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15 Front and Back Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Men & Women

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Shoulders are probably the best part of your body to get tattoos upon. They are appropriately large and allow the tattoo sufficient visibility. Also the curved nature of the shoulder allows innovative minds to come up with excellent realistic designs that look really cool!

Shoulder tattoo designs can be symbolic and deeply significant too. They can be any number of things ranging from pretty flowers, to daunting Celtic symbols. They can be black or vibrant with colours. There are several hundred variations possible for shoulder tattoos.

shoulder tattoo

Best and Small Shoulder Tattoos for Girls and Guys:

Here we given below list of top most shoulder tattoo designs for men and women with images that surely amaze you.

1. Floral Shoulder Skull Tattoo Design for Girls:

While roses are the most common shoulder tattoo designs it is even better to try out some other similar designs. The designs where you find garlands of elaborate flowers look pretty on toned shoulders as well. These designs are extremely feminine in type and are also very neat. For a richer look, you can use some colours in this garland as well.

Floral Colours Shoulder Tattoo

You can make these as 3-D designs as well with shaded bases to make them look bigger and more prominent. These are usually designs for women but you can do modifications at any time and get them done even if you are not a woman.

2. Animal Print Shoulder Tattoo Designs:

When it comes to shoulder tattoo for girls and women this design is one of the smartest in the recent book of designs. We have always loved those animals print dresses, bags and shoes and now we can even get such designs as tattoos.

Animal Skin Shoulder Tattoo

These are extremely bold designs and the usage of colours here and there makes them look extremely real too. So for the ladies who are always in search of the most recent and latest trends, this shoulder tattoo design is just bang on for you. You can undoubtedly get this done of you are planning on a stylish tattoo very soon.

3. Tiger Tattoo Designs on Shoulder for Men:

Tiger Tribal Shoulder Tattoo

When we have already spoken about a couple of tattoo designs for women, let us now come to some of the smartest shoulder tattoos for men. This is one type where you can get the faces of animals done on your shoulder and extent them to the biceps too. These are elaborate and zoomed faces which in turn look very real too. These designs are extremely bold and the use of real colour makes them look more real. Animal tattoos are a symbol of bravery no matter if you are a man or a woman.

4. Simple Shoulder Cross Tattoo Design for Women:

Simple Shoulder Tattoo

It is a trend now to get richer and more elaborate designs done on every part of the body as tattoos. There are however a lot of people who get tattoos done with a lot of values. Tattoo for them is not about fashion but about getting something inked on their bodies which they want to keep with them always. Such are simple tattoo designs for example a simple ‘cross’ on the shoulder sounds really good. This is mainly for the spiritual minded people and this tattoo on shoulder is suitable for both men and women.

5. Artistic Chant Tattoos on Shoulders:

Have you taken a very close look at the tattoos of the very gorgeous Angelina Jolie? You will find exactly what I am talking about out here. Some of the best tattoos for girls are getting verses and lines from holy texts and scriptures inked on their shoulders. These look very different and very fashionable both at the same time.

Chant tattoos

These can be written in horizontal as well as vertical patterns and they will look good in any of the manners. It is better you do not elaborate them with any other designs because it distracts the actual beauty of these verses inked on your body.

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6. Traveler Shoulder Tattoos for Men:

This is a favourite shoulder tattoo out of the lot and this is absolutely perfect for the people who just cannot stay at one place. This is the design of an old, classic compass which is made even more elaborate with extracts from the world map. It looks like you have kept a compass on a world map just like sailors and navigators used to do earlier on.

Traveller tattoo

This looks so bold and stylish and this purely represents the personality of a person who loves to travel the world. This one is also very different from the usual floral and tribal designs and can be done on men as well as women.

7. Tattoos Star on both Shoulders:

Stars have a magical feel about them and never fail to plunge you into the worlds of fantasy. Stars on your shoulder are a more feminine tattoo design but it never fails to look excellent. You can make it look more mature by adding other patterns and symbols, making it look more archaic and pagan. Stars form an integral part of most pagan designs. The pentagram or the pagan circle has a star whose five ends represents the five different elements namely wind, water, fire, earth and spirit.

8. A Funny Shoulder Tattoo for Men:

You need not make your tattoo overly serious and significant. If you have an easy going personality and are looking to have some fun you can design your tattoo to look funny and cute. Like dancing skeleton dressed in funny clothes. here the funny tattoo design is beautifully painted on arms which is so alluring.

9. A Celtic Shoulder Tattoo Designs:

A Celtic sleeve tattoo covers your entire shoulder and a large part of your arm in a flurry of symbols all skilfully merged together to form single design. It gives you a daunting and warrior like look. The symbols can be chosen according to particular individuals to tattoo symbolize different meanings.

10. Beautiful Roses Tattoo on Front Shoulder:

Roses are the most beautiful flowers. They would look good upon any surface of your body. Arranged properly with a suitable amount of leaves they look excellent upon your shoulders. They represent beauty and love. This shoulder tattoo design is more feminine and is thus opted for by women more than men.

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11. A Chilling Armour Shoulder Tattoo Design for Men:

This tattoo design incorporates a realistic looking Armour with your skin torn upon it. With the correct use of shading it will give the appearance that your skin once torn reveals a magnificent Armour beneath it. To make the tattoo more brilliant you can add ancient warrior symbols to your shoulder tattoo.

12. Shoulder Birds Tattoo Designs:

Birds with their abilities to fly high and touch the heavens symbolize a sense of freedom that is unparalleled. Thus almost all images of birds in flight give the viewer a sense of liberty and peace. Black silhouettes of birds tattoos upon your shoulder thus, look excellent!

13. An Elaborate Big Butterfly Tattoo on Shoulder:

A detailed and elaborate butterfly can look really creepy on some peoples. But it looks beautiful to others. It all depends on your perception. You can make your butterfly coloured and pretty or dark and haunting. These variations depend on the kind of look you are going for.

14. A Sewn Shoulder Tattoo for Boys:

An innovative idea is to get stitches tattooed upon your shoulder skin. The tattoo design if made properly looks real, giving you a zombie look and the viewers a scare of their life. To make the tattoo more funky you can make the stitches cartoonist and show some of the blood beneath.

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15. Cute Yin and Yang Fish Tattoo for Shoulders:

Two fishes chasing each other in a circle represents the delicate balance between the various elements of nature. Making the two fish of different colours makes the meaning more evident. The entire image has a similar look to the typical yin and yang, black and white circle symbol. The fishes may even represent the zodiac sign Pisces.

People who like to keep it neater and smaller often opt for shoulder tattoo designs instead of getting whole of their arms, chest or back inked. You can get a lot of options too when it comes to shoulder tattoos and choose from them.