Kanji – the Chinese characters used in the Japanese writing system is the latest trend in tattooing your name in Japanese style. Kanji tattoo designs look unique and stunning and are in high demand these days. So if you’re a tattoo artist make sure to choose the correct character that denotes proper meaning to lend a touch of authenticity to this beautiful form of artwork.

The kanji symbols are the masterpiece made out of several strokes of the paint brush. These Japanese symbols provide more than 10 meanings. The kanji symbols are of 3 types. The sosho (full cursive), the gyosho (semi-cursive) and the kaisho (bold and angular black script). Hence, if you are interested in defining yourself in just one symbol, kanji tattoo designs are the best to be linked with. So go trendy this season with the best kanji tattoo.

Kanji Letters and Symbols Tattoos with Pictures:

In this article we provide a list of finest kanji tattoo designs with images and meanings for men and women

1. Ninja Sword and Japanese Kanji Tattoo:

This is a great tattoo with a beautiful kanji tattoo meaning. The ninja sword in the tattoo symbolizes bravery and valor. While the kanji tattoo symbolizes loyalty and legendary. The ninja warriors used to experience the feeling of loyalty towards their nation and the sword shows how the legends defended the natives with honor. The people carrying this tattoo are mostly the militants, soldiers, army men etc. The youngsters also wear it for the pride of their nation.

2. Dove and Kanji Tattoo:

The dove is the symbol of hope, peace and love. But different cultures have different meanings. In Chinese culture, dove symbolizes long and healthy life style. The above tattoo is of a dove with kanji symbol. This kanji tattoo symbol expresses peace. This dove kanji design is more popular among all bird kanji designs. It has its own unique fashion statement along with a small message. It can be carried on the back, waist, neck, leg, wrist etc. It will take the top position in the list of kanji tattoo designs.

3. Nature and Kanji Tattoo on Women’s Back:

The nature and the kanji symbol tattoo is a unique combination for the tattoo lovers. The nature can be expressed in any of your favorite way in framing this tattoo. Nature always symbolizes new life and new energy to do something. While the kanji symbol here indicates peace and beauty. The kanji symbol is made from black dark ink while the nature is expressed in green, yellow and reddish colors. You can take them as the green trees or the birds flying around also.

4. Kanji Yin and Yang Symbol Tattoo:

The classic Chinese concept of Yin and Yang which symbolizes a perfect balance is reflected in this tattoo. Yin which represents the dark side of nature and Yang which represents the light denotes how two opposing forces are complementary to one another and are interrelated in the universe. The Yin and Yang are usually done in black and white or black and red and are one of the most popular design elements among tattoo lovers.

5. Winged Kanji Tattoos on Lower:

The wings on this tattoo are representative of the good and bad side of a person’s character and the rays behind appear to throw light on this fact. Splendid in design, the beauty of this tattoo is heightened with the presence of the kanji symbol in between the wings. The good wind symbolizes the angel, while the bad wing symbolizes the wicked or devil. The kanji symbol made with dark black ink adds to its beauty. The wings are made with light shadings and dark border lines.

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6. Cherry Blossom Kanji Tattoo Design for Girls:

Cherry blossoms are symbolic of life due to the nature of their blooming and have often been used in Japanese art, namely the traditional art of Japanese tattoos. They are usually combined with kanji symbols to give it a more enduring look. Soft in appearance and radiant in its colour tone, it looks simple yet alluring.


7. Kanji Phoenix Tattoo on Thigh:

The Phoenix, a mythological bird known to rise up from the ashes is a symbol of rebirth and resurrection. Depicted here with Japanese kanji, it is an excellent piece of body art. The phoenix tattoo of kanji styles are very common most likely because of the legend behind it. They are usually done in shades of red, orange and yellow to signify fire, the sun or the rejuvenation of life. Phoenix bird kanji tattoos are sported by both men and women alike.

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8. Seven Virtues of Bushido Kanji Tattoo for Men:

The Seven virtues of the Samurai come alive in this artistic creation of body art. In ancient Japan, ‘Bushido’ or The Way of the Warrior was a code of moral conduct instilled in the heart of a samurai from childhood and followed by them right through adulthood. The kanji symbols seen here represent each of the seven virtues, Courage, Duty, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honour and Loyalty. This tattoo is mystical in form and is representative of a strong character.

9. Kanji Dragon Tattoo on Hand:

The dragon is a symbol of power and strength is represented boldly in this kanji tattoo. The delicate curves and angles together with its characteristic fiery look blend well with the kanji lettering making it ideal for someone possessing great strength of character. The dark and light black and grey shade makes it more eye-catchy. The flames designed in the tail of the dragon makes it more dangerous.

10. Love Expressing Kanji Symbol Tattoo for Girls:

This small kanji tattoo design expresses the symbol of love. This design is generally carried by the people who are very loving in nature. This symbol kanji tattoo is mostly worn by teen girls or woman. This small tattoo is so impressive that it catches anyone’s heart towards it. It is carried on the back, neck, leg, waist, hips, wrist etc. Some jobs do not allow tattoos to be inked on the body. This tattoo is best for such people.

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11. Small Chinese Seasons Symbols Tattoo:

This kanji tattoo reflecting the four seasons of the year can be taken to symbolize the changes that take place in our lives. The symbolism of these changes is brought to life in this classic piece of kanji design work. The kanji symbols are made with dark black ink which gives a great look.

This tattoo also symbolizes that life is full of changes. As the season does not remain constant, the good and bad situation does not also remain constant. This is one of the most important kanji tattoo designs for all the people.

12. 3D Swirls and Kanji Tattoo on Wrist:

This is a masterpiece among the various kanji tattoo ideas. The tattoo is made with kanji symbol expressing loyalty. While the blue swirls given as back ground give a beautiful look. The tattoo is made in 3D way which makes it more adorable. The dark black color combination with light blue background is beautifully designed. This tattoo can be carried out anywhere on the body, but wearing it on the wrist or neck is highly in fashion.

13. Tribal Kanji Tattoo Symbols:

This Japanese Kanji tattoo is a mixture of Japanese tattoo and a tribal tattoo. The tribal tattoo is given a dark black color, while the kanji tattoo is given red color. The black base gives the tattoo a marvelous look. This tattoo symbolizes eternity. The tribal design in black color with curvy waves gives the tattoo an eye-catchy view. This tattoo is highly trendy in the teens of the college.

14. Kanji Flower Tattoo Design on Foot:

Fond of flowery tattoos? This kanji tattoo accompanied by a delicate flower design is ideal for women and girls looking to enhance their look with a tattoo that showcases their femininity. Designed on the foot, one of the most noticeable parts of the body, it is striking in form and dazzling in beauty.

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15. Koi Fish Kanji Tattoo on Arm:

Koi meaning ‘carp in Japanese’ is generally considered a good luck fish. According to an old fable the koi fish would swim upstream to reach the final waterfall of the Yellow River to become a dragon. Thus the koi fish is known to symbolize perseverance amidst adversity and is ideal for someone wanting to express their strength through the ups and downs of life.

Koi fish tattoos are an intricate piece of art work with glistening scales and delicate angles and curves. Combined with kanji symbols they make for one of the most sought after tattoos inked on the body.

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