Does your birth date come under the Scorpion zodiac sign? If yes, this article presents you with some of the beautiful yet straightforward Scorpion tattoos you can look into before finalizing one for yourself. A Scorpion tattoo is considered lucky and thought to fight evil spirits by many ancient tribes.

Although people under the Scorpio zodiac sign might look vengeful and possessive on the exterior, only those close to them know that they have a ton of depth and layers underneath. You can represent your personality beautifully with the help of exceptional body art.

We have pulled together some simple Scorpio tattoo designs you can choose from before getting one inked permanently on your body.

18 Best Scorpion Tattoo Designs You Can Try:

People under the Scorpion zodiac sign are exceptionally loyal and deep in their feelings and seem to love passionately. The tattoos mentioned below can represent your personality beautifully. Take a screenshot of the best you like, and then go for it.

1. Bold Scorpio Tribal Tattoos:

This scorpion tattoo design idea is perfect for men or women who love bold things. The use of black ink with a combination of broad and thin strokes brings the tattoo to life, adding a style quotient to the wearer. Although the tattoo looks beautiful in black, you can use different colours if you wish.

2. Beautiful Scorpio Flower Tattoo On Neck:

If you are into floral designs for your tattoos, this beautiful scorpion tattoo with flowers embedded can be an ideal choice. The detailing present in this tattoo looks gorgeous and adds a feminine touch to the wearer. The body of the Scorpion is made entirely with flowers with thin legs visible on the side. This tattoo looks beautiful in black ink, but using colours can take it to another level.

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3. Scorpio Tattoo On Hand With A Stopwatch:

This realistic-looking Scorpion design looks the best when done on the arm area because of its visibility. Also, the addition of a clock to the Scorpio tattoo looks ideal for men because it gives certain masculinity to the design. The clock represents either a specific moment in one’s life or simple life and death in general.

4. Black And Red Scorpio Arm Tattoo:

If you are a fan of modern and colourful tattoo designs, this red and black scorpion tattoo idea looks the best. The use of shark lines and dual colours elevate the simple design beautifully. This tattoo seems exceptional on anyone, irrespective of gender. Although the pattern looks great on the arm where it is visible, you can change the place as you choose.

5. Girly Scorpion Tattoos:

This cute scorpion tattoo can be a perfect addition to your body art if you are interested in girly designs. The use of multiple colours creates a beautiful look to the entire design. In addition, the placement of this tattoo is on the wearer’s arm, which will help you show off in style.

6. Detailed Scorpio Tattoos For Males:

This scorpion tattoo image can be a perfect option for men who love the detailed and impressive design. This tattoo uses a Scorpio and constellation in combination, giving it a unique and beautiful finish. Men might usually choose this design, but it doesn’t have to be so. It looks exceptional on the arm, calf, and bicep area.

7. Small Scorpion Tattoo On The Waist:

If you are a fan of simple and minimalistic designs, this tiny scorpion tattoo can be an excellent option. Suitable for both men and women, the simple font with an arrow at the end of the design looks exceptional. Although the tattoo looks good in black ink, you can use different colours as per your preferences.

8. Unique Scorpio Tattoo:

This beautiful Scorpion tattoo for ladies uses a combination of a scorpion and constellation representation that stands out beautifully. The use of grey and black shades in the pattern significantly improves the tattoo’s look; the thin lines and stars around the Scorpion represent the constellation of this zodiac sign exceptionally.

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9. Awesome Scorpio Back Tattoo:

This cute pattern of the Scorpion is suitable for both men and women irrespective of age. Although this Scorpion thigh tattoo is small, it can look beautiful anywhere on the body as per your preference. In addition, you can use a splash of colors if you are bored with black ink.

10. Colorful Scorpio Inspired Tattoo Design:

This is yet another perfect example of a tribal Scorpion tattoo, but the addition of a splash of colors creates a visually beautiful tattoo. All the planetary objects associated with the Scorpion zodiac are represented in this tattoo beautifully. Another unique thing about this tattoo is that the letter m is plain and stands out against the colors. This design looks beautiful for both men and women.

11. Scorpio Zodiac Tattoo Design:

This tattoo is a perfect example where the design has a Scorpion with a geometric representation of the moon and the zodiac sign of the Scorpion in a single vertical line. There is a line going through all the elements, aligning them beautifully. There is no need to use extra colours for this tattoo because the pattern looks beautiful in black.

12. Simple Scorpion Tattoo:

This Scorpio zodiac sign tattoo on the waist is a simple yet effective representation. The use of simple and sharp lines with the cursive font looks exceptionally beautiful. Because of the tattoo’s engraved area, you can either show off your tattoo or cover it up as per your preference. Sometimes simple is all you need to represent many emotions.

13. Cool Scorpio Tattoos On The Arm:

This geometric Scorpion tattoo is ideal for people who are into the spiritual, religious meaning behind the design. The modern representation of this beautiful Scorpio tattoo design creates a sense of symmetry, mystery, and stability to the wearer. Usually, men prefer these designs, but there is no restriction for women.

14. Attractive 3d Scorpion Tattoo:

People who love to get a Scorpion tattoo that is eerily similar to the real thing are increasing quickly. The design is very realistic, making it look like the creature is crawling on the wearer’s skin, making it somewhat intimidating. However, people usually get this type of tattoo that helps them send a powerful message not to mess with them.

15. Minimalist Scorpio Tattoo Sign:

If simplicity is what you are looking for in a tattoo, the words Scorpio engraved on your body can be an ideal choice. The wearer got the words Scorpio engraved in all caps in red color ink, which elevated the words. This tattoo is unique because no additional elements make it stand out in a crowd of body art patterns. But you can experiment with colors to get the letters engraved.

16. Feminine Scorpion Tattoo:

If you are looking for a Scorpion tattoo that helps you get in touch with your femininity, the one can be an ideal choice. On top of the glyph symbol with the crescent moon shape on the other side creates an exceptional finish. The crescent moon shape has a filling of beautiful patterns surrounded by twinkling stars. Anyone can get this tattoo irrespective of gender.

17. Scorpion Chest Tattoo With 3d Effect:

Gone are the days when women were very conservative in their tattoo selection, and this Scorpio tattoo on a female’s chest is a perfect example. Due to the location of the tattoo, you can either cover it up or show it off as per your preference. There is also a date engraved near the Scorpio that might be a memorable date for the wearer. Although it looks fantastic on a woman, there is no restriction on men getting this tattoo engraved.

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18. Tiny Scorpio Wrist Tattoo:

This Scorpion tattoo is a perfect option for both men and women and looks beautiful on the wrist, as all the simple designs do. In addition, you will be able to look at the tattoo all the time and show off how meaningful it is for you as it is engraved on the wrist. Since washing hands is a part of anybody’s daily routine, the tattoos engraved in the wrist fade faster.


Scorpion tattoo represents qualities like strength, the ability to protect oneself, and great strength. The Scorpion tattoo designs mentioned in this article will get you a glimpse into the type of patterns you can try to include in your body art. Once you pick one for yourself, let us know if you found this article helpful!

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