Rainbow Sandals are very much preferred these days by all because of their style statement and the comfort that these sandals come with. Rainbow Sandals Inc. was formed in California in the year 1974. These manufacturers procure sandals for men, women and children. These are usually made up of hemp, leather and Rubber. The pair of sandals if worn by someone conforms to their feet and makes them feel very cool. These can be easily cleaned and are very affordable.

9 Best Men’s and Women’s Rainbow Sandals:

Let us find out Top 9 Rainbow sandals.

1. Rainbow Sandals for Men:

These are the best made sandals for all. Rainbow brand sandals are majorly preferred by men and women because of their comfortable and easy fit and its mix up with style. Apart from this it is very lightweight so if you are planning for a picnic near a watercourse or beach, these are your perfect partners.

2. Signature Rainbow Sandal:

Black creates a statement like no other color does. These black rainbow sandals look very gorgeous and of course come in single and double layered patterns. The underside of the sandal’s strap is also lined with very soft leather so that it goes easy on your feet.

3. Rubber Style Rainbow Sandal:

The new rainbow sandals that are being preferred by mostly women were rubber sandals. These rubber sandals come in a lot of colors and textures and patterns. Generally double stitched, these are bonded with nylon thread and the straps are usually made of soft leather as rubber can be harmful to your skin.

4. Rainbow Sandals for Women:

The rainbow womens sandals come in designs of sandals, shoes and boots. They look high quality and come with a warranty as well. Apart from that, they can be repaired, reused and recycled. This pattern is making it absolutely Eco-friendly.

5. The Kids Grom Bows:

The kids rainbow sandals are very comfortable for kids and very safe for their soft delicate feet. These shoes come in leather and rubber material. These sandals come in colors like black, brown, pink and even combinations of these colors. They are greatly preferred for beaches so that kids can play in beach sand as much as they want.

6. Flower pattern Rainbow Sandal:

These rainbow sandals for kids look very pretty as they are not of the classical design. They are loaded with embellishments and flowers to give them a more aesthetic look. Kids love these sandals for their beauty and ease.

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7. Multicolor Rainbow Sandal:

Colorful rainbow sandals are usually preferred by kids. Pink rainbow sandals are quite new to the market and thus greatly admired by kids and elders. These are soft and spongy, with a suave, comfy strap made of neoprene. The toe piece is sealed with a box X stitch and stitched with welded nylon thread.

8. Braided Rainbow Sandal:

A unique design of rainbow leather sandals is that they have braided straps. These straps too are very easy for the feet as the underside is made up of pigskin leather. Apart from these, you can find various patterns on these sandals like a camouflage pattern is a very common choice among the younger generation.

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9. Classic Rainbow Sandal:

The classics brown rainbow sandals come in Tan brown color. They provide you with a great grip and support like other rainbow sandals. The strap is also very soft so that it doesn’t hurt your foot.

Rainbow brand sandals come in three varieties of Hemp, Leather and rubber. These are very soft and give a perfect fit to your feet so you don’t really have to worry about these hurting you. Besides these are environment friendly and can be worn in all weathers.

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