Does your kitchen look messy with stained plastic jars and mismatched lids in random shapes? Now is the right time to shift to the best kitchen storage container, which combines aesthetics with functionality. Kitchen storage jars are an investment to easily navigate through your pantry and increase the shelf life of the ingredients. They come in different materials, sizes, colours and shapes to give an organized look to your kitchen.

This article will guide you on buying the best kitchen storage containers by highlighting some important purchase tips. You can also explore our list of India’s top 10 modern kitchen storage containers with pros & cons, reviews and ratings.

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Storage Containers In India? (Buyer Guide)

Buying a set of kitchen storage containers is not as easy as you think. You need to keep many points in mind before adding them to your kitchen. Here is a guide which explains some of the important aspects to consider before buying kitchen containers for storage.

1. Uniform Set or Mix and Match:

Firstly, visualize your kitchen layout and how you want to organize the containers on the shelves. If you have open shelves, choose from a uniform set of multiple-sized storage containers or mix-and-match containers of different sizes and shapes. Investing in kitchen storage sets that offer uniformity and an organized look is a good idea. However, mixing and matching colours and shapes won’t hurt either. You have to consider how these containers look good when put together.

2. Material:

Kitchen storage containers come in different materials like plastic, glass, steel, silicon, etc. Each has pros and cons, so it’s hard to determine the best material for kitchen storage containers. Here is a drilldown of the benefits and disadvantages of each material:


  • Pros: Easy to maintain, unbreakable, lightweight, better availability and design choices, affordable, Clear visibility of contents.
  • Cons: It is hard to clean stubborn stains like turmeric; cheap plastic contains toxins.


  • Pros: Safe and non-reactive material. Clear visibility of contents, looks quite elegant.
  • Cons: Heavy, high chances of breakages, not kid-safe, expensive.

Stainless Steel:

  • Pros: Long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain, affordable, food-grade safe.
  • Cons: Do not offer visibility to the contents.


  • Pros: Flexible material, doesn’t react with food, lightweight.
  • Cons: It is hard to remove stubborn stains and doesn’t offer visibility to the contents inside.

3. Shape and Size:

If you want your kitchen to look neat and organized, we recommend buying a kitchen with similar shapes and sizes. Mixing different shapes is also a good option if you plan to arrange them on different shelves to indicate food items of a particular category. For instance, you can use containers of similar shapes for spices and use different shapes for pulses.

Before selecting the size of kitchen storage containers, list the usual quantity of ingredients you plan to store. To simplify it, ingredients like rice and atta require bigger containers, while spices need small containers and pulses, tea powder, sugar, salt, etc., require medium-sized containers.

4. Budget:

Kitchen storage containers come in a wide range of budgets to suit everyone. Setting a budget will help filter out the relevant products, simplifying your overall shopping process.

10 Latest and Modern Kitchen Storage Containers In India 2024:

Here is a round-up of the 10 modern and best kitchen storage containers in India which can help you maintain the elegance of your kitchen and increase the shelf life of your ingredients.

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Plastic Storage Containers With Metal Finish Lids- 15 pieces:

Check out this best kitchen storage container set of 15 pieces from Solimo, An Amazon Brand. The set features a thoughtful arrangement of different storage volumes to accommodate various ingredient needs. You can store and access all items easily, from pulses to nuts, lentils, biscuits, spices and even tea powder. The PET plastic material is odour-free and BPA-free, while the metallic finish lids add an elegant look. You can stack them easily on your shelf without worrying about space issues.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Solimo, Amazon Brand.
  • Capacity: 3 pieces each of 1.8 ltrs, 1.2 ltrs, 450ml, 200ml and 100ml.
  • Colour: Transparent with silver finish.
  • Material: PET Plastic


  • 15 pieces set which covers different volumes.
  • Stylish silver accents on the body and lids.
  • Transparent body for better visibility of contents.
  • Odour-free and BPA-free material.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Compact shape and space-saving design.


  • Complaints of caps breaking after a few weeks of usage.

Ratings: 4.1/5

2. TEX-RO Air-Tight Containers 8 Piece Kitchen Storage Set:

A modern kitchen storage container set of 8 pieces transforms a messy kitchen into a clutter-free space. The stylish air-tight containers feature a flat design for a neat arrangement on your shelves and easy handling. The material of the containers is top-quality plastic, which is odour-free, BPA-free and transparent for better access to inside contents. The 2-way lock system of the lid seals the containers tightly and retains food freshness for a long time.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Tex-Ro
  • Capacity: 8 pieces each of 1100ml.
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material: PET Plastic


  • Flat and compact design.
  • Air-tight containers.
  • 2 Way easy lock lids for freshness retention.
  • Dishwasher-safe containers.
  • Leak-resistant and easy to stack.
  • Transparent body and lid.
  • BPA-Free and odour-free.


  • Lids can get tight, making them difficult to open and close.

Ratings: 4.2/5

3. YouBee® Unbreakable Air Tight Kitchen Storage Container Set of 12 Pieces:

Here is a stylish kitchen storage container set of 12 pieces which can elevate your kitchen aesthetics to a new level. The set features the best-quality unbreakable plastic material with plastic lids in a vibrant blue colour. The handy containers have a transparent body to identify the items easily, while the unique lid design lets you stack the containers to save space. From cereals to dry fruits and pulses, you can store all dry items comfortably with this set.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: YouBee
  • Capacity: 6 pieces each of 1100ml and 6 pieces of 600ml.
  • Colour: Transparent with blue lids.
  • Material: PET Plastic


  • High-quality, unbreakable plastic.
  • 2 different volumes- small and big.
  • Easily stackable design.
  • Keeps your kitchen organized.
  • It easily fits in the refrigerator and freezer also.
  • Transparent body for easy identification of items.
  • Sloppy wide mouth for tight vacuum sealing.


  • Lids are not truly ‘airtight’ as the seal is not tight.

Ratings: 4.3/5

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4. Ebun Stainless Steel Multipurpose Kitchen Containers- 8 Piece Set:

Here is the best stainless steel kitchen container storage set that promises super quality and usability. The 8-piece silver canister set combines different volumes to suit your storage needs. Thanks to the quality stainless steel material, there will be no problems like rust and breakages. The best part is the transparent window on the side, which lets you identify the items in the jar without opening the lid. The container set is suitable for storing all dry items like flour, pulses, grains, snacks, etc.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Ebun
  • Capacity: 8 pieces of different volumes (300ml. to 2500ml).
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Heavy gauge stainless steel.
  • Transparent side window.
  • Rust-free, environmentally-friendly material.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • A shiny surface that enhances kitchen aesthetics.
  • Includes containers of different volumes.


  • Pricey

Ratings: 4.3/5

5. Milton Vitro Plastic Pet Storage Jar and Container – 18 Piece Set:

Check out Milton’s branded kitchen container storage set, which includes 18 pieces of different volumes. The airtight plastic container set features a transparent body with embossing for better visibility and grip. Each container has a vibrant red plastic lid with a screw lock system for easy opening and closure. You can neatly stack these containers on top of each other to make your kitchen look organized and elegant. With a price tag below Rs.500, this kitchen storage container set is one for the win!

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Milton
  • Capacity: 18 pieces (6 pcs x 270ml Each, 6 pcs x 665ml Each, 6 pcs x 1.24ltrs).
  • Colour: Transparent with Red Wine lid.
  • Material: Plastic


  • Affordable pricing.
  • Multiple-size containers.
  • Attractive red colour lids.
  • Transparent body for better access to contents inside.
  • Easy to stack and organize.
  • Unbreakable and durable.


  • The outer design pattern can catch stubborn stains and make cleaning tough.

Ratings: 4.4/5

6. Femora Metallic Clear Glass Kitchen Storage Jars, 1300 ml, Set of 4:

Check out this latest kitchen container storage set in a unique combination of stainless steel and glass materials. The tall containers offer enough storage volume without wasting too much space on your shelves. While stainless steel offers superior strength and longevity, the glass window gives visibility to the contents inside. The 4 pieces multipurpose container storage set is a perfect blend of style and usability, which is just what you would prefer for your kitchen.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Femora
  • Capacity: 4 pieces of 1200 ml.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel and glass.


  • Unique tall and slim design.
  • Sturdy stainless steel material.
  • Transparent glass window.
  • Screw-style, air-tight lids that seal the containers tightly.
  • 100% food grade and non-toxic.


  • It’s quite heavy to handle.

Ratings: 3.9/5

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7. JIGSHTIAL Kitchen Storage Glass Jar and Container set for Masala and Spices:

If your spice cabinet in the kitchen looks like a storm with open packets leaking all over, it’s time to consider buying this storage container set. The 12-piece spices container set is a great addition to your kitchen as it lets you neatly organize your spices, nuts, dry fruits and masalas. The 400ml glass jars have a compact size that fits neatly on any shelf. Each jar comes with a metal airtight lid that seals the freshness of the contents. The best part is they are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and paint a pretty picture in your kitchen!

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: JIGSHTIAL
  • Capacity: 12 pieces of 400ml.
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Material: Glass


  • Premium quality glass.
  • Strong metallic airtight lids.
  • Organize all your spices and masalas.
  • Compact size that can fit in any corner of your shelf.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great price point.


  • Lids are susceptible to rust when in contact with moisture.

Ratings: 4.4/5

8. Nayasa Superplast Fusion Plastic Container Set of 9 Pieces:

This plastic storage container from Nayasa comprises 9 pieces to cater to all your storage needs. The set has 3 pieces each of 750ml, 1000ml and 1500ml volumes to store all kitchen ingredients efficiently. The square-shaped containers offer better grip and convenient storage on shelves. Thanks to the flat lid design, you can also stack the containers easily. The high-quality plastic and the smart colour option make the set a worthy investment.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Nayasa
  • Capacity: 9 pieces each of 750ml, 1000ml, and 1500ml.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Plastic


  • Premium material and design.
  • Unique brown colour combo.
  • Flat lids with basket design.
  • Easy to stack containers.
  • Lightweight and easy to clean.
  • Airtight and microwave-safe.


  • It’s a little pricey (But the good news is that Amazon offers great deals, so keep an eye on it!)

Ratings: 4.8/5

9. Cutting EDGE Anti-Microbial Protection Storage Containers Set of 6:

Are you worried about your flour, lentils and pasta getting spoilt due to worms and bugs? Bring this 6-piece kitchen storage container set home to stop worrying about food wastage. The high-quality plastic containers come with airtight lids that offer anti-microbial protection to your ingredients. This set is a great investment as it lasts long, is shatter-proof, is easy to use and clean and is scratch-resistant. The best part is the transparent body that lets you see through the contents inside for easy access.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Cutting EDGE
  • Capacity: 6 pieces each of 2.4 litres.
  • Colour: Transparent with navy blue lids.
  • Material: Plastic


  • Compact, oval design for easy storage.
  • Airtight lids for anti-microbial protection.
  • It is ideal for dry items like flour, poha, etc.
  • Large capacity for staple items.
  • Durable plastic.
  • Scratch-resistant, shatter-proof body.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • Not dishwasher safe.

Ratings: 4.4/5

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10. Machak Easy Flow Plastic Kitchen Storage Jars & Container Set, Transparent Set of 6:

Check out this unique kitchen container storage set with easy pour lids that simplify your kitchen experience like never before. The premium quality plastic containers have a transparent body to access the contents easily. Each container comes with a flip lid that lets you pour lentils, masalas and free-flowing items easily without touching them with your hand. This way, your ingredients stay fresh for a longer duration, thus reducing food wastage.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Machak
  • Capacity: 6 pieces each of 1100 litres.
  • Colour: Transparent with white lids.
  • Material: Plastic


  • Compact design.
  • Pour lids for easy flow.
  • Long-lasting, sturdy material.
  • BPA-free material.
  • Slider close for hassle-free operation.
  • Versatile usage.


  • Not airtight.

Ratings: 4.1/5

Those are some of India’s modern and best kitchen storage containers that will de-clutter your kitchen and give you easy access to your ingredients. No more searching for food items or leaking packets that invite bugs and worms. Invest in these container sets to arrange all your staples and masalas neatly and enjoy great compliments for maintaining such an elegant kitchen area.

DISCLAIMER: The ratings and reviews are based on the user ratings and comments on Amazon based on individual user experiences. Stylesatlife takes no responsibility for determining the actual ratings based purely on the product’s quality or performance.

1. Can I use Kitchen storage containers to store food items?

If the kitchen storage containers use a food-grade, non-reactive material, you can store food items like pickles, powders, etc. It’s not a great idea to store hot foods and hot liquids in these containers as they can leak and even release toxins due to high heat (if it is a plastic material).

2. Are kitchen store containers freezer-safe?

Most of us habitually store easily perishable items in the freezer. While it is okay to do so, you must ensure the material is freezer-safe. Low-quality plastic or glass can easily break in high temperatures, posing a risk of accident to you and even damaging the contents inside.

3. Are airtight containers worth the hype?

Yes! Airtight containers are worth the hype because they prevent food spoilage from microbes entering the air. They also increase the shelf life of the ingredients by not letting insects and worms lay their eggs and spoil the contents.


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