Many of us believe in horoscopes and astrology, and studying these subjects isn’t limited to palm readers or fortune-tellers. You might be a Leo if you are ambitious and generous but a little stubborn at the same time. Every zodiac sign has a ruling body and element. Leo’s are a feisty bunch whose element is fire and are ruled by the Sun. We have curated a list of some of the beautiful Leo tattoo designs that make you look freaking cool.

Without further ado, show off your pride by displaying your Leo-ness in yourself by choosing one design from this article. Read on!

16 Legendary Leo Tattoo Designs:

We have presented you with an array of Leo tattoo design options you can look into before permanently getting one inked. You can even customize the tattoo as per your preference.

1. Minimalist Leo Tattoo On The Arm:

This non-complex broad-line Leo sign tattoo idea is for people who love minimalist designs. Leo’s ruling planet sun, is represented on the top symbol. The bottom symbol is the controlling element, fire, and the sign in the centre is for Leo. This symbol represents the straightforward attitude of Leo, and it looks beautiful when engraved on the rib cage, calf, or forearm.

2. Leo Tattoo Design With A Floral Twist:

This Leo tattoo is an excellent option for females, with an added twist of flowers all through the lines. Fine lines that flow beautifully yet have a disconnected feel make the pattern unique. The addition of small and cute flowers in between the lines adds an elegant touch to the simple design. This design looks beautiful anywhere on the body; choose a site per your preference.

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3. Leo Tattoo Design In Simple Letters:

This small Leo tattoo idea is an excellent option irrespective of gender if you are into simplistic patterns. LEO words are engraved using capital letters in bold font, elevating the design beautifully. The wearer engraves the tattoo on the rib cage, allowing you to cover up the tattoo if needed. You can also show off the tattoo when you are feeling bold.

4. Leo Glyph Symbol Tattoo:

This is a unique Leo tattoo design where the user has gotten a glyph symbol engraved, symbolizing their zodiac sign. The sleek lines used in representing this fiery planet look elegant and stylish. This design can be an excellent option if you are into simple Leo design to determine the fundamentals of one’s personality. Adding a star at one side of the pattern takes it to the next level.

5. Leo Tattoo Design With A Royal Crown:

This Leo zodiac sign tattoo gets a royal look by adding a beautiful crown on the top. The Leo symbol is made using bold lines using black ink, which holds an attractive crown on its head. The crown has intricate patterns and jewels that look exceptional in black ink, but you can use different colors to elevate the crown further.

6. Ferocious Leo Tattoo Design On The Arm:

This humungous Leo tattoo looks realistic and is usually preferred by males. The tattoo is extensive and almost covers the entire arm, from the wrist to the biceps. The blue eyes exude a fierce look that reveals the powerful side of the Leo zodiac sign. Using a beautiful shading effect creates a realistic look demonstrating the wearer’s nature.

7. Simple Leo Symbol Tattoo:

This simple tattoo looks beautiful with small stars along with a circle. This design can be an excellent option for people who loves simple tattoo designs.

8. Double Letter Leo Symbol At The Back Of The Neck:

This is one of the best Leo tattoo designs that look exceptional on everyone, irrespective of gender. The letters LEO are engraved on the back of the neck of the wearer. Instead of bold ink, this design uses lines forming the letters making the pattern unique. Although the placement of this pattern looks good at the back of the neck, you can get it done near the wrist, arm, or bicep.

9. Half Lion And Half Constellation Leo Tattoo:

The prevalence of geometric designs is growing in popularity. For example, this cool Leo tattoo on the wearer’s arm combines the view of a lion on one side and a constellation of Leo on the other side. The line in the center creates a crisp distinction between two different designs. Although these designs look good anywhere on the body, it works exceptionally well on the limbs.

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10. Elegant Leo Tattoos For Men On The Biceps:

This Leo symbol tattoo on the bicep is distinctive to show your admiration and affection for a kid or elder. The heart-shaped nose raised high with a proud visage is showcased beautifully in this design. The addition of a zodiac symbol around the lion gives the entire tattoo a majestic look. It also gives you the impression of deep thought, and the pattern looks very realistic.

11. Leo Zodiac Tattoo Design:

This Leo tattoo is a perfect addition to body art for women, and the art looks good on the back of the neck. This can also be engraved as a Leo thigh tattoo because the sleek design looks good on broad surfaces. The top part of the pattern represents the fire element, the center symbol is for Leo, and the bottom symbol is for the sun element. This vertical tattoo can be engraved on the calves.

12. Wild Leo Lion Tattoo Ideas:

The combination of stars and lion is the unique feature of this cute Leo tattoo and is a popularly chosen pattern by Millenials. The large ferocious lion looks realistic, and the Leo constellation inside the lion looks like a perfect addition to body art. The use of black and grey shading brings out the beauty of this design, and men usually prefer these types of patterns.

13. Simple Leo Tattoo On The Calf:

If you are into simple patterns and their representation in your body art, this feminine Leo tattoo is an excellent addition to your body art. The wearer has the design engraved on the calf where there is a scope of covering up in traditional wear, but you can show it off when you are out on vacation. The use of simple lines and cute dots can be suitable for women of all ages.

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14. Leo Sun Tattoo:

This Leo zodiac tattoo is a perfect representation of tribal art incorporated into the symbol of the Sun, which is a favoured symbol of this zodiac sign. The shine bright Leo sign can be an exceptional body art addition suitable for men and women. Although the design looks good in only black ink, you can also use different color options to brighten the look of your tattoo.

15. Sleek Leo Flower Tattoo:

This Leo tattoo is best suited for girls and young women, primarily because of the beautiful flower on top of the glyph pattern. The use of thick and thin lines to get a glyph pattern with shades of grey makes the symbol stand out against the flower. The wearer used pink for the flower, but you can also use different colors.

16. Cursive Leo Letters With Stars On The Arm:

This Leo sign tattoo uses cursive font to portray the letters LEO. But the addition of the Leo zodiac symbol on one side and stars around them takes the look of this design to another level. The wearer has used black ink to engrave the entire design, but you can use different color shades if you want a unique finish to your tattoo.


A Leo tattoo design can be a perfect way to represent your ambitious nature. We hope the array of options in this article has made the selection process easier for you. Choose a design that suits your personality and your tastes the best. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful.

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