9 Best Street Foods in Hyderabad

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Hyderabad street foods are some hot and spicy meals you cannot resist if you are touring the city. The breakfasts start from the Pragati College Road. They serve south Indian dishes of idli, dosa, vada, etc. light and heavy enough for breakfast. The lunches are preferably in the Nizam way, munching on some delicious Hyderabadi Biryani and the dinners could be a mixture of food from different states which start up from the Sindhi Colony, serving Punjabi Pao Bhaji’s, Bombay Chats, some Chinese and Italian food too.

1. Hyderabadi Biriyani:

You get Hyderabadi Biriyani everywhere in Hyderabad, from the streets to the expensive restaurants and the recipe doesn’t differ. The recipe was brought in by Muslims travelers and its usage in Nizam is so popular that it is available all over the city and at all times. Goat meat, marinated with spice, is placed in the middle of utensil, inside the Basmati rice and then it is covered and is kept under fire to cook. The flavor of the meat and the spices get absorbed into the rice and gives it the delicious taste.

street foods in hyderabad

2. Snacks:

Those look like some tasty snacks below. These are known as Samosa’s. A batter of flour is made and then thickened. Little pieces are taken out of it and then stuffed with cooked potato and then fried. In the picture we can see Samosa being sold with chilies and lemon.

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3. South-Indian Dishes:

These are south Indian dishes made from the ‘Dosa’ batter. ‘Dosa’ is an Indian Pancake which is spread over the ‘Dosa’ making ‘tawa’ and fried thin and crispy. They are served plain or along with stuffing or potato, onion, sometimes cheese, etc. ‘Uthapam’s’ are a heavier form of a pancake which is made with toppings of different sorts. They are sold along with a curry called ‘sambar’ and ‘chutney’. We also see a ‘sada vada’ which is a deep fried circular shaped, made from same batter.

4. Chicken Shawarma:

These are meat of chicken stuck on an iron rod over a heating machine which keeps on roasting the chicken to make it edible enough. They are served with a chapatti and are added with vegetables and mayonnaises and are extremely tasty.

5. Pani Puri:

Pani puri’s are tasty Indian street food which are available all over India but have different stuffings used. Crunchy fried ‘puris’ are served along with stuffed spicy potato and sour water. People stand in queue and wait for their turn to grab some of it.

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6.Potato Chops:

Potatoes are boiled and mixed with spices and ingredients to make a tasty stuffing, then are flattened and shaped in circles and dipped in a batter of gram flour and then deep fried. These are how the tasty Alur Chops are made.

7. Kebabs:

You cannot miss out of the kebabs in Hyderabad. It is a biriyani city, so it’s obvious that you get tasty kebabs. These are marinated chicken or beef stuffed on sticks and then kept to roast. They are spicy and tasty.

8. Paratha With Kabab:

Some tasty street foods are the different ‘parathas’ and ‘nan roti’s’ we get in Hyderabad. They are served along with different meat preparation and absolutely mouth-watering. The ‘paratha’ that we see below are known as ‘Varqi paratha’. They aren’t as oily as normal ‘paratha’s’ are. They are offered with sheikh kebab, green chutney and a little onion and lemon.

9. Pungulu:

Punugulu are chops made of Dosa batter. The batter is made in round shapes and is fried in the oil. These are locally very common in Hyderabad. In the picture below we can see men enjoying ‘punugulu’ with south Indian ‘chutney’.


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