One of the western states of India, Goa, is known for the vast coastline, beautiful beaches, last but not least, the delicious street foods that serve Goan delicacies. Goa being colonized the Portuguese showing the impact on the culture and their cuisines. Some of the popular ingredients you can find in the recipes are beef, pork, fish, and vinegar. Check out the lip-smacking street foods in Goa that will put you in a food frenzy.

Delicious Street Foods In Goa:

Don’t miss out on these yummy street foods when you visit Goa.

Fish Thali:

Fish thali or a platter that everyone needs to try if you ever have a chance to visit Goa. Chapathis, a cup of rice, fish curry, a veggie curry, pickle, and fried fish that complete a thali. Sol curry is another option some stalls offer. Goa offers these platters in every booth that fills your stomach with the lip-smacking flavors.


Goa has stalls that sell Frankies individually with a variety of stuffings inside them. Flatbreads are grilled and stuffed with vegetables spicy or regular according to your taste. Chicken is another famous stuffing; the vendors present you with innovative rolls that just make your mouth water. These Frankies are comfortable to hold and eggs, soya chunks, chicken, and vegetables that can be used as stuffings in these rolls. Don’t forget to try one!


There are many food stalls lined up on the streets of Goa that serve croquettes that are delicious and easy to carry around. Pieces of bread, eggs, tomatoes, onions, pork sausages, beef mince are the main ingredients in the preparation of this crowd favorite snack; they have a tangy and spicy taste that makes your tastebuds come alive.

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Ros Omelet:

It is a special omelet that is unlike your regular one; the specialty being the omelet is served with chicken curry and at a very reasonable price. Coriander and onions are used as a garnish with omelet dipped in the chicken curry, making you want to go for more. Stalls near the Panjim church sell these all through the night.

Gadbad Icecream:

As the name suggests, the icecream is a combination of different flavored ice creams in a single serving. It is usually served in a tall glass or a plate that is topped up with jelly and noodles. Once you try Gadbad ice cream, you will never be able to work a normal one.

Pork Vindaloo:

Street food that primarily represents the Christian culture of Goa is Pork vindaloo. Enriching the dish with vinegar makes the spicy flavors of this dish even more enhanced. It is prepared by adding Indian spices to the boneless pork that also includes cumin, cloves, Kashmiri pepper, and all the street stalls that serve this fantastic food.

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Chinese Fast Food:

Chinese food with an Indian tinge has become an essential part of street foods. There are food carts that serve Chinese and Indian snacks, satiating your hunger. Chicken chili, Schezwan fried rice, Hakka noodles, Manchow soup are some of the best Chinese dishes you must try. Try delicious food at a reasonable price that is hygienic.


One of the few foreign delicacies that have made a prominent place in the Goan street food scene is Shawarma. A little less spicy than a typical roll, shawarma is prepared using pita bread with a combination of tartar sauce or hummus. It is also served with a combination of pickles.

Goan Sweets:

Goa not only serves hot and spicy food, but it is also famous for sweets on the streets. Bebinca, Perad, Baath cake, and Dos are some of the popular desserts that you must try when you visit the city of Goa. Many stores can serve these Goan dessert delicacies you will enjoy.

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Pav Bhaji & Misal Pav:

Many of the tourists in Goa are from Mumbai, and you can find stalls that sell the Mumbaikar’s favorite street food that is Pav bhaji. Miramar beach has a food corner streets that serve the best pav bhaji, pani puri, sev puri, and many other chaats. Misal pav is a nutritious dish that is served with Indian bread that can be eaten for breakfast or a tea-time snack. The curry is made up of sprouts, moth beans, and lentils, making it a healthy option.

Best Places To Find Street Foods In Goa:

  • Candolim market is a perfect place for you to try hoards of local foods. Seemingly innocent-looking Candolim market and the adjacent street transform into a street food fiesta. King Kane, Monico’s beach shack, and Michael Lobo’s center are some of the prominent places where you can try chicken lollipop, prawn chops, egg chops, etc.
  • Miramar beach also provides an array of stalls on the beachline that attracts tourists and locals alike. The stalls are open as the sun sets and is open all through the night. Shwarma stands, chaat stalls, ice gola, are some of the best dishes you can try.
  • There is a weekly market in Mapusa opened on Friday that is located in the northern Goa. Grocery, handicrafts, household items are sold in the market, but the highlight of this weekly market is the epitome of Goan street food. Mirchi pakoda, Chinese food, tandoori, shakes, that make your soul say yum!
  • If you want to try the dried fish and seafood delicacies, Goa is famous for; then you must visit the Panjim market. You can also find stalls that sell tandoori that are open at dusk and accessible way past midnight.
  • Shwarma, seafood dishes like pomfret, mackerel, oysters, crabs, mussels, to name a few of the crowd favorites.
    Dabolim airport has many affordable and hygienic restaurants that provide you with delicious food before you board the flight. Cafeccino & Bar, Claudis corner, Monginis, Scirocco are some of the places around the 4km radius of the airport.
  • Madgaon junction station has many street food stalls and restaurants that serve you a budget-friendly quick bite. Kamat Milan, Atithi, shahi darbar, jameera, tanggies are some of the top customer reviewed places you must visit.

Goa is a popular holiday destination for many people that give fantastic vibes with their nightlife and some serenity with the beaches. But nothing can top the delicious Goan street food you can try. With the top street foods in Goa, don’t delay planning a trip to this paradise on earth. Let us know how you found our suggestions.


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