The line ‘Jumping up and down in the muddy puddles’ is Peppa Pig’s favourite thing to do in the world, and Peppa also keeps learning many new things daily. So introduce the fun and educational Peppa Pig toys to your children while taking them on a lovely learning journey. There is an ideal toy for every kid, whether a plush toy, a Peppa Pig family home, a Peppa Pig playground set and many more. The entertaining and popular Peppa TV series inspires these fantastic toys.

If your kids are fans of Peppa, then it is time you go through the list we have curated and choose the one your kid will like the most. Read on!

15 Popular Peppa Pig Toys:

Here is a list of some of the famous and entertaining Peppa Pig toys available in the market that are entertaining and educations. Go through the list thoroughly before making a choice.

1. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Picnic Playset:


One of the popular Peppa pig toys on Amazon is the picnic playset since Peppa pig and Suzy sheep love picnics. So let your little ones join for a day of frolic and fun by getting this Adventures picnic playset. This set comes with two duck figurines, a pie, a grill, scooters, a picnic table, a basket, and a duck pond. You can make the duckies swim by turning on the dial. Furthermore, you can find some lovely treats by flipping open the tops of the accessories.

2. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Ice Cream Truck:


Irrespective of age and gender, we all love ice cream, especially kids. The Peppa pig toys, which include an Ice cream truck, are a hit among kids because they can pretend to drive it. The truck set includes exciting accessories and a Peppa pig figurine dressed up as an ice cream seller. In addition, the toy makes your kid’s playtime more engaging with the help of the rolling wheels. The opening on one side of the truck doubles up as an ice cream stand or a table. Furthermore, the sounds coming from pressing the steering wheel can be an entertaining option for pre-schoolers.

3. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Outside Fun Preschool Toy:


This fun school preschool toy can be an excellent option if you are looking for Peppa pig toys for toddlers. This toy allows pre-schoolers to pretend to play Peppa pig’s playground scenes. The set includes a swing and seesaw you can operate manually in addition to Peppa pig and Rebecca rabbit figurines. The product is easy to clean, and the figures are durable.

4. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Balloon Park Preschool Toy:


This lovely Balloon park preschool toy playset lets your child enjoy the activities Peppa pig does since she is all decked up in a balloon-themed dress. You can give your kid’s imagination wings and let them be creative. This playset comes with a ladder with a corkscrew set, balloon ride, tire swing, spinning roundabout, dino slide and a seesaw.

5. Peppa Pig Toys Peppa’s Carry-Along Friends Toy Set:


Suppose you are looking for multiple figurines in a Peppa pig playset. In that case, this Peppa’s carry-along friends toy set can be an ideal choice. This toy set allows your kids to pretend to play with all of Peppa pig’s buddies, including Candy cat, Suzy sheep, Danny dog and Peppa pig. This toy set also comes with a portable carry case which helps your kids store the figurines conveniently.

6. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Swimming Pool Fun Playset Preschool Toy:


If you are looking for innovative play ideas for your kids, then this Peppa pig Peppa’s swimming pool fun playset can be an ideal choice. This toy helps you enact all your favourite scenes from the TV series. An ice cream dish, a food tray, a diving board, a pool tube and a Peppa figurine in a swimming costume are included in this play set. Furthermore, your kid can feed the yummy toy snacks and make the Peppa toy jump from the diving board. The pool house doubles as a storage for pool accessories upon closing the door. You can play with this toy anywhere because the handle makes it portable.

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7. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Ferris Wheel Playset Preschool Toy Figure and Accessory:


Let your kid experience the joy of attending a fair by getting a Peppa Pig Peppa’s Ferris wheel playset. Three-inch tall Peppa figurine and four attractive and colourful empty baskets are included in this playset. The playtime becomes more enjoyable when the kids place all the figures in the empty baskets and twirl the wheel manually, making the playtime more enjoyable.

8. Peppa Pig Toys Oink-Along Songs Peppa, Singing Peppa Pig Plush Doll:


This Peppa pig plush doll is ready to be cuddled singing doll that comes in an attractive red shimmery dress. It also entertains your child with melodies by holding a mic in one hand. This toy takes inspiration from the animated TV series and can sing three songs and say three phrases. When you press the tummy, the doll laughs, giggles, oinks and snorts.

9. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Adventures Peppa’s Family Motorhome Preschool Toy:


Let your kids go on a beautiful holiday trip in their motorhome by introducing your little one to the Peppa Pig family home. The kit includes 13 themed accessories and four articulated figurines for hours of fun, primarily when the motorhome converts into an RV playset. Some attractive accessories stored inside the bus are a movable kitchen, a toilet and a campfire. In addition, by pressing the steering wheel, your little one can enjoy different sounds.

10. Peppa Pig & Friends Sweet Day Ice Cream Toy Playset:


Let your kids enjoy a lazy afternoon with Peppa pig and her friends at an ice cream party with this Peppa pig and friends’ sweet day ice cream toy playset. Peppa pig, Mummy pig, candy cat, Rebecca rabbit and a bonus mystery friend are the five articulated figurines included in this set. Furthermore, a shady umbrella table and a menu stand are included in this playset.

11. Peppa Pig Shopping Mall with Family:


A shopping mall is where everybody can have fun, whether adults or kids. So if your kids are fans of going to a shopping mall, then this Peppa pig shopping mall with family can be a unique option. This play kit features George, Daddy, Mummy pig, Peppa pig figures, and working elevators. You can give the toys a dramatic makeover in the dressing room, play with the toys on the slide into the ball pit or reed horse. Another unique feature of this toy is that you can connect it in multiple ways.

12. Peppa Pig Toys Wooden Family Figures:


These wooden Peppa pig toys or figures are a perfect option for kids of all ages since they are durable. In addition, you can improve the creativity of your kids by imagining several adventures with the toys. Dressed in their iconic outfits are Mummy pig, daddy pig, Peppa, and George, included in this play kit. These toys are compatible with other Peppa Pig, sold separately.

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13. Peppa Pig Dress & Talk Figure Set:


Is your kid a fan of dressing up? Then this Peppa pig dress and talk figure set can be an excellent gifting option. This kit includes four complete dress-up accessories and outfits, which are large talking Peppa figures, a teddy bear, black shoes, a classic red dress, a raincoat, a rain hat, rain boots, a tutu, princess tiara, pyjamas, ballerina shoes, three sheets of stickers and sunglasses. So, this toy set can be a great gift, whether for a girl or a boy who loves Peppa pig.

14. Peppa Pig Wooden Deluxe Playhouse:


This Peppa Pig wooden deluxe playhouse is perfect, with three levels and eight rooms to discover. This toy comes with 29 accessories and gives a lot of space to explore and play, whether pre-schoolers or kids above three years old. This playset includes an oven, refrigerator, wardrobe, piano, bunk beds, toilet, couch, table, TV, easel, and a tub which can be very entertaining.

15. Peppa Pig Peppa’s Bedtime Lullabies Singing Plush Doll:

This Peppa Pig plush toy yawns, snores, giggles, sings three songs and says three phrases. This plush toy is a lovely and snuggly option for your kid’s quiet time, where Peppa pig is holding a teddy-bear accessory while wearing pink pyjamas. You can bring the Peppa to life with a simple activation by pressing on the tummy.

How to Choose The Best Peppa Pig Toys:

Here is the list of things you will have to keep in mind that will help you purchase a Peppa pig toy for your kids. They are:

  • If you want to engage your kids actively, choose interactive playsets which can help your kids recreate Peppa Pig’s world in real-time.
  • Choose a Peppa Pig toy with lights and sounds, making authentic sounds and phrases, giving your kids a real-time experience.
  • You can also use the Peppa pig toys for educational purposes since Peppa Pig resonates with children widely.
  • Last but not least, the toy’s quality plays a prominent role in the toy’s durability. Your kids will get a longer and better playing experience with a higher-quality product.

Cartoons have been and will always be part and parcel of kid’s life. Peppa Pig is a TV cartoon series popular among kids globally, making playtime more entertaining. This is where the list of Peppa Pig toys mentioned in this article will help you choose the perfect toy for your kid. Ensure to keep your kid’s age in mind when buying a toy. Don’t forget to let us know if you found the article helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Who is the creator of Peppa Pig?

The world of Peppa Pig was born in 2000 as a brainchild of Neville Astley and Mark Baker. The duo borrowed money and brought the whole idea of Peppa Pig alive on TV with the help of producer Phil Davies.

Q2. Who are the main characters in the Peppa Pig cartoon series?

Peppa’s female pig lives with her Daddy pig, Mummy pig, and her brother George. Peppa’s world also has her friends, Suzy sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Zoe Zebra, Pedro Pony and school teacher Miss Gabrielle and many more characters.


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