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15 Latest Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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With every second person going in for a tattoo these days, the creative imagination of tattoo artists is put to the test. Looking to keep up with the latest and new tattoo designs is great trend, the creation of new and unique tattoo design is constantly on the rise. An age old practice, the art of tattooing has come alive with spectacular designs that can truly take one’s breath away. Latest tattoos designs have become a style statement for all the generations and among all the genders irrespective of age and culture.

latest tattoo designs

Tattoos have always trendy and from ancient times people have styled them on various part of the body. In ancient time tattooed used to symbolize people culture and their groups but now it has a style statement. People carve tattoos to look smart, cool and trendy.

Styles of Latest and New Tattoo Designs for Girls and Boys:

Below are the breath taking modern and latest tattoos for girls, man and women along with meanings and images.

1. Latest Butterfly Tiger Tattoo Design for Girls:

Tiger Butterfly Tattoo

A Butterfly tattoo is symbolic of transformation in both a physical and spiritual sense while a tiger tattoo is often associated with strength and courage. The infusion of the tiger and butterfly in this design thus has a dual connotation showcasing both the soft and powerful sides of a person. Butterfly and tiger tattoo symbolizes that the person may have went through difficult time in her life and come through a better person now. This is one of the latest tattoo designs with combination of tiger and butterfly idea.

2. Latest Kids Butterfly Tattoo Design on Tongue:

Tongue Tattoo Design

Tongue tattoos are the new trend in tattoo body art and modification that is rapidly spreading across the world. Seen here is a compelling piece of work artistically done covering almost half of the entire tongue. Given the small coverage area, the intricacy of this tattoo with its vivid hues is truly a masterpiece.Tongue tattoos are just the permanent inking done on the tongue.

Generally tongue tattoos design crafted are small as there is less space but very explanatory also. The tongue tattoo is a low pain area and takes a shorter time to heal than others parts. Tongue tattoos can be styled in different shades and designs according to your choice.

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3. New Alien Tattoo Design on Entire Back:

Alien Tattoo

Talk about trendsetters, extraterrestrial tattoos are the in thing for those seeking an alien look. The artistic form and framework of this new tattoo encompasses the entire back of the head down to the neck, shoulders and upper back area making it look positively out of this world. Alien Tattoo design can be depicted to portray a variety of different things.

Alien tattoo designs can include sun, moon, and rocks and also include space ships or other alien technology. If alien designs styled perfectly it can leave others in awe and make you look hot.

4. Half Sleeve Wolf New Tattoo Design for Boys:

Wolf Tattoo

Tattoos depicting the wolf are not only picturesque in design but are also symbolic in nature. The wolf symbolizes various positive and negative forces such as devotion, ferocity, braveness, secrecy, power, success, dark forces, masculinity as well as loyalty towards family. Wolves move around in packs and are known to give their lives while protecting their pack. Similarly, wolves are also mates for life. For these very reasons and more many choose to go with the wolf as tattoo designs. This latest tattoo design depicted here represents the wolf in all its fiery nature.

5. latest Cross Tattoo Design for Man:

Cross Tattoo

The Cross a holy symbol signifying the crucifixion of Christ is one of the most sought after tattoos and is subject to constant modifications to give it a novel look. Many people of the Christian faith seek to define their belief through the symbol of the cross by having it inked on their body. Depicted here in all its glory, this latest tattoo is reminiscent of all things that are heavenly.

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6. Animal Latest Tattoo Designs for ladies:

Animal Tattoo Design

Animals such as the tiger and lion representing symbols of strength are the most common tattoo designs to be sported by many however, recent tattoos have set the trend in depicting other animals of an equal positive nature. The five animals in this tattoo are a combined force of power, strength, individuality, grace and agility as seen in the lion, tiger, zebra, giraffe and deer. It is also getting popularity in the list of latest tattoo designs.

7. Back New Tattoos for Women-Abstract Wings:

Back Tattoos for Women Abstract Wings

Women have never been more passionate about tattoos as they are in recent years. Mostly known to settle for small cute designs, they are now brazen enough to try more elaborate designs, one of them being the back tattoo that covers the entire length of the back. The new tattoo depicted here is a set of abstract wings that is innovative in design and in keeping with the latest fad.

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8. Latest Fluorescent Tattoo Design on Arm:

Fluorescent Tattoo Design

Fluorescent or UV tattoos are made with special ink and are visible under an ultraviolet light. The ink is almost invisible in normal light and is ideal for those seeking to camouflage their tattoos. When seen under the glow of an ultraviolet light, the tattoo stands out in its uniqueness. This form of tattoo design, still in its rarity is one of the latest in the art of tattooing.

9. Latest Lotus Tattoo on Face:

Face Tattoo

With the hands, neck, shoulder, back, arms, leg and feet having become the most commonplace areas for designing tattoos, many people are now resorting to the face to exhibit this form of body art. The lotus depicted here is symbolic of life in general and is donned especially by women. This symbol of life is manifested beautifully on the face in vibrant hues.

10. Latest Floral Tattoo Designs on Shoulder:


Many women and sometimes men like unique and different flower tattoo design. These latest tattoo design are pretty common but still highly in fashion as people choose this design to satisfy their love for beauty and different shades. You can portray these design anywhere such as on back, neck, wrist or on arms according to your choice.

Flowers even symbolizes your character, like if you tattoo for rose flower it is believed to mean a balance, undying love, hope and new beginning in life. You can use even soothing colors to make this tattoo more attractive and meaningful.

11. Trendy Music Tattoos On Leg:


Almost every age group adores music and is a music love in same way or not. Now people have found a unique way to express their love for music by getting a music related tattoo designed on their body parts. Some just design a music note, or a musical instrument and some even style lyrics of some song to show their immense and true love for music.

Music tattoo is one of the most common and loved tattoo designs in both men and women. You can tattoo this design on your shoulders, below the neck and even on your arms to display your love for music.

12. Soothing Nature Tattoo Design on Hand:


Nature is something which has attracted people from ages and still people are getting attracted.  Nature tattoo designs are plenty and symbolizes nature is subtle in their essence. There is always inner and deep meaning hidden between the lines of nature in the real life.

As human life goes through different faces of life, similar way the nature also represents the same. You can use some bold and different ink to style this tattoo to make it look awesome and look something realistic. There is various nature tattoo design like Palm tree tattoo, the nature of life tattoo, each symbolizes unique meaning. So when you choose a design, first do a good research work and then decide to display this tattoo.

13. New Tattoo Sports:


Sports have always been an integral activity in everyone’s life. You all sports whether it’s a base ball, cricket, squash are any sport. People who are sports lovers generally choose a sport design to get tattooed on their body part like sports equipment to signifying that he is a lover of that sport. People even tattoo the name of their favorite sports which depicts the person choice and deep love for that sport. These types of new tattoos are very trendy and appreciated by both the genders.

14. Unique Astrology Tattoo Designs:


With an increasing interest in astrology and sun signs, people have started depicting astrology tattoo design on their body parts. Astrology tattoo designs symbolizes that this person is born in that month. This is one of the coolest ways of expressing of latest thoughts. This is another simple and latest tattoo design for ever. This tattoo is becoming very prevalent and the design you choose can be inked into a unique tattoo design making you to look different from others.

15. New Abstract Tattoo Design for Ladies:


This is also another new tattoo design for women back. Abstract tattoo designs are getting more and more popular as they look more artistic and convey abstract ideas without using visual reference from the surrounding world. Abstract tattoos can be styled according to the perception and ideas of the person. You can design whatever is there in your heart and mind. This combination of mind and heart evolves a great design which even leads revolution.

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