Star tattoos don’t necessarily symbolize deep meanings. They generally play supplementary roles in tattoo designs. The beauty of the stars is the beauty of heaven and thus star tattoos are generally chosen for their aesthetic appeal. They can be made small and simple or large and colorful. Large clusters of stars give the appearance of beautiful galaxies and these images inked on your skin makes you come across as a fair maiden or a handsome gentleman.

Even then star tattoos are more generally opted for by women. There are not many men who can carry off a star tattoo, but those who can look better than the others.

Breath Taking Star Tattoo Designs For Men And Women With Meanings:

Here we give 15 best star tattoo designs for men and women along with images and meanings for your understanding.

1. Rihanna Stars Tattoo For Girls:

A stream of stars, some big some small looks like a shining galaxy where it’s raining stars. The overall look is magical and beautiful on girls. You can keep the stars black and simple or get those colored, making them look more vibrant!

2. Lower Back Star With Spiral Patterns Tattoos:

Just stars look pretty but they can be made to look even better by adding embellishments like spiral patterns to them. These tattoo designs look excellent inked upon your waist or lower back. Like all other designs they look great in black as well as other colors.

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3. Stars With Words Tattoo Art On Hand:

Stars have an ethereal air about them. They are magical and otherworldly. Though today, we know that the stars we see twinkling in the sky are much like our sun only farther away. Yet, in the olden days when people were not so well equipped with such knowledge they used to weave fantastic tales about the stars. Somehow, over the years the fantasies woven around the stars have still not died. They still lie beyond our reach spread into the unknown and this is what gives them their precious enigma. Thus with certain words the most apt embellishments are stars.

4. Stars In The Shape Of Infinite:

The stars lie beyond are grasp, only their light reaching us through infinite. Thus what better objects to represent infinite than the stars themselves? A moon and star tattoo shaped in the symbol of infinite is thus beautiful to look at and very meaningful at the same time. It is one of the best and simple stars tattoos for girls.

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5. Stars And Hearts Tattoo Design:

Stars and hearts are the two most commonly used embellishments in tattoos. Thus a design with just hearts and star though not very significant or meaningful, is certainly wonderful to look at.

6. Wrist Star Fraught With Spirals:

This wrist star tattoo design has a more abstract tribal look. The extra spirals and curls within he star makes it look like some archaic symbol. That look can be enhanced by meticulous shading and the use of the correct color.

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7. Nautical Star Tattoos:

Nautical star refers to the star like shape that compasses feature. This design is perfect for avid sailors and others with a deep love for the sea. The sea and the stars share that enigma that arises from the unknown.

8. A Cute Moon And Stars Tattoo Designs:

Where there are stars there has to be a moon! A cute stars and the moon design would comprise of the moon looking cartoonist with an adorable expression and bright yellow stars surrounding it. you can do t the other way round and make the stars larger with expressions upon their faces too!

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9. A Small Star Tattoo On Foot:

Small star tattoo designs are very common and are generally inked upon the inside of a wrist or on the ankle or somewhere on the foot. It may be inked on any body surface but being small it looks best in the above mentioned parts. Its black and simple tattoo look at and adds just a touch of rebelliousness to your look.

10. Winged Star Tattoos :

A star with magnificent wings on either side is a story yet to be told. This tattoo brings out the mystical side of you if opted for a tattoo idea. Often the forearm or the back shoulder would be an ideal place for the tattoo. These are the perfect star tattoo designs for girls and can always be added a little life to it by incorporating colors within them, much like the tattoo design given over here.

11. Shooting Star Tattoos For Foot:

Star tattoos for women doesn’t come better than this. The shooting star tattoo accompanies a racing flag flying gallantly behind the star which could be the perfect embodiment for the racer in you. A ripped bicep with a racing flag star tattoo would tell you about your never dying passion for racing. Spice up this tattoo with a little splash of color only encircling the star and make this tattoo an eye turner.

12. 3D Triple Embedded Star Tattoo Design For Men:

Star tattoo meanings vary from one person to another and while some may believe in one concept, for the others it might be a completely different meaning to it. A classic example of such ambiguity can be seen in this tattoo which shows three stars all in 3D texture covering the chest area embodying the feeling of a more rough yet ethereal feeling. The earthy feeling of this tattoo makes you feel more grounded and present for today. This star tattoo is perfectly suitable for guys who love to stars and sky. It is one of the best star tattoos for men.

13. Simple Deep Border Tribal Star Tattoo Designs:

This is an apt tattoo that perfectly embodies the true meaning of simple yet empowering star tattoo designs. In this tattoo we see a normal tribal star tattoo that has strong borders that symbolize how strong you really are. The borders show the constitution of your strength making it a very simple yet empowering tattoo. This is the perfect tattoo to get if you are looking for a first tattoo.

14. Nature And Stars Tattoos Design:

Once again we use nature as a sign of peacemaking, the birds and the stars coming together to shed light to the wonders nature can offer to us. This tattoo clearly shows two sporty birds engaged in fun and frolic as the prominent star amongst them give way to some wayward stars here and there creating as perfect starry night. This is a perfect nocturnal scene portraying tranquility.

15. Cracked Skin 3D Tattoo Design:

This great 3D tattoo design is an absolute treat to have if you know who can better pull it off. The tattoo is to show that all your ideals are embedded deep within yourself and shows people that you mean what you say and what you feel. It is a perfect tattoo to get as it merges intricate designs with simplicity.

Star tattoos are often the best option for starters and are always a good solution for someone who wants to portray a meaning to the other contents in their tattoo art. With each tattoo comes a meaning attached, something all can relate to.

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