small joker tattoo placement. It is subtle yet impactful, located on the thigh, making it a versatile choice for anyone intrigued by the Joker’s dual nature. This tattoo would appeal to fans of deeper, symbolic representations of the Batman universe.

9. Hand Joker Tattoo with Iconic Laughter:

Image Source: Instagram

Embrace the Joker’s infamous question, “Why so serious?” with this compelling hand tattoo Joker design that captures the villain’s sinister smile. Etched onto the skin, each finger is stamped with a “HA,” reflecting the Joker’s chaotic humour. This tattoo melds the audacity of the Batman series with personal expression, perfect for those who resonate with the Joker’s rebellious spirit. It is a standout piece, ideal for both men and women, that commands attention and celebrates the darker side of comic culture.

10. Vivid Joker Forearm Tattoo with a Message:

Image Source: Instagram

This forearm Joker tattoo features a colourful rendition of the Joker with the poignant quote, “All I have are negative thoughts”. The tattoo combines vibrant colours with a lifelike portrayal, encapsulating the Joker’s complex emotions. Ideal for those who identify with the deeper narrative of the Joker’s character from the Joker movie, this design is both a piece of art and a personal statement. It is a striking choice for any male or female fan looking to express their connection with the character’s darker psyche.

11. Classic Joker Card Tattoo in Monochrome:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo brings the iconic Joker card tattoo to life with a realistic portrayal of Heath Ledger’s Joker framed within a playing card. The black and grey tones give it a classic and timeless feel, suitable for a playing card joker tattoo enthusiast. Located on the arm, this tattoo captures the Joker’s haunting charisma and is perfect for fans of the Batman series who appreciate the art of subtlety and detail in their tattoos.

12. Heath Ledger’s Joker Tattoo:

Image Source: Instagram

This tattoo captures the intense and contemplative gaze of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, complete with the infamous playing card in hand. The detailed shading in black and grey adds depth and emotion to the piece, making it a subtle yet powerful joker tattoo idea. Placed on the leg, it is a fitting homage to an iconic Batman character, resonating with fans who prefer a more nuanced and artistic representation of their favourite villain.

13. Girl Joker Tattoo Design:

These joker tattoos for women are pretty trendy. These kinds of joker’s tattoos carry the image of how the person is. You can choose the face type you are willing, i.e. funny, sad, scary, wicked, happy, entertaining etc. Rather than using bright colours, cool colours are highly used with dark highlights. The girly joker tattoo with a sad or scary expression has been highly popular in the last few years.  Girls generally carry these tattoos on legs, back, shoulders, and waist.

14. Jester Joker Tattoos Design:

This kind of joker face tattoo has a long history. They are famously known as the prankster joker. They are carried by people who love to play pranks and are full of fun. The main attraction of this tattoo is the cloth hat with three bells hanging around and the broad smile which opens the mouth wide from ears to ears. The darkened eyes and the teeth peeping out of the broad mouth with bright white colour add to its fine finishing touch.

15. Full Joker Tattoo on Hand:

This joker tattoo meaning is power, nobility and magic. This tattoo shows the strength of the person wearing the tattoo. This colourful joker tattoo design is beautiful for wrestlers, militants, army men etc. This tattoo can also be made with dark black ink with grey shades. This can also be a symbol of magical and spiritual qualities.

16. A Laughing Joker Face Tattoo for Men:

A joker face with a scary laugh is also an excellent choice. You can add colour to this tattoo design or get it inked in plain old black. Either way, it looks good. The main essence of the design is in the evil that drips from the joker’s laugh. The face of the joker is also quite inspired by the skull tattoo. The red colour used for the eyes makes it more dangerous to look at. The green and red combination of the hat adds to its wicked look.

17. A Joker Card Tattoo On Hand:

Instead of the joker’s face, you can make your design with the help of a joker card. You can bring out the misery of the joker by making the joker on your card an agonized character rather than a cheery one. The cards, i.e. the spades, inspire this type of tattoo. This tattoo best suits the arm and is also made on the back, legs, and lower back. This is one of the most straightforward joker tattoo designs forever for men who love to play cards.

18. Joker and Harley Quinn Tattoo:

If you are a fan of the joker and Harley Quinn love story, you can get that as your tattoo. An image of the joker embracing Harley Quinn with hearts in the background is the perfect design for what you are looking for. Despite the evil that the joker represents, this image is excellent and, in some ways, sweet too!

19. Joker Phrase Tattoo on Chest:

The most famous catchphrase of the joker is ‘why so serious?’ A unique design involves this phrase with its words placed such that it makes up the joker’s face! The design is as complicated as it sounds, so you need a genius to construct it but once made, it looks and reads fantastic! People are bound to turn and look again at your tattoo before beginning their strings of praise for it!

20. Joker With The City Of Gotham Behind It:

As the comic goes, it is the legendary city of Gotham that the joker plagues and Batman protects. Thus another typical joker tattoo design involves the joker’s image with the city of Gotham as the backdrop. You may even add the Bat-signal to get the complete comic-book look.

21. A Cartoon Batman and Joker Tattoo:

You can make your tattoo funny rather than serious too! Make a cartoonish rather than a realistic batman and joker. The design may even look cute! This tattoo is carried out by people who are still attached to childhood cartoons. This tattoo mainly attracts children and is also carried out by some European countries. The colours used in the tattoo make it more attractive.

22. Scary Look Killer Tattoo for Men:

This type of joker tattoo design is getting trendy among tattoo lovers. This type of clown face can be white or colored dangerously. The eyes are made scary with curves. They can also carry knife. They give a marvellous effect when given dark shading beside the face, neck, and shoulder area.

23. The Joker Smile Tattoo on Hands:

This design features the distorted face of the joker, who is the nemesis of Batman. This tattoo looks best when coloured, and though it isn’t very daunting, the joker’s face in the tattoo doesn’t look gay and merry. This form of a joker is quite like wicked. The colors used in the tattoo give it a unique look. This tattoo can be made on the arms, back and leg.

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24. Simple Tribal Joker Tattoo:

The tribal tattoos inspire this kind of joker tattoo idea. This tattoo of the joker gives both a happy and wicked feeling. The joker’s smile indicates happiness, while the eyes and forehead as a whole carry wicked signs. The tribal caste formerly uses these symbols to express their feelings. This tattoo is widely carried out in dark black colour as it best gives its effect in that colour. It is highly carried on the back, shoulder, and leg, primarily by men.

25. Sad Face Joker Tattoo for Women:

This joker face tattoo design is highly trendy these days. Anyone can relate this type of facial tattoo with one or another. The clowns seen in such tattoos are mostly Tramp Clowns. The hobo hat for such tattoos is an important sign. The eyes of this type of joker’s tattoo are very expressive. To add more, the eyes can be filled with tears of a grey shade. The colours used in the tattoo make it more impressive to put on. These tattoos are highly carried on the back, shoulder and chest.

26. The Joker Batman Tattoo Design:

Joker tattoos mainly include fighting scenes between Batman and the joker. People who want to establish batman’s supremacy go for scenes where the joker’s being put in his place, while others go for where Batman and not the joker fall. A scene where batman punches the joker and is hit hard belongs to the former category.


How mesmerizing have you felt going through the gallery? Joker tattoos are more than just ink on the skin. They are a way to connect with the wild and unpredictable spirit of one of the most iconic characters from the Batman world. Whether you choose a small joker tattoo for a subtle nod or a full-on realistic joker tattoo for a bold statement, each design tells a story. Fans of all kinds can find a Joker tattoo that fits their style, from those who prefer a classic Joker card tattoo to others who want a piece of Heath Ledger’s legendary performance. It is about carrying a bit of that Joker magic wherever you go.


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