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15 Best Leg Mehndi Designs With Pictures

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Mehndi is nothing other than temporary henna tattoo and it looks as great upon your foot as it does on your hand. The designs have several variations available. You can make your mehandi tattoo simple and plain or make it extremely complicated and elaborate. The design beginning at your toes can stretch up to your knees!

Floral and abstract patterns with artfully placed geometric shapes are the general style. Mehndi is considered to be auspicious in the Indian culture and is thus made use of on several occasions, weddings being the foremost amongst them. Here are the 15 best leg mehndi designs with images that you can choose from.

Best Mehandi Designs For Legs:

1. Round Leg Mehndi Design:

leg mehndi designs

This mehndi design looks pretty and sophisticated. It features a round design in the center of your foot and a few patterns above and below it to complete the entire design. The overall look is elegant. The round mehndi design for legs is nothing but concentric circles with different patterns adorning them and yet it doesn’t fail to be attractive and eye-catching. This artistic henna design is one of the most significant round mehndi designs for legs, which are allured by crowd always.

2. Magnificent Full Leg Mehendi Design:

An elaborate mehendi pattern of well shaded flowers and leaves running along the side of your entire leg is definitely a magnificent sight. The deep black of the mehendi stands out against the lighter shade of your skin. The shading helps add depth to the image. It makes the petals looks more realistic. This design requires a little more patience to make but the end result is certainly worth it.

3. Arabic Tribal Leg Mehandi Designs:

This mehandi design though simple but still excellent to look at. It has a more tribal look in that its just an abstract pattern of well placed shapes. This mehandi doesn’t have flowers or figures, just a simple pattern that adorns your leg like some sort of ornament. The dots and spirals even look like gems hanging from jewels.

4. Trendy Mehndi Designs For Legs:

A trendy mehandi design of flowers curling up your calf is excellent to look at. It’s easy to make and not very time consuming. However this makes the design a little commonplace since it is opted for by so many. Even then it doesn’t fail to strike you as an excellent tattoo.

5. Gujarati Leg Mehendi Design:

Gujarati mehendi designs are intricately detailed and elaborate. These latest mehandi designs are opted for during weddings because of their overly ornamental look. A mehandi design like this looks great upon your foot. The patterns and lines gives the appearance of an elaborate anklet adorning your leg.

6. Glittery Leg Mehandi Design:

Mehandi designs today are often colored or shaded with glitter. The sparkle of glitter makes the design look vibrant and more alluring. A pattern of flowers running up the length of your leg looks simply great when shaded with some glitter. The mehendi design is easy to make and very conspicuous.

7. Bridal Leg Mehendi Design:

Bridal henna designs are elaborate and heavily ornamental for legs. This mehndi design features several intricately detailed bands that are placed one above the other above your foot. They look like beautiful ornaments that add to your prestige and appearance in marriages.

8. Cute Mehandi Design For Legs:

This type of mehndi designs for legs are simple and cute. Its nothing but a thin curvy line running like a border along the edge of your foot. Its simplicity makes it look cute and different. This is opted for by teenagers more than the elderly.

9. Beautiful Leg Mehndi Design:

A beautiful mehandi design with flowers and diamond shaped patterns look excellent on legs and greatly artistic. This mehandi design is easy to make but the intricate detailing requires a little patience. The overall image is elaborate but not overly flamboyant. This makes the image beautiful rather than gaudy and cluttered.

10. Mughlai Mehendi Design:


Mehendi is the traditional way of decorating ladies legs and hands.Mughal mehndi design is the oldest design which is still in trend among young girls due to its fancy and opulent designs and patterns. It brings out the designs which usually depicts the Mughal eras royal and elegant artwork. It is one of the most common designs used during festive occasion which enlightens the festive mood and brings out the beauty of feet and leg which complements the attire worn by the bride.

11. Kashmir Feet Mehendi Design:


Ladies out there Wondering how to decorate your leg during any festive season? Instead of investing on costly jewelry designing with pretty mehndi work will definitely make it look fashionable and eye catchy. Kashmiri mehndi designs are made up of intricated design pattern which has many entangling and interlacing lines and designs which make it complete but gives a rich look. Mostly worn by bridal and for another festive season, a simple Kashmiri design is suggested. Either a regular mehndi color can be used or to make it more attractive using black mehndi will be a good idea.

12. Multi Colored Mehendi Design:


Mehendi is definitely a traditional and cultural among Indians. But to make it more fashionable and trendy in the recent Modernized world modification are made by making mehndi look more attractive rather just not leaving plain design. By adding a tint of colors by using colored glossy mehndi, colored and glittering stones which can be stuck onto the space formed by the design or a combination of red and mehndi will do wonders.

13. Moroccan Mehendi Design:


Ladies who are looking out of some variety in designing their leg with Mehendi, the best choice would be Moroccan mehndi design. Moroccan design is famous among ladies in middle east countries which resemble similar to Arabic Mehendi designs. In this type of designs instead of floral or ethnic designs, a more geometric pattern with lines and squares Moroccan pattern is build up. Moroccan mehndi can be worn during party due to its modernized look.

14. Indo-Arabic Mehendi Design:


It is a combination design wherein an Arabic design is a pattern outlined and traditional pattern of Indian design is filled in Arabic design which brings out an elegant inter-cultural design. It is a simple design pattern most commonly used during traditional occasion or can also be sued a party wear tattoo on the leg with a small design which goes well with a western outfit.

15. Anklet Mehendi Design:


It is a simple patterned work with floral designs  which resembles like a jewel piece.This type of pattern  is very easy to design and less time consuming.It brings the beauty of feet.The anklet design can be done with red mehendi or a combination of black mehendi and highlighting the floral designs with colors or stones which glows out and act like real a anklet.Most commonly worn by youngsters.

Mehendi will always be a to-do list thing for ladies when it comes to festive season or any traditional festival.For a wedding, it is a tradition of wearing mehndi for the bridal which is no question but also the ladies who are attending the wedding a special stall is created at the hall nowadays just to create more fun during wedding and ladies are happy to decorate their hands.The trend of designing the hands not just of wearing plain Mehendi but also with colors and stones have increased which is a positive growth in preserving our culture. Young girls out there trying out latest tattoo pattern by using mehndi will bring out some fun instead of getting the painful permanent tattoos.

For ladies becoming creative using colors and stones in making mehndi look more colorful and attractive will be great fun and some mind work!!


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