Tattoos can be addictive because you tend to go back for more once you get one. For example, the Libra star sign is dated back to the old Greek days and is associated with the Themis goddess. Therefore, Themis or Justicus holding the scales and symbols are typical Libra tattoo representations. Libra zodiac is the epitome of integrity and equilibrium and is symbolised by the scales of justice.

This article has curated a list of some of the best zodiac Libra tattoo designs that you can look into before choosing one for yourself. Whether you pick a simple pattern or an elaborate one, tattoos are a permanent reminder of your body; therefore, choose wisely.

20 Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo Designs:

Libra tattoo designs beautifully represent the wearer’s sensible, courteous, and always compliant nature. People in this star sign always put the happiness of others before themselves. Let us go through this article for some designs.

1. Fine Libra Zodiac Sign Tattoo:

If you are looking for a libra arm tattoo done with simple lines that blend in with your body beautifully, this design is the one for you. The use of thin lines in this tattoo for the scales makes it look slender, and women prefer these patterns. One side of the scale has the sun, and the other has a moon. These beautifully depict the balance between them.

2. Attractive Libra Zodiac Symbol Tattoo:

This simple libra zodiac sign design on the arm is elevated beautifully with bold lines. Though the centre of this entire pattern is the glyph representation of the Libra, the uniqueness comes with the addition of cute little vines on both ends, along with simple dot patterns. This tattoo design looks impressive on anyone, irrespective of gender.

3. Cute Libra Zodiac Tattoo Near The Elbow:

This is another example of libra zodiac tattoo ideas for guys, especially those who love simple yet elegant designs. This tattoo combines glyph and libra scales that beautifully blend in. In addition, the use of bold yet sleek lines makes the tattoo stand out yet doesn’t look gaudy.

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4. Striking Libra Zodiac Balance Tattoo:

Tattoos are nothing but beautiful and permanent representations of what we love. This tattoo is where the wearer has incorporated a knife with balance on either side. This is one of the perfect zodiac libra tattoos for men, especially for those who love macho stuff. But, if you wish to experiment, there is no gender for a tattoo.

5. Bold Libra Zodiac Tribal Tattoo:

Although several libra tattoos have balance, this one looks exceptional because it blends bold lines with a feminine touch. The stand-in centre that holds both the balance is bent in the centre, giving it a slender feel. In addition, the word Libra is written under the pattern in a cursive letter that further beautifies the design.

6. Cursive Minimalist Libra Sign Tattoo:

If you want a simple libra zodiac sign tattoo without adding elements or representations, go with engraving the word Libra. This tattoo can be a perfect addition to your body art that is done in cursive letters. It blends in with any other tattoos you have, or it looks elegant if it is the only one.

7. Simple Zodiac Libra Tattoo Small:

If you are looking for a simple sun sign symbol for a libra tattoo, this one is an excellent choice and is the most prevalent. The uniqueness of this design is that you can engrave it anywhere, and it can be simple to get because of its size. In addition, the wearer has used red ink instead of black, which also adds to its charm.

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8. Cool Libra Zodiac Tattoos Near The Ankle:

The scale is one of the popular libra tattoo designs which reminds you to remain centred in life and attracts positive energy. This design is pretty simple and uses simple patterns to form the scale and looks exceptional on the ankle nape, depending on the visibility you want and the size you prefer.

9. Carefree Libra Zodiac Images Tattoo:

Finger tattoos are pretty painful to get but are also quite common. This handsome libra emblem on the finger is for people who want to go on the minimalistic path, no muss, no fuss. This tattoo looks good anywhere on your body, depending on the size you pick and is gender-neutral.

10. Libra Sign Tattoo With Sun And Moon:

This libra scale design might look basic, but it has unique design elements that stand out. The scale is detailed and has a realistic appearance, making it a perfect addition to your body art. In addition, the use of the sun and moon on either side of the scale is an ideal representation of balance, a unique feature of this star sign.

11. Basic Libra Sign Tattoo Design:

This simple libra glyph looks upside down to the onlooker but in the proper way for the wearer. The addition of a Viking symbol, and two downward arrows meaning “create your reality”, gives this simple tattoo design a unique depth. The use of simple lines makes this tattoo suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender.

12. Libra Zodiac Tattoo With A Date:

This is yet another zodiac libra hand tattoo that is pretty simple but uses lines that look lines crayon marks instead of bold lines. In addition, the wearer has added a date below the glyph symbol that might be an important day which makes the tattoo more personal and memorable.

13. Attractive Zodiac Libra Goddess Tattoo:

This is one of the best libra sign tattoo designs for ladies, which attributes to peace and harmony, the Lady Justice epitomizing the sign. The eyes of the lady are blindfolded, and her back has a beautiful glyph. The woman in this tattoo embodies the personality of Librans beautifully.

14. Elaborate Libra Star Sign Tattoo:

This is a perfect geometric libra tattoo, especially if you want a recognisable idea to depict your star sign. You can represent the pattern of a libra constellation in a minimalistic manner, and you can get it anywhere because of its versatility. The addition of scales to the star alignment is another design that makes it unique.

15. Straightforward Zodiac Libra Tattoo Meaning:

You can get a tattoo anywhere on your body, shape, and size as per your personal preference. This zodiac Libra design is for people who love simple patterns without too much going on. The simple letters on the arm look decent and don’t pop out. If you want something different, you can experiment with fonts before getting them engraved. Experimenting with colors is another option to add colour to this design.

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16. Libra Zodiac Finger Tattoos:

This is yet another libra finger tattoo suitable for anyone, irrespective of gender and age. The wearer has already had a few other elements engraved onto the other fingers making the libra pattern blend in beautifully. So again, irrespective of gender, this tattoo looks beautiful on anyone and is suitable anywhere on the body.

17. Cute Fairy Tale Libra Zodiac Tattoo:

Suppose you are a fan of outstanding work incorporated into your body art. In that case, this libra back tattoo is an ideal choice. Though the scales commonly represent the Libra sun sign, the uniqueness comes from cute little rabbits on either side of the rankings. In addition, the use of a splash of colours gives this design a realistic look.

18. Precise Libra Sign Sleeve Tattoo:

The libra scale is one of the popular designs and is central to the representation of its nature. This design epitomises everything that is impartial and appropriate, often known as the scales of justice. This entire design can be the base that accentuates other zodiac libra tattoo designs or looks beautiful on its own.

19. Easy Libra Zodiac Sign Wrist Tattoo:

Suppose you are looking for a libra zodiac sign tattoo design dainty, minimalistic, and safe choice. In that case, this design can be an ideal choice. The libra symbol, a glyph, also looks like a rising sun representing the beginning of a beautiful day. Ankle, the wrist can be the perfect place to get this tattoo, allowing you to either show off or cover it at your convenience.

20. Expressive Libra Zodiac with Flower:

This is one of the best libra forearm tattoos with a feminine touch. The constellation of Libra has flowers instead of stars which brings the entire tattoo closer to nature. The addition of a glyph symbol of the zodiac Libra is a perfect addition to representing Libran’s personality beautifully.


Inscribing a Libra zodiac tattoo design can perfectly represent your personality, artistic taste, and individuality. But since there is no turning back once you get a tattoo, it is always better to do proper research on what you want from a tattoo. We hope the Libra zodiac tattoo designs presented in this article will make your choice easier. Don’t forget to let us know if you found this article helpful!

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