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15 Popular Tattoo Lettering Styles Designs and Fonts

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These days lettering tattoo designs have become increasingly sought after with many people choosing names, words and meaningful sayings to be engraved on their skin. These letter tattoos are an expression of themselves and much thought goes into them before they can become permanently etched. Various lettering styles are available for this purpose to give form and personality to a tattoo that would otherwise look dull and unattractive. Of the most popular fonts used in tattoo designs, Script fonts like calligraphy and handwriting give the tattoo a unique look while Old English fonts give them a dignified look.

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The lettering tattoos have their own attraction with various different fonts they are created with. Either combined with a small piece of art, or simply just alphabets, they give a clear vision of what the wearer wants to show. This kind of tattoos lettering, are carried both for fashion, as well as have a spiritual effect too. So go trendy with the beautiful lettering or naming tattoos this season.

Different Types of  Letters for Tattoo Designs:

Following are the simple and easy lettering tattoo designs of names, words, symbols and fonts with images and meanings for girls, women and men.

1. Memories Creating Letter Tattoos:


This kind of lettering tattoo is created to show the importance of a particular date in one’s life. It can be created on the memory of someone’s death, birth or any other important date which gave a new beginning to one’s life. This design can be created on the back, ribs, or on the hands. Various images can also be attached to it such as a rose, heart, butterfly etc according to what the date specifies. The various uses of fonts and colors make it more attractive.

2. Praying Hand Letter Tattoo Design on Leg:

Praying Hand Letter Tattoo

Tattoos among Christians have also become increasingly popular these days with many opting to express their belief through various types of Christian tattoos. The Praying Hand tattoo is one of the most common Christian tattoos that has found its mark in the ink world. Depicted here is the Praying Hand with the rosary wrapped around it and accompanied by the reverent saying “In God I Trust”. This tattoo is a powerful symbol that idolizes the Christian faith.

3. Tattoo Lettering Quote on Ribs:


This tattoos lettering for men are highly trendy this days among the youth. Though it is also seen on the women body, but is highly used by men. This tattoo is a great combination of small patterns and attractive fonts with curves. The tattoo is made out of a quote, which the wearer believes strongly in his life. This kind of tattoos is mainly created on the hands, back and chest, while woman also carry them on their waist.

4. Tattoo Lettering Designs of Legends Signature:


In this type of tattoo, the lettering styles can be shown clearly. These types of tattoos are inspired by the legends in various fields. The tattoo carries the signature of the legend the wearer is highly influenced by or followed. Some wear signatures of artists, some of actors, authors, freedom fighters etc. The above tattoo shows the signature of the famous music sensation, Michal Jackson, along with his signature poses. This tattoo can be carried out both by man and woman with various different colors.

5. Memento Mori Lettering Tattoo Design for Men:

Memento Mori Tattoo

Memento Mori, Latin for “Remember Death” is a famous work of art. The phrase has its origin in ancient Roman tradition where a servant standing behind a victorious general would whisper this phrase in his ears, to remind him of certain death. The phrase in this tattoo design is symbolized with the human face signifying life and the skull signifying death and the cross above reminding one to make things right with God before they return to dust.

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6. Sanskrit Shloka Letter Tattoo for Girl:


These kinds of tattoo designs are generally named as spiritual tattoos. They are not worn for any fashion statement but for religious purpose. It is a strong believe among many people around the world that having a holy symbol brings good luck and attracts positive energy while leaves negative energy far away from you. These kinds of Sanskrit shloka lettering tattoo have become a great attraction not only for people following Hinduism but people from across the globe. They are carried by both men and women.

7. Tribal Lettering Sleeve Tattoo:


This kind of lettering tattoos are created out of fonts inspired by the geometrical shapes. This tattoo is highly inspired by the tribal caste. The fonts of this tattoo are given a geometric look as the tribal castes used to design their tattoo from. The above tribal tattoo is a combination of alphabets and some tribal designs also. People can use this kind of tattoo to write their names, or a word that specially symbolizes their character.

8. Lettered Tattoos Graffiti  Font:

Lettered Graffiti Tattoo

The public art of graffiti has found its way from street walls to the human body. Graffiti tattoos may incorporate many symbols, words or elements and look just as vibrant and enigmatic as real life graffiti art. This art is highly used when tattoos are created for writing names of the person himself or his loved one. This is one of the beautiful lettering tattoo designs on hands for girls.

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9. Tattoo Lettering Name Design On Hands:

Name Tattoo

Getting the name of your partner or spouse, parents, children and even one’s dog tattooed is one of the most common letter tattoo designs embraced by both men and women. It is a symbol of love and honor and in some cases a perfect tribute to loved ones who have left us for their heavenly abode. These tattoos are designed in a wide assortment of lettering styles and seen here in this tattoo, the name is accompanied by an artistic floral pattern.

10. Tattoo with Initial Letters:

Tattoo with Initials

While some like their names tattooed on their body, others prefer to usually have the first letter of their name initialed. In this design the letter L done in royal engraving is surrounded by two roses and formed into a tattoo bracelet. This lettering tattoo has a ladylike touch and looks quite exquisite.

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11. Tattoo Lettering in Arabic for Men:

Tattoo of Arabic Writing

The Arabic script when transformed into a tattoo design has an artistic elegance to it. Arabic tattoos hold quite a fascination for men and women mainly due to its beautiful calligraphy and they consist primarily of a person’s name or short meaningful words.

12. Tattoo Lettering Forgive Forget on Wrist:

Forgive Forget Tattoo

‘Forgive and Forget’ goes the old saying meaning to forgive one must be willing to forget the wrongdoing of the other. This tattoo is a stark and permanent reminder of this adage that is uniformly done in great lettering style. This tattoo symbolizes the two characteristic a human should adopt in their lifestyle to live a peaceful life. The fonts add to its beauty.

13. Letter Combination Tattoo Design:


This art is famous for tattoo lettering for girls. This tattoo includes various floral, hearts, vine branches, etc designs and also carry a romantic message. This tattoo is widely carried out as a gift for their loved ones. This tattoo is made out of black and red color, giving lovely shades, along with tattoo fonts. The floral pattern and small butterflies carrying the fonts look awesome.

14. Chinese Letter Tattoos for Girls:

Chinese Letter Tattoo

Chinese Letter tattoos are an attractive piece of body art. There is an abundance of character designs available in Chinese writing. Though unrecognizable in meaning they display a unique look. It is however advisable to get the correct Chinese translation of the name, word or meaning to be displayed so that it can be worn with conviction.

15. Scorpio Tattoo Lettering:

Scorpion Tattoo

Having the name of one’s zodiac sign inked on their body is another common practice among those wanting to get it done either for the astrological importance attached to it or simply for its association with their birthdays. This Scorpio design is lettered in old English font and accompanied with the scorpion symbol.

As per the new trend, people are now getting attracted towards lettering tattoos, and above mentioned tattoos are the popular ones among them. They are selected according to the nature of the person who is wearing it on.

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