Rangolis are synonymous with bright colours and innovative designs as they adorn the entrance to almost all homes in India during the festival of Diwali as well as other Indian festivals. This ancient art has been passed down from generation to generation and is almost performed as a ritual. These rangolis are usually made to welcome the blessings and goodwill of the Goddess Lakshmi into homes. A rangoli can be of various shapes and sizes and can be as colourful or somber too. The following designs however concentrate more on rangoli patterns without the use of dots.

Rangoli Designs Without Dots:

The Full Circle:

This rangoli is huge and the circular shape makes it a standout. The use of a variety of colors also makes it a showpiece. The two shades of blue (a lighter and darker shade) along with a lime green, orange, red and yellow makes it truly artistic. The intricate patterns created with white are quite masterfully done and enhance the look of the rangoli significantly.

The Swirling Effect:

This rangoli is truly representative of the spirit of Diwali – vibrant, colourful and full of life. The use of the primary colors in a sort of a wave-like fashion just makes it look that much more interesting.     The white embellishments just add something extra to the overall design. This rangoli requires someone with skill to do justice to it as there is a close attention to detail required.

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The Peacock Design:

This relatively mid-sized rangoli has a lot of character to it. The entire middle section has been designed with some really beautiful and vibrant colors. The pattern surrounding the middle section is more subtle, thereby allowing the other part of it to really stand out, and for good reason. The peacock shape has been done wonderfully and requires a lot of patience and artistic skills.

The Diya-inspired Design:

This rangoli utilizes some vibrant hues to create a design that is subtle yet powerful. The contrast of colors makes it stand out. The use of yellow, black and orange makes it look very regal in a way. The use of ‘diyas’ in the design helps enhance the entire rangoli pattern and gives it that festive touch. Therefore, there is something very elaborate yet subtle about the design that makes it very good to look at.

The Artistic Rangoli:

This rangoli has been done so well and the use of color makes it stand out even more. The white background makes the entire design truly stand out. The use of yellow, red, green and blue to give shape to some interesting patterns has been done quite well. Each layer of the overall design has something unique to offer. The patterns and shapes on each layer are different and they complement each other very well.

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The Majestic:

This rangoli design is truly majestic as it comes alive with the use of the color gold. The subtle colors used in this design highlight the lotus design in the middle. The use of soft hues like purple, powder blue and green, among others prevent the rangoli from looking too garish. However, the design is elevated by the use of gold in the circumference. It just makes the rangoli look very expensive and well-made.

The Layered Flower Design:

This rangoli design is truly beautiful to behold. The use of colors to create the mirror-image of the central flower design makes it a winner. The predominant color in the design is yellow and its different shades. Therefore, the other colors perfectly complement the predominant yellow color.

The Lord Ganesh Rangoli:

This rangoli design only makes use of three main colors – a fuchsia pink, deep purple and red. However, the use of white helps complete the overall design. The strategic placement of Lord Ganesha in the middle makes it perfect for homes to adopt this rangoli pattern for Diwali.

The Pot-inspired Design:

This pot-inspired design is subtle, colorful and masterfully created. The use of colors that match, in an odd way albeit has been done cleverly. Only if you observe the design will you truly notice the use of the pots which are used for festivals.

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