As the warm sunny months of summer approach, all parents begin hunting for fun summer camps to send their kids to. If you feel that your kid is ready to take the leap and spend a night away from home, then this is the perfect article for you. It presents a list of the nine best sleepaway summer camps in the U.S. Send your kids out to have the adventure of their lives. This is the part of childhood that they will treasure the most in their memories!

Top Sleepaway Summer Camps for Kids:

1. Brant lake camp:

This is the best sleepaway summer camp in New York. An all-boys camp focuses on athletic activities. Though competitive it also promotes sportsmanship in the kids. The camp welcomes kids of all ages and then groups them into smaller camps according to their age. The address is – 7586 State Rte 8, Brant Lake. For further details contact – 518-494-2406

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2. Camp Eagle Hill:

Camp Eagle Hill’s venue sports a hundred acres of woodland. It’s like spending a night in the cradle of Mother Nature for the kids! They learn plenty and more importantly enjoy this process of learning survival skills. The address is White Oak Road, Elizaville – 12523. For further details contact – 914-725-4876

3. Cheley Colorado camp:

Cheley Colorado camp is as the name suggests in Colorado. It is an excellent place to send your kid if he or she is a great fan of outdoor activities like horseback riding, archery, hiking, riflery and so on. it is located at the gateway of the Rocky Mountain National Park. For further details contact – 303-377-3616

4. Camp Altitude:

Camp altitude is not for everyone. It caters to the needs of socially handicapped kids like those with Asberger’s syndrome or high-functioning autism. It is difficult for the parents of these kids to leave them alone for any length of time. But this camp has special teachers who can handle the needs of these kids and help them overcome their fears and become better equipped in social etiquette. The address is Hofstra University, Upstate and points north, Hempstead-10523. For further details contact – 914-307-1674

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5. Four Winds Westward Ho Camp:

This is the best summer camp for kids in Washington State. The camp allows the kids to leave behind their world of technology and rediscover their talents the old-fashioned way. They are made to take part in a host of activities which include sailing, music, exploring, creating new friendships and so on. There are activities for all sorts of different talents. It is located among the San Juan Islands in the Northwest corner of Washington State. For further information contact – (360) 376-2277

6. Camp Wicosuta:

This is the best summer camp in New Hampshire. An all-girls camp it is well catered to suit even tomboyish girls for it offers all sorts of activities ranging from horseback riding, and performing arts to rope climbing and water sports like canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and so on. it is located just south of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. For further details contact – 914-946-0927

7. Virginia State Park Camp:

This is a youth conservation corps, where the children are made to stay in the state park and work daily. They do everyday chores and learn how to survive in the wild. The kids also get to do other activities such as visit museums, learn more about the park, go swimming or canoeing if the park sports a lake and so on. For further details contact – 703- 583-5497

8. Camp in Medomak:

This camp is located on 250 acres of cool pine forest and warm grassy fields in mid-coast Maine. It provides the perfect environment for your kid to experience nature and prepare themselves for future summer camps. The camp includes all the typical summer camp activities. For further details contact – 207-845-6001

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9. Rockin’C Ranch:

If you want to give your kid a taste of the ranch life, this is the perfect camp for you. Located in East Texas between Dallas, TX and Shreveport, LA, it covers 150 acres and includes its own 10-acre private lake. For further details contact – 877.294.2267

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