A few years back, only one or two options were available in the menstrual products section – either pads or tampons. But recent years have witnessed a more revolutionary product introduced: the menstrual cups. These menstrual cups have changed the game in mainstream feminine markets. They are flexible cup-shaped products to wear inside during the cycle. Many believe these are more ideal than the other products, given the characteristics of comfort, ease, and environmental friendliness.

Today, we are doing a round-up on the best menstrual period cup for women. These have a wide range and easily fit both beginners and older women.

Vaginal Cups: 10 Best Period Cups for Teens (Reusable & Disposable):

Let’s go ahead and explore the most efficient and popular brands in menstrual cup products in the world.

1. Lena Menstrual Cup:


The Lena cup is among the most popular brand globally for a menstrual cup. Whether you need a small-size cup or a large one, you can find different variants in the brand. It is super soft and smooth on the skin, effortless to use, and comfortably fits in during your cycle. This menstrual cup is a good choice for both beginners, teenagers, and experienced adults. It is made with environmentally friendly silicone and is suitable for regular use with zero waste.

2. Saalt Menstrual Cup:


The Saalt menstrual cup for women is another globally popular choice among women. These reusable cups brand is an excellent alternative to your regular tampons, which last at least ten years. They are durable, comfortable, and ideal for women across age groups. The saalt cup is very soft on the skin and is easy to insert – most often; you can get comfortable enough to forget about it. In addition, they help you have an odour-free and leak-free period. Women who have smaller or tilted uterus mostly recommend these cups.

3. Cora Menstrual Disc:


The Cora menstrual reusable disc for women has changed the game entirely in the world. It’s an innovative design, and slightly different shapes and dimensions make it easier to insert and remove. The disc sits just at the base of the cervix and fits in comfortably in most bodies. Many women reviewed that this menstrual disk is a good choice for beginners. Many views they are among the best comfortable menstrual cup.

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4. Pixie Menstrual Cup:

Pixie cups are a fantastic choice for women who have a higher cervix. Although they also have a variant for those with a low cervix, these soft cups are perfect for a friendly and comfortable period cycle throughout. The leak-proof rim of the vaginal cup protects and seals well during the cycle and gives a confident feel. It works well for women across age groups. However, one con is most women do not love the stem.

5. Softdisc Disposable Period Discs:


The new in the market are these soft disposable menstrual period discs. Like disposable cups, these types of period discs are designed for your use and throw requirement. It gives good protection for up to 12 hours and stays comfortably for a long. In addition, as the name suggests, they sit very softly on the skin without any inconvenience. They also come with discreet bags for disposal. If you are a woman who finds it challenging to regularly wash your cup, this soft disc cup is perfect.

6. Intima Lily Cup Menstrual Cup:


If you have a high cervix and are looking for very soft and thin alternatives, the lily cup is ideal. It accommodates your period days comfortably and protects you during light and heavy flows. The spill-proof rim allows you to seamlessly carry on with your daily active lifestyle. In addition, it sits comfortably for more extended periods, and further also provides an odour-free experience.

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7. Hello Women’s Reusable Menstrual Cup:


Another popular brand of menstrual cups in this segment is the Hello reusable cup. The cup comes in different colours and variants, and fits in seamlessly for women across age groups. The hello cup is soft and comfortable, sits in well. The inner rim of the menstrual cup further protects against the leak and helps for an effortless feel, while the easy bottom stem or pull-tab lets you use it seamlessly. Many also regard this as the best menstrual period cup for heavy flow.

8. Venus Menstrual Cup:


Another brand in menstrual cups for women is Venus. This reusable, affordable, budget-friendly cup with high capacity is ideal for women with medium to high flow. They are also beginner-friendly and come with comfortable use and a soft feel on the skin. The stem of the menstrual cup helps for a sturdy insertion and removal, and the rim prevents any leakage. In addition, it has a perfect grip and sits comfortably.

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9. OrganiCup Menstrual Cup:


The OrganiCup, as you may guess from the name, is from cent perfect soft medical-grade silicone and vegan. The cup is also hypoallergenic and is among the top-rated m-cups online. In addition, an organic menstrual cup is healthier and does not cause any dryness or infections. Although many views that this may not be ideal for beginners and first-time users, other experienced adults find it very comfortable to use. It has no leaks is comfortable to use, and is exceptionally soft.

10. Diva Cup:


Another very popular brand globally is the Diva cup. The reusable menstrual cup is among the top brand in the United States and other regions, and many women vote for it for a very comfortable experience and feel. The Diva menstrual cup adds to extended hours of protection without feeling any discomfort inside the skin. It is leak-proof, easy to use, insert/remove, and doesn’t cause irritation.

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We hope you got an idea about the most popular menstrual cups and their associated benefits. With the growing consciousness and awareness among women, m-cups are often seen as a perfect alternative towards an active lifestyle. So, check these out, and pick one according to your choice to make a wise shift!


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