Nail art has emerged as one of the finest ideas for beautifying your nails, especially among the teenagers. They make your nails look glamorous, stunning and very attractive. There are so many designs which have become high in demand these days and some of the cool and innovative ones are the skull nail art designs. Skulls look spooky and eerie. They are best put on when you are attending a Halloween party, however you can also get them done on any other day and they will look just as special.

This kind of design is popular mostly among the teenage girls as they love to experiment with new ideas and designs. Some of them even do it under the influence of their favourite punk rock stars such as Avril Lavigne or Green Day. Here, we have some listed some of the best skull nail art designs so that next time you want something like this for yourself, these suggestions shall be your inspiration.

1. White And Black Skull Nail Art:

The white and black skull nail art is selling like hot cakes these days. Girls absolutely love them and the popularity seems to increase day by day. The skulls are very well painted in this design and the image of a small white cross accentuates the beauty of your nails. They stand as a strong symbol of punk rock.

2. Colourful Skull Nail Art:

Girls who love to experiment with different sizes, shapes and patterns can get themselves the intricate skull nail art design. This one uses a combination of colours such as peach, white, black and green which makes your nails look attractive and fabulous.

3. Pink Skull Nail Art:

For all the Avril Lavigne fans in the world, who are looking for a creative skull nail art design, this should be the one for you. The solid pink colour really compliments your nails and the image of skulls resembles all of Avril Lavigne’s tattoos. They look smart, pretty and tomboyish; just like her.

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4. Young and Cute Skull Nail Art:

Getting yourself a skull nail art design which shows the image of many skulls together is very cute and youthful. The design has a lot of details which make the pattern very interesting. Once you put this one, you are sure to attract a lot of attention.

5. Purple Skull Nail Art:

This is a simple skull nail art design. This is one of the best color and attractive skull nail art designs for teenagers.

6. Floral Skull Nail Art:

The floral skull nail art is very feminine and innovative. It has a lot of shapes, designs and patterns on it. A combination of blue, pink and yellow flowers which are supposed to signify the eye sockets of the skull makes it a very intriguing and creative design. The teeth are very well shaped and almost look artistic.

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7. Skull With Bow Nail Art:

The skull with bow nail art is a very interesting design. This shows the image of a skull with a bow on its head. Your nails should be cleaned and well manicured before you start this or else it might get difficult to make them look perfect.

8. Silver Skull Nail Art:

The silver skull nail art has become the talk of the town. They are so popular, fashionable and chic. Silver nails on top of which skulls with bones have been painted look absolutely attractive. Shapes of hearts and flowers have also been added. The entire outlook is very fancy, appealing and stunning.

9. Stylish Skull Nail Art:

A stylish skull nail art design is sure to fetch you a lot of compliments. It looks enchanting, artistic, marvellous, super cool and intriguing.

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Skull nail art are most popular and it’s makes it a very intriguing and creative design. Are you like this article please comment your suggestions.


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