The cultural capital of our country, otherwise known as the city of “Kolkata” is known for its arts and revolutionary culture. This state gave us many Nobel laureates and many freedom fighters who sacrificed themselves for our better future. But did you know it has a world in itself for street food? Yes! It has a varied menu, from sweet to spicy, tangy cuisines that just start melting once you put it in your mouth. Here is a list of the best street foods in Kolkata you must try!

The Mouthwatering Street Foods In Kolkata:

Check out the list of the best street foods you need to try on the streets of Kolkata, and enjoy every bite of it.

Lucchi Aloo Dum:

Almost all the stalls in the streets of Kolkata sell this yummy Lucchi Aloo Dum. Though it may sound ordinary, Lucchi is similar to Puri with Aloo dum is an authentic Bengali dish made with mashed potatoes with added Bengali spices that makes it a fulfilling breakfast. Served hot, it is affordable street food; you must not miss out even though it might be on the heavier side!


Jhamuri is a perfect munching snack that can be found in every nook and corner of Kolkata. Puffed rice, peanuts, namkeens, chillies, spices, tomatoes, and coriander are tossed, resulting in a beautiful mixture, making it a perfect go-to snack. Since there is not much cooking involved in preparing this snack, you can get it in an instant.

Kathi Rolls:

Did you know Kolkata is the birthplace of Rolls? Yes! Also called Kathi rolls are now quite famous and are being prepared all around the world. Paratha is made with flour that can be stuffed with veggies, paneer, and minced meat with a mixture of irresistible spices. Every famous place with a street cart has a Kathi roll that has a variety of tastes, according to the vendor.

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Keemar Doi Bora:

Don’t get confused with the name, this a popular Kolkata style street food similar to Dahi vada. Unlike the Dahi Wada, Keemar Doi Boras contains meat, that is soaked in the sweet curd with a combination of spices. Many North Indians love to try this meaty street food as it offers a variation from the traditional Dahi Wada.

Kabiraji Cutlet:

If you are a meat-lover, your trip to Kolkata will be incomplete without you trying the Kabiraji Cutlet. It is prepared with minced mutton that is wrapped in a net made with egg, and then the contents are deep-fried. It is one of the tasty street foods that have healthy amounts of protein that make it worth every penny.

Channar Jilipi:

Channar Jilipi is a sweet dish popularly available on the streets of Kolkata that has a combined texture of a jalebi and gulab jamun. If you have a sweet tooth, you must not miss out on this dish. It is prepared with cotton cheese that has a consistency thicker than jalebi and gulab jamun like texture. It is a sweet, juicy, and yummy sweets, that gives you a two desserts feel in one.

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Ghugni Chaat:

Ghugni chaat is a healthy yet tasty Bengali version of ragda. Boiled white and yellow peas are used in the preparation of this snack. Onions, tomatoes, chillies coriander are then mixed with the cooked peas with a touch of tangy tamarind along with the Bengali spices making it unique and authentic. It has enough nutrients that keep you going for long periods.

Dragon Chicken:

If you think you will only get authentic Bengali food on the streets of Kolkata, you are wrong! Some places provide delicious chicken that is chopped and marinated with Chinese spices and chilies making it a burning sensation in your mouth. The addition of Schezwan sauce to the chicken is another variation available, giving you Chinese food right on the streets of Bengal.


Pani puri, Gol gappas are famously called Puchka in Kolkata. Though it might look similar to its contemporaries, the flavor of Kolkata is what makes a Puchka stand out as the top food in any stall. Boiled and mashed potatoes mixed up with spices, tamarind chutney, and pudina are added to the fried balls, and it is filled with pickled water. Every puchka fitting in your mouth arouses your taste buds, which makes them irresistible.


This is a street food that is prepared using crushed puchkas. A mixture of onions, mashed potatoes, crushed puchkas, and with a punch of tamarind pulp with a lot of spices too. Since all the contents are crushes, mashed, and mixed, it is a street food that can be given to kids and quickly eaten.

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Best Places To Find Street Foods In Calcutta:
  • Shyambazar is one of the best places in Kolkata to try Indian foods from all the states of the country, including authentic Bengali cuisine. It is a place that is nearby Shobhabazar, which is famous for historical sites as well as in-between snacks. You can visit both places at once, satisfying your cravings for excellent street food.
  • If you want to have a taste of the best Indo-Chinese food and its varieties, then you need to visit Territy Bazar in Kolkata. Fish balls, momos made with veggies or minced meat, Bao prepared with red meat are some of the best dishes you can find on the carts of this street. Momos with a fish stuffing is another Kolkatan specialty along with spring rolls.
  • Along with all the savory stuff available in the stands, Kolkata is also known for the variety of sweets it offers. Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is a shop that provides Sandesh, Bhim Chandra Nag offers Ladikeni, for traditional Rosogolla visit Jolbhora or K.C.Das and last but not the least Mishti Doi from Ganguram. These shops are a century-old that provides traditional sweets to locals and visitors.
  • Indies, Durbari, Café Coffee Day, The Irish House are a few restaurants present in a 2 to 4 km radius of the Kolkata international airport. These places offer affordable and stomach filling food without putting a hole in your pocket.
  • Howrah railway station in Kolkata is one of the primary and busiest stations in the city. Anand restaurant, Tiwari streets in Bara bazaar, Haldiram’s prabhuji, K.C.Das are few places around the Howrah railway station that serve south Indian, and all kinds of street foods with a variety of beverages for you to try.
  • The white town is another area in Kolkata that not has a fascinating history, but serves you with tongue-twisting street foods you can munch on. Dim Paruti, Sugarcane juice, Jhal muri, to name a few.

Also termed as the Land of Joy, Kolkata has a history in everything, coming from arts, revolution, academics, and, last but not least, Street foods. With the list of the best street foods in Kolkata, jot down this beautiful city in your travel list and try all the tasty and mouthwatering dishes it offers.


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