Sanskrit is called the “Mother OF All Languages” and holds great importance among the other Indian languages. All the most significant epics, like Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Vedas, are written in Sanskrit and said to be the divine language. Written in Devanagari script, Sanskrit paved the way for discovering many Indian languages. Getting Sanskrit quotes, mantras and other symbols inked on the body is now considered fashionable. Each word or motif used in these tattoos is mighty in its sound and holds great symbolic importance. This article will explore the most creative Sanskrit tattoo designs and ideas for embellishments to your tattoo.

Why are Sanskrit Tattoos So Popular?

With just 1% of the Indian population proficient in the Sanskrit language, many states have started spreading awareness to protect the language from becoming extinct. Many artists developed creative ways of expressing their love and respect for this ancient language. Symbols like the Om, Mandalas and Chakras are widely used as tattoo designs across the globe. It is also surprisingly good to hear that Indian’s fascination with Chinese and exotic tattoos of words written are slowly being replaced by Sanskrit fonts, names and important quotes from Indian epics.

Different Sanskrit Tattoo Designs With Meanings:

Sanskrit tattoos are famous in India and worldwide, especially in American countries. The various curvy fonts make it more attractive with a beautiful meaning. Here are the 17 best Sanskrit tattoo designs and meanings for men and women that you can avail of.

1. Sanskrit Mother Tattoo Design:

A tattoo with a single word in Hindi and an image behind it is a standard yet excellent Sanskrit tattoo design. The picture helps laypeople who don’t know Sanskrit understand its meaning more quickly. It also makes the tattoo more attractive and alluring.

  • Best Suitable For: This single-letter design significantly impacts both men and women who love their mothers the most!
  • Preferable Ink: The base can be kept red with hints of black
  • Where: Get it done on the side of your wrist
  • Size: A small-sized design looks like a charm
  • Skin Tone: Suits Fair skin tones

2. Peace In Sanskrit Tattoos On Neck:

Peace in Sanskrit is ‘Shanti’. It is a common enough word that most people know its meaning. Even then, the Devanagari script manages to make the tattoo look exquisite rather than plain. You can write the comment Shanti once or repeat it thrice, as in most Sanskrit hymns and shlokas. This is one of the best tattoos in Sanskrit writing.

  • Best Suitable For: This Sanskrit tattoo is for all peace-loving men and women!
  • Preferable Ink: Keep the lettering done in black
  • Where: Go for the back of your neck
  • Size: Use smaller fonts for this design
  • Skin Tone: Suits Fair and lighter skin tones

3. Hope In Sanskrit Tattoo Design On Wrist:

Hope in Sanskrit is ‘Asha’. Written in the Devanagari script, this, too, makes for an excellent tattoo design. The best part is that it does not just look good but denotes virtuous morals too! This simple tattoo is highly carried out on the wrist or the neck. This tattoo also gives an inspirational message that one should not lose hope in life or lose faith in God. This is very beautifully tattooed on the wrist, mostly liked by young girls and is one of the best Sanskrit tattoo designs for beginners.

  • Best Suitable For: For men and women who have an “Asha “ or hope in their lives, this is the best design
  • Preferable Ink: A basic black is better
  • Where: Use a horizontal design on the wrist
  • Size: Keep it in a small size
  • Skin Tone: Suits Fair and lighter skin tones

4. Circular Om Tattoo Design Of Inscriptions:

Om is the most famous of all Sanskrit words. Meditators use it worldwide to calm one’s nerves and put one’s soul to ease. It refers to the battle cry of Lord Shiva. The word has brought peace to many men as well as women all over the world. Many Sanskrit hymns begin with this word, and thus many tattoo designers take these lines and, writing them creatively in a circular fashion, come up with excellent tattoo designs. This is one such example.

  • Best Suitable For: The Mandala style Sanskrit tattoo is suitable for women who like to add an artistic element to their bodies.
  • Preferable Ink: Keep it in black with the Mandala art in red
  • Where: Get it done in your back area
  • Size: Choose a large-sized design
  • Skin Tone: Suits lighter skin tones

5. Simple Om Sanskrit Tattoo Designs:

The word Om alone holds a lot of power too. You need not add other words of a hymn’s line to it or any other sort of embellishment. The term, which is nought but a letter of the Devanagari script, makes for an excellent tattoo. Om is a symbol of peace. In this tattoo, the Om symbol is surrounded by the Gayatri Mantra. The flames coming out of the symbol represent the sun, one of the pious Gods of Hinduism. This is also one of the popular Sanskrit tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For The Ganesha style Sanskrit tattoo is generally preferred by men who are strongly connected with Hinduism
  • Preferable Ink: Opt for a simple black coloured ink
  • Where: Hands or arms
  • Size: Choose a medium to the large-sized image
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and fair skin tones

6. Name Sanskrit Tattoo Designs:

Another typical design would be getting your or someone close to your name tattooed in Sanskrit. It would look excellent due to the script’s beauty and need not intimidate others with its hefty and overly deep implications. As it is done in a bold pattern, it renders a 3D look to the tattoo. Name tattoo designs are one of the popular small Sanskrit tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For This Sanskrit-style name tattoo is suitable for men who wish to get the name of their sweetheart inked!
  • Preferable Ink: Go for a bolder ink in black colour
  • Where: Choose the wrist area
  • Size: A medium-sized design is preferable
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and fair skin tones

7. Buddhist Sanskrit Tattoos:

Sanskrit tattoos are opted for by several monks. An excellent design for them has the image of a Buddha hiding behind a Sanskrit character. The Buddha is a symbol of peace, love and sacrifice, and so does this tattoo symbolize. The Sanskrit symbol itself symbolizes peace. The beautiful designs in the symbol make it more attractive. This is one of the most famous Sanskrit Buddha tattoo designs for monks and others who love the lord Buddha.

  • Best Suitable For: This unisex design is for those who follow Hindu and Buddhist principles.
  • Preferable Ink: Choose a black coloured ink
  • Where: A wide area like the back or arm offers a suitable base for this tattoo
  • Size: Large design can help in capturing the details well
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and fair skin tones.

8. Popular Gayatri Mantra Sanskrit Words Tattoo On Shoulder:

Gayatri mantra is one of the most pious and commonly known Sanskrit hymns. It is repeated in many prayer houses across India. Its meaning, like all other hymns, is divine too. It can be inked in various artistic ways, making your meaningful tattoo look great. This is a simple but latest Sanskrit tattoo design with creativity. Gayatri Mantra is one of the best Sanskrit words for tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For: The Gayatri Mantra is one of the best Sanskrit tattoo designs for men and women who wish to get the powerful hymn inked on their bodies for positive vibes.
  • Preferable Ink: Go for a black coloured ink
  • Where: The area beneath your shoulders is perfect for this tattoo
  • Size: A decent-sized image must be chosen for better visibility of letters
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and fair skin tones

9. Sanskrit Quotes For Tattoos About Life:

This kind of Sanskrit phrase tattoo gives a beautiful quote on life. The meaning of this tattoo is “Life is a beautiful struggle”. This phrase is decorated with beautiful curves and some henna design outlines. The dark black ink gives it a bold look. This tattoo can also be carried on the back, shoulders, or neck. However, the girls generally carry it on their waist to give the curvy design a marvellous look.

  • Best Suitable For: If you love life, this meaningful unisex tattoo is just for you!
  • Preferable Ink: Go for black coloured ink with hints of colour if you wish to
  • Where: Get it done on the chest
  • Size: A reasonably sizeable sized design would be ideal
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and fair skin tones

10. Sanskrit Shloka Tattoo Designs For Women:

This kind of Sanskrit tattoo meaning is related to human relations. The above tattoo means, “either scholarship or death will be my refuge”. You can make the phrases linked with helix and flames. This conveys that no matter the situation, the person is always protected by god. This tattoo is generally made on the arms, back or shoulders. When inked with different colours, also looks beautiful. This tattoo shows a pious and caring relationship between the brothers and sisters.

  • Best Suitable For: If you are a hard-working and meticulous person, go for this unisex Sanskrit tattoo
  • Preferable Ink: Black coloured ink would be perfect
  • Where: You can choose the area beneath your neck, arms, back or even shoulders
  • Size: Opt for a medium-sized design
  • Skin Tone: Suits all skin tones

11. Devotional Sanskrit Tattoos For Man:

These kinds of Sanskrit tattoo ideas are gaining popularity among youngsters. This is a large spiritual collage tattoo that is a combination of various religious symbols and Sanskrit fonts. This tattoo symbolizes peace, love, sacrifice, devotion, power etc. It is one of the best Sanskrit tattoo designs for men’s arms.

  • Best Suitable For: Suits both men and women who have an affinity towards Hindu philosophies
  • Preferable Ink: Grey and Black shades
  • Where: Go for your arms
  • Size: Opt for a large-sized image to flaunt it
  • Skin Tone: Suits light skin tones

12. Shivling With Sanskrit Shloka Tattoo:

This is one of the famous Sanskrit tattoos. This tattoo includes the portrait of Lord Shiva’s face with his third eye open, the Trishul, his divine weapon and the Mrityunjay Shloka below it. Lord Shiva is the ultimate destroyer. Hence, this tattoo symbolizes the power to destroy. The beautiful dark and light colour shades make it more attractive. This tattoo is highly carried on the back and shoulders. These Sanskrit tattoos are widely seen on the Aghoris, as Lord Shiva is their inspiration. The Mrityunjay Shloka, written in beautiful fonts, add to its beauty.

  • Best Suitable For: The Shivling tattoo is generally for men who are ardent devotees of Shiva and believe in his powers
  • Preferable Ink: Go for deeper black shades
  • Where: Choose your chest or arms for this design
  • Size: A large-sized image can offer the best look
  • Skin Tone: Suits light skin tones

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13. Authentic Musical Sanskrit Tattoos For Guys:

This kind of Sanskrit script tattoo is very trendy. This tattoo combines Sanskrit script, musical notes and a guitar. This tattoo is widely carried out by music lovers who are passionate about guitar. The Sanskrit script also means the same. The musical notes and the shloka written are beautifully curved in dark black ink, making it more eye-catchy. This tattoo can be worn by both men and women, mainly on the wrist or arms. This tattoo also communicates that the Bhajans and shlokas formerly introduced music.

  • Best Suitable For: Suitable for men, this music tattoo is one of the most creative Sanskrit designs.
  • Preferable Ink: Keep it in black for better attention
  • Where: Go for your arms or your back
  • Size: A large-sized image is preferable
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and light skin tones

14. Sanskrit Tattoo Lotus Flower On Arm:

This lotus Sanskrit tattoo design is widely carried out by the saints related to the Iscon temple worldwide. The lotus is a pious flower held in the hands of Shri Krishna and Shri Radha in Iscon temples. The Sanskrit Shloka enchants the pious mantra “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, also known as the moksha mantra. This is a beautiful combination of Sanskrit shloka and Hindu symbols. Hence this tattoo symbolizes peace, eternity and love. This tattoo also motivates one to leave the world and forgive himself in the divine world of Shri Krishna.

  • Best Suitable For: Popular design with all Krishna lovers and suits both men and women
  • Preferable Ink: A primary black colour would do
  • Where: Get it done on your arms
  • Size: A large-sized image is considered ideal
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and light skin tones

15. Namaste Tattoo Sanskrit:

One of the warmest Indian gestures is the “Namaste”, which means to say “Hello”. It is usually done by folding one’s hands to show respect to the other person. This tattoo uses the Devanagari font and is kept simple. You can also opt for a Namaste image for symbolism.

  • Best Suitable For: Namaste is a unisex tattoo for those inspired by Indian values and practices.
  • Preferable Ink: Black is beautiful
  • Where: Get it done on visible areas like the wrist or hands
  • Size: Opt for a medium-sized message
  • Skin Tone: Suits wheat and light skin tones

Tips About Sanskrit Tattoos:

These tips shall undoubtedly clear the air for you:

  • Sanskrit tattoo designs hold religious and cultural significance. Be sure to keep the designs just how they should be.
  • Also, be mindful of the places they are etched. Mantras and symbols must never be etched below the abdomen level.
  • It is recommended to understand the meaning and importance of the design before choosing one.
  • You can use a simple translator tool to help you decide on the layout and the type of wording.
  • The best way to do a Sanskrit tattoo is to print out the design and trace it on the body for a perfect and accurate tattoo.
  • You can even check out many Sanskrit forums to get creative ideas and novel ways of representing these elegant tattoos.


As an Indian, there can make no better sense of pride than holding a tattoo that represents our rich and glorious heritage. Sanskrit words and chants are quite powerful and have positive vibrations on the mind and body. By wearing them, you invite optimism into your life each time you look at the design. They are also beautiful pieces of art which look exotic and hold a sense of importance. If you have a strong affinity for Indian designs, there can be no better bet than choosing Sanskrit tattoos.

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