Rangolis become really difficult for the unprofessional people. They often feel that they would make the entire rangoli look pretty messed up and untidy and on the other hand, they do not even want to buy ready-made stick-on rangolis, because they seem too artificial. Well, using stencils for rangolis are the best option in this situation. Stencil rangoli designs are getting popularity in present days due to busy schedule of everyone. Rangoli stencils are very beautiful to look and attracting also.

Wonderful Stencil Rangoli Designs with Photos:

Following are the most demanded stencil rangoli patterns with pictures for your home and offices.

1. Basic Stencil For Rangoli:

In the picture above, we see a man selling stencils for rangoli. These stencils are patterns or designs of rangoli shaped in such a way that all you need to do is put the stencil on the ground, where you want your rangoli to be done and just put the colour over the stencil. There are hollow dots on the stencil which fall down and take the shape of the design, and the rest of the colour remains accumulated on the stencil. We see the blue plates of the stencils and patterns which are made from it, in the picture.

2. Kolam Stencil Rangoli Designs:

This rangoli is apt from Laxmi Puja because it has the stencilled feet of the goddess, right at the center. The maroon colour is surrounded with a star-shaped on the outside and then the curves of the stars show stenciled rangolis of a vase and designs of it on the top.

3. Colourful Stencil Rangoli Designs For Diwali:

We have a very beautiful design above. In the beginning, a circle has been made with red colour and bordered by blue. A stencil has been taken to make a design with white rangoli. The design is quite pretty and also has ‘Diya’ or ‘Pradeep’ in the middle. There is another shape of stencil used on the outer side which has been contrastingly placed with yellow and green one after another and made into a circle which surrounds the inner stencilled rangoli.

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4. Flower Shape Stencil Rangoli Design:

We see a bright blue colour used to make this design. A stencil which had been bought of this shape had been put on the floor and the colour was spread over the stencil made the design fall in shape due to the dotted area on the stencil. This is a pretty easy method which makes your rangoli look realistic as well as neat.

5. Swastik Rangoli Stencil Design:

On top of the red rangoli, a design had been made with a stencil and the colour used has been white. The design in the center is the main attraction as it holds the picture of Lord Ganesha in it. On the purple colour, one particular stencil has been made 7 times to complete the entire round.

6. Stencil Rangoli Design For Dussehra:

One big stencil has been used to make the outer circle and the designs all over it. They have been added with different colours, and the middle has been hand drawn with white colour. The rangoli seems to be having a particular logo which is in the middle and has Happy Dussehra written on the outside.

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7. Traditional Stencil Rangoli Designs:

This picture seems to give a different sort of stencil rangoli. This has been made with liquid rangoli colours and not with powders. The borderline was first drawn with white and then red, green was added accordingly.

8. Circular Rangoli Stencil:

In the picture above, we see a lady using stencils to make designs on aboard. She is mixing and matching the different colours on different patterns in one particular shape of the stencil.  This makes the rangoli pretty and neat at the same time.

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9. Lord Ganesha Stencil Rangoli Design:

The stencil has Lord Ganesha drawn in the middle and it is covered as a circle with another shape of the stencil. Colours of orange and green are splashed on them, and the center is red with a border in purple.


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