15 Best Juices For Pregnancy

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Summer is around the corner and it is already getting unbearably hot. If you are pregnant, you will know exactly what I am talking about. You tend to dehydrate more quickly than the others and the fatigue never really seems to leave your back no matter how much you try to energize yourself. However, do not worry anymore! I have compiled a list of some of the best juices for pregnancy that will not only keep you hydrated but every sip of the drink will make you feel energized and keep you body and baby cool.

1. Smoothies:

juices for pregnancy

Blend milk and fruit together and add a few ice cubes and the result is a lip smacking drink that is not only cool but also healthy. A smoothie is packed with calcium, fiber and a lot of other nutrients. Home-made smoothies are one of the best juices for pregnancy. you could add fruits that strawberry, mango, banana or any other fruit of your choice.

2. Mixed Fruit Juices:

Best Juices For Pregnancy- Mixed Fruit Juices

If you do not like having milk, mix a variety of fruits together to get a host of nutrients in a glass. Use you creativity in the kitchen and blend all the berries or all the citrus fruits together. Who knows, you might just get yourself a new favorite drink!

3. Vegetable Juices: 

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Vegetable Juices

Mix all that you have in your fridge and try out new combinations. If you are not willing to experiment, go for the time trusted combination of spinach and mint, gourd and carrot. Google and find some of the best vegetable juice combination ever!

4. Fruit Mock tails:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Fruit Mock tails

Fruit mock tails are a good alternative when you are out partying, at a pub or at some social gathering and want to avoid alcoholic drinks. Fruit mock tails give all the right nutrient to your baby and it so much cheaper than alcoholic drinks! Win win!

5. Home Made Traditional Drinks:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Home Made Traditional Drinks

Fruit sherbet like aam panna and jal jeera also cool your body and is a good juice for pregnant ladies. These hydrate the body and help the pregnant woman cope with morning sickness. Besides, they also provide nutrients that are essential for the developing baby.

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6. Fresh Fruit Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice is packed with nutrients and is also great for summer! Juices from oranges, sweet lime, musk melons and watermelons are good for hot weather and the perfect option for quenching your thirst. However, if you want to get the nutrient from your juice, make it yourself at home.

7. Ginger Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Ginger Juice

Add grated ginger to a glass of cold water. Ginger helps your digestion and eliminates gas from the stomach. It keeps your body cool and hydrated and helps combat nausea, morning sickness and vomiting.

8. Sugar Cane Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Sugar Cane Juice

It is also a good juice for pregnant ladies. It gives you instant energy and cools down your body. It is a great option for quenching the summer thirst and is good for your digestive system.

9. Apple Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Apple Juice

Orange is good but apple is the best. If you buy apple juice from the market, make sure the pack says one hundred percent real fruit juice. Apple juice is packed with nutrients that is beneficial for both your baby and you. If keeps your body hydrated and is good for the well being of the mother and child.

10. Orange Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Orange Juice

Orange juice is an undermined drink in the society that actually help to provide towards some of the most nutritious requirements for your body. Orange juice can be easily made and it is always better for you to create orange juice in your home naturally for the best results. the best way for you to do this is to use fresh oranges and a mixer that can provide you with the most well made juice for a fast refreshment that you will surely enjoy.

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11. Carrot Juice:

Fresh-squeezed carrot juice on wooden background

When talking about juices that pregnant ladies can enjoy during their pregnancy for the nutrition of themselves and their children then carrot juice is one of the first on the list. Carrot juice is not only a rich source of vitamin A but the right amount of juice is very refreshing and wholesome for your body making it a hole in one juice that you can make at home and enjoy every day. It is always better to make some carrot juice at home daily during your period of pregnancy for the best results.

12. Beet Root Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Beet Root Juice

Beet root juice has been undermined for ages but actually provides for plenty of nutrition for your body to help you deal with a pregnancy for the most of your pregnancy period. Beet rot juice not only makes your blood thicker but also provides for a wholesome snack when you are hungry. It also provides for the overall growth of your baby during the period of your pregnancy.

13. Grape Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Grape Juice

Grape juice is a very refreshing drink that is very good for your child as well. You can make it easily in the confinement of your home so enjoy it on a daily basis.

14. Strawberry Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Strawberry Juice

Strawberry juice is yet again a very refreshing drink that an be enjoyed on a daily basis to give you the energy to handle all the issues that might arise during your pregnancy.

15. Peach Juice:

Best Juices For Pregnancy - Peach Juice

Peach juice has a very high calcium and potassium content that is the best way to provide the nutrition for your baby on a daily basis without fail.

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So, what are you waiting for? This is a comprehensive list of some of the best juices to drink when pregnant. Go, try them all out. You might end up having a new favorite drink this summer. Pass it on to your pregnant friends! Use your creativity and keep yourself and your child healthy and happy. Women who are not pregnant as well as people of all ages can try these drinks out.