South Indian movies are famous for their commercial success. They have a large fan base across the globe for the storylines, mesmerizing acting, action scenes and more. Most South Indian movies are dubbed in Hindi, and we observe them often on Hindi cinema television channels. The dubbed movies have received immense love from the North Indian Hindi audience too! Today, we will talk to you about such South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi!

If you are interested and look forward to watching South Indian movies in Hindi, this latest and new guide will help you out. Keep reading!

List of 50 Best South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi 2024:

Now, let us go ahead and explore the best and most famous South Indian movies that are dubbed into the Hindi language. They are among the top choices for the audience and are a big plus in entertainment. Hear them out!

A. Tollywood/Telugu Movies Dubbed in Hindi:

Telugu, popularly known as the Tollywood movies, without any doubt, have a large fan base. It is, in fact, among the cinema industry that has enormous turnover, large budget, and most releases in the country, and even places top in the list across the globe. Hence, we have the best and most entertaining, popular Telugu or Tollywood movies that are dubbed in the Hindi language. Want to hear them out?!

1. Eega:

The movie, Eega has been quite a hit with the Telugu audience. It entertained and remained gripping although out the film. The thriller and mystery movie revolved around the death of the heroine’s lover, who reincarnated as a housefly to save her life. The movie is available on YouTube and Hot Star.

2. Na Peru Surya na Illu India:

The Allu Arjun starrer movie Na Peru Surya Na Illu India is another super hit in the Telugu industry. The drama movie is about a soldier and his anger management issues. The film is available on Zee5.

3. Dear Comrade:

Vijay Devarakonda has become a heartthrob in Bollywood, and his Telegu movie, Dear Comrade, is among the best entertainers. With a unique storyline revolving around the love of the young couple and the actor’s life as a student leader, the movie was accepted well at the box office. It is also dubbed into Hindi and available on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

4. Sarrainodu:

Allu Arjun is surely among the favourite heroes of several girls in India, and his movies are often observed dubbed into Hindi. We have another film about a man who takes charge of himself to punish those who avoid the law. It is a good watch and is available on YouTube and MX player.

5. Nenokkadine:

Mahesh Babu’s thriller and mystery entertainer is about a schizophrenic musician who tries hard to find the people who murdered his parents. The movie is dubbed into Hindi as Ek Ka Dum and is available on YouTube.

6. Magadheera:

While Rajamouli has become nationally famous right now, he was right very talented in his initial movies as well. So, we have Magadheera, acted by superhero Ram Charan and the beauty Kajal Agarwal, which is also dubbed into Hindi. It’s available on MX player and YouTube.

7. Vedam:

Vedam might be an understated movie, but it is a worthwhile watch. The movie revolves around five strangers whose lives are not connected meeting at a hospital that falls under attack. It is a multi-starer movie with a unique and creative storyline. The film is also available on YouTube and MX player.

8. Tholi Prema:

The romantic movie starring Varun Tej and Rashi Khanna, Tholi Prema, is a beautiful and pleasant movie to watch. It is dubbed in Hindi and is available on Zee5 to watch!

9. Savyasachi:

The Naga Chaitanya movie, Savyasachi is another good film to give it watch. The action and romantic movie revolve around the hero suffering from Alien hand syndrome, unable to control his emotions many times. It is available on YouTube and MX player.

10. Fidaa:

The Shekar Kammula movie, Fidaa, starring Sai Pallavi and Varun Tej, is another enjoyable and beautiful movie. It moves as a smooth ride sailing around the romance between two young people. The dubbed movie is available on Amazon Prime and MX player.

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11. Sita Ramam:

Sita Ram movie is a beautiful period romantic drama movie in Telugu. Directed by Hanu Raghavapudi, the film stars Dulquer Salmaan, Mrinalini Thakur, Sumath and Rashmika Mandana. The film is a must-watch for its heart-touching plot and acting. The Hindi version of the film is available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

12. Karthikeya 2:

Karthikeya 2 is a South Indian fantasy, mystery, thriller movie dubbed into Hindi. This movie is a must-watch movie. The film revolves around Karthik, who is on a quest to find the lost anklet of Lord Krishna. Chandu Mondeti directed the film starring Nikhil Siddharth and Anupama Parameswaran. This movie is available on Zee 5 app.

B. Kollywood/Tamil movies dubbed in Hindi:

Just like Telugu, there are also some very good Tamil or Kollywood movies available in Hindi dubbed versions. If you like the unique scripts and intense storylines loved by the Tamil audience, they are worth a watch.

13. U-Turn:

Samantha’s Tamil and Telugu original movie U-turn is another massive hit in the South industry that revolves around breaking traffic rules and mysterious deaths. The movie dubbed is available on YouTube, MX player and Prime.

14. Jai Bhim:

The recent film revolving around caste discrimination and atrocities by Suriya in the Tamil industry was very well received. The movie was even dubbed into Hindi and is available on Amazon Prime to watch.

15. 24:

The movie is based on a sci-fi theme. Acted by Suriya, the film has a unique script revolving around a scientist who invents a time travelling watch and has to protect it from his brother who wants it. It is available in Hindi to watch on Hotstar and YouTube.

16. Vikram Vedha:

The movie Vikram Vedha is a timeless watch and treat to the eyes, as it has both super actors, Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi. The movie revolves around police and criminal and the navigation between what is right and wrong in life. It is there in Hindi dubbed versions to watch on YouTube, Hotstar, and MX player.

17. Anniyan:

The Vikram starrer, Anniyan, talks about multiple personality disorders, between a man who turns into either an innocent person or a romantic love boy and a person who kills evil people in the world. If you love action-based movies, this is a good watch. It is available on YouTube and Zee 5 to watch.

18. Ratsasan:

The thriller and crime movie, Ratsasan is based on a police offer that aims to catch a killer who is psychotic and catches school girls to kill them. It is a good watch, especially if you like spine-chilling storylines. It’s available on MX player to watch.

19. Thani Oruvan:

The action-based movie Thani Oruvan has Jayam Ravi and Aravind Swamy as lead actors, based on a scientist who indulges in illegal practices. So, the police officer has the challenge to expose him. It is available on YouTube for the Hindi language to watch.

20. Asuran:

The Dhanush starrer, Asuran, is an action-based drama revolving around upper caste people killing lower castes in a village and how the hero has to protect his son. It is a heart-intense storyline and emotional to watch. It’s available on Amazon Prime to watch.

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21. Petta:

The multi-hero movie by Rajinikanth, Vijay Sethupathi, Simran and Trisha is available on Prime and Voot to watch. It’s a blockbuster and good entertainer revolving around the life and past of a hostel warden in a college, played by Rajinikanth.

22. Darbar:

The Rajinikanth starrer Darbar is a good action film if you love intense drama and packed movies. It is available on YouTube and Zee5 to watch in Hindi.

23. 96:

96 is one of the romantic films starring Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha. The film revolves around Ram, a travel photographer, his school days memories and the love between Janu and him. This is a feel-good movie worth watching. It’s Hindi dubbed version is available on YouTube.

24. Vikram:

After the first part of Khaiti, the second part of Lokesh Cinematic Universe Vikram impressed the audience. This South Indian movie is one of those movies that you should not forget to watch in Hindi. Kamal Haasan, Fahadh Faasil and Vijaya Sethupathi acted in it and were impressed with their performance. The Hindi version of the movie is available on Disney Plus Hotstar.

25. Ponniyin Selvan: 1:

Ponniyin Selvan: 1 is an epic historical fiction film directed by Mani Ratnam based on the same-name novel by Kalki Krishnamurthy. This movie is set in the background of the struggle for supremacy during the rule of the Cholas. This movie is available on Amazon Prime.

C. Mollywood/Malayalam movies dubbed in Hindi:

Malayalam movies have been on the rise recently for their experimental and creative stories. They have very good actors and often entertain the audience gripping and heartfelt. We have some top movies dubbed in Hindi from Mollywood too!

26. Lucifer:

The Malayalam-based superhit movie, Lucifer, acted by the superstar Mohanlal, is based on the fight between two sets of people after the state’s chief minister dies. It is based on the political thriller genre and is quite intense. It’s available on YouTube to watch.

27. Theevram:

The crime and thriller movie, Theevram is an intense and complicated story revolving around the dead body of a rickshaw driver’s wife found in different parts of the city. It is available on Youtube and MX player.

28. City of God:

This movie is for you if you love good filmmaking and screenplay with a thrilling story. The City of God is a Malayalam movie, and the dubbed versions are available on MX player and Youtube.

29. Take Off:

If you are a movie addict, you might have already heard this name. This is based on the real story of a Malayalee nurse working in Iraq who is kidnapped and how she should be rescued. This thriller movie is available to watch in Hindi on Voot and Youtube.

30. The Great Father:

As the name suggests, the movie revolves around a father-daughter relationship and the concerns that arise when children go missing. Acted by Mammootty, this is a hit movie. It’s available to watch in Hindi now on Youtube.

31. Silence:

Another hit and mystery drama is based on a high court lawyer who gets threatening calls from an anonymous person and has to find out who does it with the help of a police officer. The movie is an entertaining thriller watch.

32. Runway:

The crime thriller, Runway is dubbed in Hindi as Jail and is based on young people involved in illegal activities due to financial issues. It is available on Youtube to watch.

33. Kurukshetra:

The Mohanlal starrer, Kurukshetra, is a movie based on Kargil’s conflict between both countries, India and Pakistan. If you like war-based intense films, this is a good watch. The dubbed movie is available on Youtube.

34. Masters:

This shock-buster movie is a good watch for everyone who can sit through intense and spine-chilling movies. The movie was highly popular even with the Bollywood audience and is available on YouTube to watch.

35. Chess:

The movie Chess revolves around the main character in the film, who has to survive and come across several tricky situations in life through smart tricks. It is a drama with an exciting plot and is available to watch on Youtube.

36. Anjaam Pathiraa:

Anjaam Pathiraa is a Malayalam crime thriller dubbed Police Story in Hindi. It is a must-watch South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi. The story of the film revolves around how a consulting criminologist named Anwar helps the Kochi police to catch the criminal behind a series of murders in the police department. It is a well-made movie with twists and turns and a perfect thriller. This movie is available on Youtube.

37. Trance:

Trance is another South Indian film dubbed in Hindi with the same name. The story of the movie revolves around the events in the life of Viju Prasad. It is a psychological thriller movie. You will surely be thrilled after watching the movie with Fahadh Faasil’s fantastic performance. The film is available on Amazon Prime Video.

38. Forensic:

Forensic is a Malayalam investigative thriller starring Tovino Thomas, dubbed into Hindi with the same name. The plot of the film is about how a forensic expert Samuel discovers a criminal who is involved in serial murders of young women. The scenes of Samuel uncovering the evidence to catch the criminal make this movie interesting. This movie is also available on YouTube.

39. Minnal Murali:

Another South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi, Minnal Murali is a great movie to watch. The plot of the movie is about how Jason, a tailor who gets superpowers when struck by lightning, saves his village and the villagers from harm. This superhero movie is available to watch on Netflix.

D. Sandalwood/Kannada movies dubbed in Hindi:

There are also a few Kannada or Sandalwood movies dubbed in Hindi, which are interesting to watch. Check them out!

40. KGF Chapter 1:

Well, we don’t need to talk about the movie. When released, it was a national phenomenon, and it is even available to watch in the Hindi dubbed version. You can watch it on Prime and Voot.

41. Kavaludaari:

The suspense thriller movie became a huge hit when it was released. The plot is based on a police officer who, despite not being in the crime branch, gets into the case unofficially and tries to solve the case. It is available on Youtube to watch.

42. Rangi Taranga:

The thriller movie Rangi Taranga is a good watch if you want an exciting storyline. This Hindi dubbed version of the film is available on Youtube.

43. Ugramm:

The thriller and action-based movie, Ugramm is among the best Kannada movies in recent times. It’s packed with action scenes and is a perfect entertainment watch. It’s available in Zee5.

44. Hebbuli:

While we love action movies in Sandalwood, Hebbuli deserves a special place. The film is a perfect blend between action scenes and investigative stories. It has a dubbed version available on Youtube.

45. Mufti:

The action movie, Mufti is among the most prominent hit in the Kannada film industry. It’s based on a police officer who wants to catch a ruling don to bring justice. The movie is available to watch on Youtube.

46. Raajakumara:

If you are looking for entertainment and a pure pleasant movie without any mystery, this is a good movie to check out. Puneet Rajkumar acted fabulously in the film, which is available on Youtube to watch.

47. Tarak:

This is a pure romantic drama based on a young couple who has to go through several issues in their relationship. The movie is perfect for weekend entertainment, available on Youtube.

48. Googly:

This Kannada dubbed Hindi movie is available on Youtube and zee5 and is among the new-age best hit in the romantic comedy genre. Yash and Kriti Kharbanda acted in the film.

49. Rakshasa:

The crime thriller, Rakshasa is remade as Kaliya No. 1 in Hindi and is a good choice for those who love movies with twists and turns. The movie plot is based on a police officer hunting down the dons. It’s also available on Youtube.

50. Kantara:

Kantara is one of the highest-grossing Kannada films and a must-watch. The film deals with nature vs human conflict, greed and other human behaviours. Rishabh Shetty is the protagonist, director and writer of this film. The Hindi version of the film is available on Netflix.

51. KGF: Chapter 2:

You need no introduction to the KGF movie series. KGF: Chapter 2 movie has received huge appreciation from the audience and in fact, it is better than KGF: Chapter 1. Its Hindi version is available on Amazon Prime.

52. 777 Charlie:

777 Charlie is the best movie for dog lovers to watch. The film is about the journey and relationship between a stray lab dog named Charlie and his owner Dharma, a lonely man. The movie is beautifully shot with happy moments and emotional moments. It is also available on Amazon Prime Videos.

These best South Indian movies dubbed in Hindi are an excellent choice if you like South movies and are looking for some entertainment. Did you watch any in this list yet? Let us know your thoughts!


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